[Media Meandry] Helltrack Guttertown Special

One of my friends in the Twitch-universe, DrHelltrack, has a reward where if you accrue a certain number of channel points, you can be an extra in his comic/video GutterTown. Well, I’m always down for creative reinterpretations of my little smile dude, so now he’s found himself in GutterTown. It’s just like how I find myself in many disparate communities, where, in some, I might be called Z because maybe they don’t care for zombies…

GutterTown? “It’s just Stockton.[1]”

The thing that I’ve enjoyed perhaps most about being as social as I am on Twitch is finding people like DrHelltrack to where we can share multiple issues – videogames, writing, and music. I find that if people are only interested in one or two things, then those friendships tend to be superficial. If we can only connect about art, then, what happens if I bring up my interests in coffee? There is coffee art. It’s been fun, then, to connect with people over multiple hobbies. I remember watching DrHelltrack playing Sekiro and we started talking about Death then writing and we became friends after that. I don’t mean to say ‘making friends is easy,’ but more, once you know what you’re interested in or kinda interested in, it’s easier to find others that might like those same things.

The thing is figuring that out for yourself.

I didn’t get into death metal to hang out with DrHelltrack, and writing has been something I’ve been doing daily for years. I find that people that only have interests in one specific, narrow field miss out on so much more to life. That is actually reflected in my Zdiscord where I have over 80 channels about various nonsense like videogames, music, and art, and, I found myself in a livestream where there was some unsolicited criticism in the form of a vague rant from an acquaintance about Discords with too many things. I was amused with the notion because it further solidified what I intend to do with the Zdiscord and its myriad channels.

It’s not like I’m going to double-down on nonsense for any external reasons.

It’s more that there are the surface level, superficial things that might appeal to some people, but the bigger appeal is, for example, having a deep conversation about self-care that ranges from everything from eating pizza if you’re hungry for it to dealing with problems head-on. Those conversations are the ones I want to cultivate and I believe in, because it’s easy to go from talking about videogames to music to writing in a natural conversation with friends, but, when it’s a conversation with someone not interested in much more than ‘how’s the weather?,’ then how can they be interested in exploring the greater depths of the universe, reality, and our shared worlds?

That’s where GutterTown comes in.

I’m not sure if GutterTown would appear in my own fictional universe with “The Story,” but with names like Eville and Lanada, it seems like GutterTown could be reasonable. If my little square dude appears in “The Story,” then, by extension, it opens up many more avenues for weirdness. I haven’t explored this idea yet, mainly because of my health problems, but if the Zombiepaper dude were some kind of otherworldly force that could pop into “The Story” or maybe even was a sort of character in “The Story” like something designed by Trishna and John or external to them, then, that’d be cute.

What if they both drew him as a comic idea?

I’d have to ruminate on that for a while but it seems like a logical step in the writing process. I am more inclined to enjoy hanging out with fellow creative types, because there is a natural curiosity to explore universes, whether of our own designs or others, so when the Zombiepaper dude appears in GutterTown, he wears the sticker scar as an indication of ‘being bad’ but also wears Doc Martens because it’s GutterTown, and, it’s funny. I had a great time being an audience participant throughout the drawing, others had fun too, and I wanted to write this essay as a way of saying that I appreciate the inclusion to a wider audience than just his livestream chat.

Doc mentioned something curious, though.

He had thought that channel points were accrued by participating in the chat, or, in other words it would be impossible for someone to earn enough channel points to get into GutterTown without being someone that would be loosely part of TEAM RUNK, and, well, it’s quite possible. It might seem weird that someone random would stop in, be silent, and redeem what is essentially an art commission, but people are weird, so I threw out some ideas to prevent that from happening. It’s not like it’s a serious concern, but, the idea is that drawing my little dude or other people means that they’ll be cameo characters in the GutterTown comic, so, there is some degree of trust that the characters will fit, right?

That’s why my Zombiepaper dude is wearing Docs.

The scar sticker idea was how he’d appear in “battle mode” versus a more “hang-out mode,” and there were versions of him where he wore various clothing. The idea with the character, however, is that he’s flexible to each artist. Their interpretation is an important part of the equation. Sure, I offered suggestions along the way, but with the reference material at DrHelltrack’s disposal, it was all his drawing from there. It would be weird if he weren’t. It’s like how, in some communities, I’m known as Z. There’s a nice sort of compromise between the spirit of my name and the name in full. In those communities, I could put away the scar sticker, the weapons, and just hang-out. There are other communities where I might want to be more ‘rough and tumble.’ I feel like when people are inflexible with themselves and others, it stifles their growth.

This GutterTown version is just another side of me.

Quotes: [1] DrHelltrack
Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: A positive thing in my day for a change.
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Screenshot: I took screenshots because as it would turn out the VOD is offline.
Written On: 2021 March 19 [11pm to “prevent that from happening” at 11:36pm. March 20 [12:03am to 12:09am]
Last Edited: 2021 March 19 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]


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