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I had a great time with my Twitch stream of Celeste Classic “yesterday” that I want to do more of these streams. The way I’m figuring it, I want 80% of my streams to be fiction-writing things – building sets, audiobook readings, or writing – 10% will be art for just kicking back and having fun, maybe some fiction-related stuff, and 10% can be having fun with playing videogames. This is probably the extension to Media Meandry that I needed.

The idea is that I’ll casually play through noteworthy games in my backlog.

I’m not looking to become an extensive player of videogames, by any means, but I want to go through and play the videogames that I’ve accidentally deprived myself of by not having a good avenue for playing them. Livestreaming them and talking about what I’m doing or talking with the community is a great solution to that – many others do the same thing. Probably everyone in the Twitch Retro community would not be playing nearly as many games as they do were it not for having the opportunity to share them with others. When we livestream, it’s a way for us to socialize, whether we’re the broadcaster or the ones watching, so it makes sense that the more livestream content there is out there, the more chances there are for socializing.

I was talking with DrHelltrack about concerts before writing this essay.

Between my health and other issues, I’ve been in not so much a bad mood lately but just a general sense of… well… not feeling great. As he was playing Sekiro, a game that I don’t currently have much interest in playing but probably only because my focus is on NES and SNES games – along with games requiring less skill, we were talking about metal bands. We were joking about an enemy and he mentioned that my username reminded him of Death’s songZombie Ritual” so we started talking about death metal and bands before talking about writing and other things as people do, and it was great. It brought me out of my bad mood and helped me feel good again.

So I imagine on days like today where I didn’t stream, I might play some games.

The idea would be to go through my backlog and check out some of the games I’ve never got around to playing using emulation. I call emulation “surreal hardware” and I use “green magic” to make it all happen. Some folks in the Retro community on Twitch only use “real hardware,” or using the original console, videogame, and controllers, so it might be a point of contention, but at the end of the day, I think it should be about playing the games. How we play, to me, is secondary. I went into OBS and wrote this note to hide behind the emulator, in case it stops detecting for whatever reason: “Streamed using Surreal Hardware and Green Magic. I don’t mean anything personal by not using Real Hardware. I appreciate Real Hardware enthusiasts and you have my respect. This is just easier for me. Thanks. :]”

We’ll see how it goes…

I’m starting with Zelda 1 mainly because LittleNemo1 was playing through it using Real Hardware on Everdrive – so a slight departure than owning all of the carts, but I don’t want to get into the Real Hardware game mainly because it’s so expensive to buy some of these out-of-print games – and I mentioned that I had to go because I’d never played through it before. He politely said “no spoilers,” but that’s something that I should change, right? I enjoy hanging out with my friends in the Twitch Retro community, and I had many stop by to cheer me on, so I don’t think it’s necessarily catering to them or dropping what I’m doing as much as adapting to what might help me become more well-rounded.

I’d always thought about doing videogame streams in the “far future” plans, anyways.

This is me just doing it sooner than I had anticipated. The reason why I’m making sure to only do it 10% of the time is that, as I said during my victory speech, if you will, for Celeste Classic, I had fun playing through the game but I had more fun hanging out with people. If the Minecraft/Art/Chat streams aren’t casual for people to stop in and hang out in, it’s only because they’re highly specific builds for my fiction-writing, whereas playing Zelda is something everyone can understand.

It makes sense, then, to broaden the net.

On these 10% videogame streams, I’ll make it clear that I don’t often do these streams so if they don’t want to stop by all the time it’s totally cool. I have space on the overlay picture that I showed in the intro to maybe keep that on-screen at all times. I’m thinking of having a picture of “Novel 01” along with a rotating gallery of screenshots I take along the way as a fun reminder of the games I’ve played on-stream and such. I don’t know how exactly that’s going to work for the next videogame stream, since I only have two screenshots from Celeste Classic currently, but I imagine as I go, that rotating screenshot gallery will grow to something cool.

That’s what I’d want from my streams: a cool place to hang-out.

LittleNemo1’s streams are like that where even when the game’s getting him frustrated or salty, it’s still a fun place to hang-out with online friends. On that note on saltiness, I’m using “green magic” to avoid the overly frustrating parts. If it gets too cheap, where the game cheats me out of the win, I’ll drop the run and go do something else, but at least for the Zelda series and other games – I won’t seriously attempt a game if I don’t want to try to beat it – I can probably play through them with minimal machine assistance. We’ll see how it goes.

If some people get too salty… then I might continue emulation streams.

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Inspirations: Thinking about the positives in life while letting the negatives in life try to wash away.
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Screenshots: The first one was my overlay before writing and the second one is a more refined one after writing this essay.
Written On: 2021 January 20 [11:17pm to 11:48pm]
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