[Media Meandry] First Hipster Fanart??

There’s a contest roughly every month or so in ENDLESS WAR. This contest was about the leaderboard entries, and here I was, a humble green square entity, minding my own business, when I found myself on the most fashionable list. My buddy DaKAT was impressed too, so I wanted to draw something to encapsulate that. As I was drawing, I was thinking about how I’m not terrible at this drawing thing. Maybe I’ll draw more?

Oh, I’m riding the wave of elation from the positive reception.

The biggest fanfare came from the contest co-host, Munchy, enjoying a piece of the picture that I may have spent the least amount of thought on overall. Let’s cover that first, then go through the art sketches: “I’ll write out my drawing process here because whatever. So I figured I wanted to have the hipster have some kinds of tattoos, but I wasn’t sure what kinds of tattoos. I looked at Monsoon and Smragnol’s tags. I kept drawing the dude then he became skinnier and then after he got his pink arms I figured purple tattoos, and why not Endless War stuff? He’s holding a white phone probably playing Endless War.

This was the first draft.

How I draw is that I’ll start with a rough idea.

Then I’ll wait for the image to appear in my head. Here, I figured DaKAT would be trying on something in the fashionable part of town, and I’d be along giving him a thumbs up. The little avatar that I’ve written about before has been, overall, well-received. The one instance where someone told me to come up with a cooler character, I replied with “no.” It’s funny to compare this first draft with the others. I don’t remember how long this sketch took, but all I did was clean him up and he was done.

DaKAT, however, had much more involved.

My idea was to clear out all the black lines for the second draft.

I’m not really much of an artist. What I mean is that I took three art classes: middle school art class that taught me about shading. high school art class taught me about creativity: college art class taught me realism in art and not wanting to attain an art career through traditional means. As I was drawing this, however, I was thinking about a topic that we were discussing ways to earn money in the arts.

Let’s just say I put clothes on DaKAT after thinking about that conversation.

I liked the first draft so much I kept it for the mirror.

I was thinking of redrawing it but really abstractly, but the more I looked at it, the more I thought back to my little dude there, giving the thumbs up. He’s got a little dazed eye that I intentionally left in because it’s just such a silly notion. But here’s the thing: filling in the blank space here with only green or blue is cheating, as you can see in the background, which is why for the counter and everything else, I did want to put in more texture.

It’s just sometimes you don’t need much more than that, right?

The is only one difference between the picture above and the picture below.

What I try to do is compare a picture from multiple views to try to catch stray pixels, but my eyes aren’t as well-trained for that as they are in regards to catching a misplaced word, so the result is that although art could possibly get me further along, it’s not my primary interest. In a way, it could be like how vlogging or livestreaming could get me further along toward self-actualization than focusing on my writing alone. I could always draw pornography. I don’t have any particular negative morality against this. Drawing, although containing possibly more of a visceral, by way of visual, reaction, don’t have as much of those slow-burns for me that I appreciate.

It’s a weird sort of conundrum.

I was bored reading The Picture of Dorian Gray with ornate details describing nothing of importance. It would be like if I had spent a half-hour coloring some insignificant part of the picture that no one else but me would ever see. I would rather spend that half-hour dumping all of my thoughts down, because it’s the same for me as drawing out a sketch, like the first sketch, and I can fill it in more with my mind. Writing essays like this are much looser than fiction, so when it does come to fiction, the way I write is structuring the general plot, like I might draw the outline sketch as I gave as an example above, then I’ll just let the narrative tell the rest. If it doesn’t follow my thoughts, well, that’s fine.

We’ll both be surprised by the results of the writing.

I was trepidatious about the hipster, he’s small, but I’m happy with the results.

If I codified him, then I quickly wrote the part I quoted above to clarify so that way people might draw their own versions. They probably will anyways. I am no one of any particular importance, so people will do what they want, whether I suggest them an idea or not, so that I figured a hipster at the fancy fashion vendor part of town would have game-related tattoos, since that’s what we’re all here for. Now that I posted this a few hours later, I just realized I didn’t put my signature in, but, my little guy is there, so he might be a signature enough. I spent a few hours drawing this, but while I drew, I put in many positive thoughts about DaKAT whose advice helped with the character of Bernardo in Novel 02, along with listening to things on the backburner. I doubt I’ll ever be able to make money making art, except maybe a dollar or two…

I should keep my options open depending on if I win this contest.

Quotes: I quoted myself but how often does that count?.
Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: Writing about my life.
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Pictures: Isn’t that what this whole essay is about?
Written On: 2020 July 16 [5:18am to 5:51am]
Last Edited: 2020 July 16 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]
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