[Media Meandry] Semi-Interactive Podcast 02: “Debate”

In Episode 2 of the Semi-Interactive Podcast, we went with the topic debates since that’s not really the intention of this podcast. These conversations aren’t meant to be opinionated barbs, where X wins and Y loses, but rather a discussion of ideas with two people that trust each other enough to know that navigating complex issues can go well, whether it’s in a private discussion or a broadcast for potentially the world to hear and see.

The above was my version of the stream.

Beigo RiceFox, as the g’host [guest, host] had, for his first episode, went with a fairly generic “scene” or set of assets within OBS – the program we use to openly broadcast silly stuff out to the world. After the first episode, we started talking more frequently about the next episode and beyond. I have long-term plans, where we could invite more people in, or swap in g’hosts in case, say, I can’t make it one week. In that sense, the podcast can become its own thing. To what capacity, I don’t know, but I know that if we put in enough time and energy, we can turn it into something cool.

The below was Beigo’s version of the stream.

I like that our avatars are sitting in chairs.

Before we began, Beigo and I talked about how we’d go about our conversation. He might be more organized in this respect, in wanting to come up with specific ideas, whereas I “just wing it.” Well, not completely so – I started off our podcast on debates by talking about something fairly innocent: Nirvana. Having an opinion on a band should be a fairly innocent thing. You either like them or you don’t, right? There’s no life or death ordeals that typically happen throughout that process.

We later went into heavier topics.

But what I enjoyed about the Nirvana topic was that it was a simple way to look at things from multiple perspectives. I love Nirvana. Beigo is indifferent. My childhood puppy Patrick didn’t care for the music of theirs I played for him at a low, considerate volume. My buddy IDKFA hates ’em. I value my friendships and relationships more than opinions on music, so, I tend to hold musical opinions in weak regard. I have opinions, sure, I like things and dislike things, but I’m willing to be flexible in my opinions, and I don’t make a big deal out of most of them.

We dipped into heavy topics, but with a laugh.

Pronouns was a controversial topic because it’s something new that everyone is adapting to in different ways. For me, I love the idea of learning new concepts and if there are ways that I can show respect consciously or subconsciously, then it’s easier for me to navigate around. It doesn’t make a difference for me what pronoun someone wants to use, or if they don’t even want anything to do with pronouns, and if people find it difficult to navigate through – I understand that, too. I make mistakes. It’s incredibly difficult to figure things out, and, is there even a point to all of it?

That’s why the butt/butts pronoun is so good.

If butt uses those pronouns, then, try saying that with a straight face. Butts can’t contain themselves at times. And that’s the beauty of it. It’s serious and yet if you can crack a joke, well for one it brings the podcast into the comedy genre, and for two, it’s easier to discuss an idea when there isn’t this sort of academic concern over making mistakes or saying the right thing at all times. Sure, pronouns are important, butts certainly do appreciate being referred to properly, however, we’re all going to make mistakes as we learn the new pronoun choice.

It’s all about 90% serious and 10% comedy to learn perhaps ideally.

I’ll do this by screwing around as I do things. I’ve learned more about OBS by livestreaming various changes to my stream setup than I ever did guessing, offline, how I would do things. That’s the beauty of practice, and if you do it on-stream, there is the added stress of “well, what happens if someone in the audience calls me a name?” That’s where I think there is something to be said for appreciating external compliments, but, I believe more in internal compliments. Although, yes, Beigo and I did receive external validation that what we did was cool, what mattered more was that we both independently enjoyed the process of talking for – wow – 5 hours, and, we’ve already been planning out future ideas.

Balance is our next episode, and how too much of one or the other doesn’t work.

From there, I don’t know. We’ll figure it out, but it’s an exciting proposition because we are generating a form of content that is widely accessible – other than the length, but, we chat for hours so it’d almost have to something where we’d arbitrarily cut the conversation in half just to get it to a moderate length. It doesn’t seem likely that we’ll have on a dozen g’hosts or anything, but we could. I don’t see how that couldn’t happen, but, that’s just a long-term idea, because I’m not strictly beholden to being the “owner” of the podcast. It’s a fun thing and certainly something that I look forward to each week. Now that my health is getting back into order, when I return to work, we can move the podcast to a day and time that will work best for Beigo and me.

This podcast is an exciting proposition to think about.

For now, it’s just been localized on Twitch – which has its own sets of pros and cons – but we could broadcast it out to a wider audience. Will this podcast grown and develop into something significantly larger? If we give it the time to nurture and grow, yes.

And that doesn’t just happen during the podcast.

It happens between each episode when we or others think about the podcast.

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Written On: 2021 May 13 [10:38pm to 11:05pm]
Last Edited: 2021 May 13 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]


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