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I didn’t sleep that well after getting my second COVID shot, so after watching one of my favorite livestreamers, I felt like jumping on the mic and rolling for a few hours. It was fun because this stream represented getting closer – perhaps over 50% – to getting done. People that are in the picture or aren’t are getting really excited about seeing the final product, too! It’s going to be cool seeing the final product finished… whenever…

There’s a hypnotic sensation to this picture now.

It might be because of how many hours I’ve poured into it, how many people have participated in it, and how simple it all seems. There are only the 20 colors available in MS Paint with brushes and effects within, and my artistic talent isn’t particularly technical or profound, but there’s an artistic style throughout that resonates in that I put care into each character or person’s drawing. Some are wild exaggerations of avatars, like my own square dude, whereas others are just them as they are. It’s exciting to see that, and I look forward to being done with this project so I can move onto others – but I’ll only be “done” with it if I can feel done with it in its entirety.

It wouldn’t be done if I were to quit now.

There are many more details I can add. Although it seems relatively full, I can still add in people depending on how it goes. I still want to add in Trishna and John from “The Story” either where they are now or at the end of the bleachers where I freed up some space. I can also add in space in the back, or along the sides. It’s been great seeing people interested in seeing this progress, or commenting on it later.  I stopped by the stream of one of the characters joking in the back, who commented that he’d only been able to see my art streams, but enjoyed how far along it was coming. These sorts of recognitions are nice, but that’s not exactly why I’m doing this. Sure, getting more attention is cool when you’re trying to do what I’m doing, but people will notice it if that’s the only reason why you’re doing it.

For me, this is a celebration of all my friends and people that I appreciate:

I wouldn’t draw people that didn’t help me out in some way.

Mostly, though, I’d say this picture is full of people whose livestreams I frequented and who either infrequent or frequent my livestreams. Some don’t, and that’s cool. The thing is, though, I don’t add people in because I want them to like me or respect me. I do it because I respect them, so adding them in is my way of saying “thanks” in a way that is almost effortless for me – other than the time spent at my computer, drawing – and for many people here this is their first legitimate fanart.

How cool is that?

I get to show the people in the audience how much they mean to me by drawing them in and around other people. In some sense, this is the ultimate shout-out, since everyone here will probably save at least one copy of this, the one where they first appear and the final copy, so when they have a key/list of everyone else, it’s like a way to check out other people in the Twitch Retro community I hang out within. There are small pockets throughout, like the characters joking in various languages, but that’s fun. People will gravitate toward the people they know, but the idea here is that it’s cool to co-mingle with everyone here.

How long will it take before I have to put people on the backburner?

Would there be a part-two where I draw the arena from a different perspective? It could essentially be the same drawing but from the other angle. That might be fun, especially since the drawing as it stands now implies that the stands in the foreground are significantly taller than the ones in the background. When I modeled this room back on January 30 2021, I imagined the bleachers to only be two layers tall like the examples we see, but maybe they could end up being taller?

It’s hard to say without doing some deep thinking on it.

I do kind of feel like having a part-two might be good to avoid having people feel left out, especially when I get to that point where I can’t add many more people into this drawing. I like the idea of, say, printing posters of this part-one drawing, then moving along to a part-two so that way others can get their shout-out as well. It might not be profitable, either, from practical perspectives, but it’s nice knowing that this is something that people are enjoying, even if they’re not in it. It is getting traction from people that I’ve already drawn, so there is something to be said for this drawing’s marketability.

I would also like to draw smaller group shots as well, around Zeal.

The original idea, without looking it up, was to capture a particular moment in time and a particular setting within Zeal – the fourth-wall-breaking area that serves as the hub for all the activity between our real world and the fictional world I’m writing. It would be nice to, say, draw different people walking around, or doing whatever it is that they want to do in this space. Hosting their avatars, in that way, is the same as hosting them during my livestreams. We all learn and grow, myself included, and that includes the artistic process. If I were to restart the drawing now, it might look substantially different, but everyone so far has been completely supportive, which is really quite incredible for a 20-color MS Paint drawing, if you think about it, but I put so much love into the picture that it makes sense.

That said, a part-two makes sense…

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Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: Writing about the drawing process.
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Picture: The picture and the livestream outro overlay.
Written On: 2021 June 06 [10:27pm to 10:58pm]
Last Edited: 2021 June 06 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]


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