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While I haven’t done the degree of character design I had brainstormed out in “Incidents Build Characters,” during this play session of Pokémon LeafGreen, I realized that I was overthinking things. I can start simply then build out the characters that need building out. When I came across the need to name three new characters around a central theme, I decided to build out a Generic Character List for Novel 02 based on material from Novel 01.

Novel Spoilers?: Minor [Planning out new/old characters]
Game Spoilers? None

Let’s start with gameplay plans: I want to get everyone up to Level 41.

This is immediately weeding out some of the underperformers. I am using Experience Share to level up, say, Joandra-Grimer, which should have potential but just don’t know enough moves yet, but Ejiro-Ditto won’t be useful for long-term battling. I’m using Leftovers to help with the leveling up processes and I think I may keep the Pokémon that use self-healing moves like Alex-Porygon. As I continue through the rest of the game, I’ll catch more Pokémon and use them until they prove ineffective.

I’ve forgotten how meditative and relaxing grinding can be for me.

After I complete LeafGreen, I’ll return to focusing on completing FF7. I would rather not start up another game since I’d rather complete the games [and projects] I start, but if I can find something that provides minor enough periods of time where I can grind up character levels after work or whenever I need the time to unwind then that’s what I’ll do. In LeafGreen, I’ve just gone through the lab and am about to defeat Blaine, but I’ll get an Aerodactyl first.

Regarding character designing, I accidentally caught the realization I needed partner names.

This started innocently with Jorun-Snorlax but continued with Grimer.

I had planned on catching Joandra-Grimer, named after Sammohini’s antagonist in Novel 01, except, oops… I accidentally caught a male Grimer. I briefly spun my wheels trying to figure out a good name for him, but then left him in the box along with the other benched Pokémon. I’ll figure this out later. But still, with two examples here, I figured what better time to come up with names for partners of main characters or side characters? As I wondered last time, did Nils never mention Jorun in Novel 01 because she wasn’t relevant to any conversations or because he hadn’t met her yet?

I admit that I don’t know the answer for that.

With a two-week gestation period and a one-month writing period, I didn’t have the time to think of these sorts of details. I’d like to get these sorts of details ironed out before writing Novel 02. The way I figure it, for any character that I think might make an appearance in Novel 02, then they should have basic information about them, like their name and such. If they become bigger characters in the narrative, then they can get more information, otherwise, there’s no point for me in digging into the extensive back histories of every minor character.

For other writers in other novels, sure, but for me, it removes the spontaneity.

I enjoy having the characters tell me about their lives as part of their features in the narrative. That’s where some balance will work with having a basic character list and having some basic questions to answer to make sure I understand enough of their basic character to give clear information to the readers. One central problem I recognize with Novel 01 was that I didn’t give enough character or setting information. I think having this information should help.

I’ve also inadvertently answered my question of creating new characters.

Before catching Articuno, I had picked out a name, but seeing that it is a genderless Pokémon, I realized that I needed three new character names for the legendary birds to match that genderless or non-binary theme. Now I have three new non-binary characters. I don’t know how they’ll fit into Novel 02, but just knowing that they’re on the roster will be helpful toward brainstorming out their roles later. For now, though, I’ll focus on building out characters that relate to existing characters – the partners of main/side characters – first before deciding on net-new characters, who, who knows, might fit into any of those roles?

These are some of the thoughts I iron out while playing.

I wouldn’t say my time is spent entirely productively like this. I’m mainly playing to put my mind at ease from the constant back pain I’m experiencing. Having an escapist outlet has been helpful for me, because if I stand for too long to say cook food or do laundry, then I quickly tire out now, so having something to keep my mind occupied as my body does its healing thing – for whatever ailment it’s going through – then it’s helpful.

So I play LeafGreen while watching videos or doing general research.

After I publish this essay, I’ll be picking up some medications and going to physical therapy, both of which should help. The medications are targeted toward relieving my mind’s attachment to the notion that any sensation in my lower back is painful and the physical therapy is targeted toward increasing my pain sensitivity by desensitizing my lower back’s sensitivity to anything at all. It’s all physically exhausting, so it’s nice having something to motivate me to get out of bed. Writing like this is nice, and all, but I feel like sometimes I run out of ideas and just write about the same things.

Even the next essay I want to write about feels formulaic.

One other thought occurred to me, which regarded my ENDLESS WAR character sheet. I’ll draw something similar to this for the main characters with their main outfits. They’ll all have the same character model to start with, but having a visual like that should be helpful for me when I write and as a good reference point for readers to visualize what these characters would look like in the novels.

I’m not sure when I’ll draw those, but it’s in the to-do queue.

Quotes: None.
Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium and my personal experiences.
Inspirations: I made the Generic Character List and called it the title of this essay. Everything else was me jamming on the play session, character building, and how things are going for me.
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