[Media Meandry] Procrastination Cancels Productivity

I’ve been a fan of the Pro Crastinators Podcast for going on two years now for one main reason: here is a collective of creative people that, weekly, give earnest criticism of each other’s work. They’ll criticize each other’s actions and perspectives but they’re friends. That sort of hardball mentality is sorely lacking in society where we have to be safe and formal with everyone. They’re also highly critical of slacking off on working productively.

It’s in the name, but it’s also the general mindset.

Although the same cast of seven~ members won’t appear on every podcast episode, they all have their effects felt even years after former members have left, so there’s a depth of lore that is appealing when you want to engage in parasocial relationships whether with Internet content creators or even football. When I hear strangers talk about football, they interact in much the same ways as fans of the show. There is a depth of analysis and perspective that each person brings to the nuance of their understanding of either hobby and others that make it interesting to watch at a distance.

Writing this essay and engaging with Radcon 4 has crossed me over from spectator to participant.

Prior to that, I would just like the show and listen every Friday at 11am Pacific time as its motley cast of characters engage in various degrees of social or intellectual degeneracy, mostly for comedic effect but other times because we’re in a world so sanitary that seeing people revel in their own unsanitary ways is refreshing. But now, I find myself more invested in these Internet acquaintances, whether with the PCP themselves, or their fanbase, which grew significantly with the addition of their voicemail section.

Now, even fans, if their voicemails are good enough, can be part of the adventure.

In life, I think it’s important to have clear boundaries for many social aspects. With colleagues, I prefer not to tell them too much about my personal activities. I’ll tell them about shows when I go, or that I write, but I don’t share too much in detail just because the overlap can get tricky. Some of the humor bleeds over, though. When I joke around at work with people that can take a joke, it tends to be a little harder than maybe it could or should, but if we can’t have a little fun, then what’s the point?

There’s a specific productivity thing I want to mention.

In episode 200, where all current members living around the US and world met as part of the Kickstarted Radcon 4 event, a majority of the episode answered one question: What is different about your life since Radcon 3? Toward the end of the livestreamed events, as I considered a question to also ask, someone asked “What are your routines when you wake up?” Youngest yet possibly smartest member, Munchy, talked about a system he uses where he gets out of bed and can’t turn off his alarm until he jumps in the shower.

Changing this particular habit has significantly helped me out.

Munchy has, in other avenues, talked at length about how as much as possible the easiest way to increase your productivity is to remove your choices over whether you want to do something or not. For him, and as I’ve found for me too but this might not apply to you, getting out of bed immediately and into the shower prevents him from sleeping in, gets him in the right headspace, and takes care of the sanitation requirements of society all in one go. If you lay your clothes out before bed, as he does in his shower, it’s easier to put them on than to activate the decision-making portions of your brain that might not be fully motivated to want to decide whether to wear pink or purple.

You’re in a pink shirt and you can decide to change it later.

However, if you focus too much on whether it should be pink or purple, you may choose neither, in which case you regress back. There are myriad microcosm moments like this throughout the show, maybe not always in every episode or by whoever, but there are points where someone will say something that sticks with me in ways that really help me appreciate what they’re doing as a whole. Although I don’t want to depend on them completely for entertainment or any sort of social dynamic, at this point in my life, for what I’m trying to also do – overcome procrastination, become better than I currently am, and maybe make some money doing it – I like what they’re doing.

Even if their crass humor might not appeal to everyone; myself included.

In those moments, I have to remember that art should challenge us, and that it’s OK to be offended. It’s not OK to sulk over it. You can either decide why you’re offended and choose to act against it or just accept that, yes, some people will express themselves in crass ways, and when we take the totality of someone, there will be aspects – and I count myself in this sense – that are offensive to ‘a normal person.’ I can act socially acceptable, where I don’t openly offend people, as these performance artists can at times, but we have to remember that not everything should be taken so seriously.

It’s up to us to decide if we want to be offended.

Mostly, though, I think it’s our ability to laugh at ourselves and adversity that makes the crew in its current dynamic so appealing to me. Don’t take yourself or the world so seriously. If there is a problem, either work through it yourself or ask for help, and sometimes, people will tell you what you don’t want to hear. If you’re not willing to take their feedback, well, you can become the butt of their jokes until it becomes a joke of itself.

If you procrastinate on what you promise, you become a joke.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: I’d been wanting to write something like this for a while, and eventually after writing that essay about parasocial interactions, I decided I was closer, but it wasn’t until actually interacting with some of the people in the chat and getting my new Discord avatar that I figured, as long as I don’t pretend to know these people or write from the perspective that I know these people more than the acting roles they play, then it’d be fine to write about them – since I’d rather watch something they produce than a traditional movie.
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Screenshot: Edited slightly from PCP episode 200.
Written On: 2020 March 17 [From 2:04am to “It’s up to us to decide if we want to be offended” at 2:28am. From 2:34am to 2:37am. Gdocs.]
Last Edited: 2020 April 02 [Adapted from Gdoc, so, second draft; final draft for the Internet.]
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