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How much will doing drawings like this help me write fiction? Questions like these can be harmful, because then we get too much into the sort of idea of qualifying events, situations, or even people as better or worse than others. We might think “I can’t hang out with this person” because they won’t help me write fiction. When, really, the right approach it to let everyone in, somewhat, and if they’re combative, be polite.

I’ve wondered when I’ll be “gifted” with my first encounter with troll-like behavior.

I was talking with Malik, who I drew today, about a recent stream I’d been in where he was dealing with someone rude. The scenario is one I’ve seen and heard about before – people pay into the Twitch model, so they assume they get more rights or control than they do. For something like this drawing, everyone here represents someone who’s content I’ve appreciated, or, someone that appreciates my content. It’s like a community gift to everyone that’s been hanging out – whether chatting directly, or, indirectly.

The guys hanging out up front-of-frame don’t hang out too often.

But they – Sage with the shades, Monsoon, and DaKAT, were part of the ENDLESS WAR crew – had an impact all in their own way. Same with everyone else here. Even if they don’t watch all the time, or if I don’t talk with them all the time, they all have made enough of a contribution to be here. Will there be a time where someone will expect or demand something like this? Maybe. I don’t know what future art projects will look like – this one’s been going on for months now. It’d be nice to wrap this up, but, it should be wrapped up at its own pace, right?

As long as it can be filled, why not fill it with folks?

When this is done, though, it will represent a curious happenstance of the roots of my livestreaming journey. As of this writing, I’m nearly at 150 followers, and this drawing represents slots for nearly 40 of them. Once it’s done, I’ll have the completed drawing and a legend so everyone can see everyone else – it’s like my way of vouching for others that have vouched for me, in a sense, by hanging out and watching my material.

It’s been a fun ride and I look forward to building a wider audience.

Malik had said that once I get my first troll, it will be like I made it, and he’s right. No matter who is out there, the more positivity you spread, there will be negativity, and it’s not so much of a bad thing as a reality. There are things I dislike – as a general rule, I don’t hate people, but I can hate the behaviors of people, which means that if they act toward repairing their behavior, they can be redemptive. Does that make me a bad person by disliking things and bad behavior?

This is something of a juggling act in many circles.

So far, though, everyone’s had fun, including myself.

Whenever people compliment me on my art, I take a quick step back to remember that, yeah, this is rad. I think I said three times during this livestream that I committed the greatest artistic sin by enjoying my art, too, but there is some truth in that. Drawing people’s characters, as I learned, is a bigger token of appreciation than it might seem. Fan art is a wild thing, but, I think, as I developed an artist through this drawing, and as I develop my livestreaming skills, it will all help with the writing.

Something like this is a way to personalize Zeal.

Zeal is the location of the novella that will reintroduce me to the fiction-writing environment I haven’t dabbled in since I wrote “Novel 01.” Now, I can ask any of these friends or more for advice on myriad topics. When I return to “Novel 01” as part of my final draft edits, I’ll give that context and we’ll have extended conversations over sentences and meander through thoughts as a comprehensive look, before I wrote the novella, which will be me interviewing Sammohini in Zeal.

She’ll see a scene like this with many different characters.

Maybe not all of these characters, but, it’s a good representation of what she would expect as we tour Zeal before the interview where we would discuss the first novel and maybe even the second. I don’t have a clear idea of how I want the second novel to go, or how it will go by its own, but I have enough of the premise in mind to know that it will be a continuation of the Tripping On essays, but set in the fictional world of Eville, in Eville Medical, starring Sammohini.

As Sammohini told me in iterations of the interview, she trusts me.

She might say that she trusts me, despite going over difficult or controversial material – in a sense, it’s unavoidable to write about certain topics without drumming up controversy. It’s the same trust that all of these people have placed in me when they clicked on my username, gave it a follow, and hung out. Some of the people here hang out frequently, others might pop in for a spell, and others still might not be able to stop by at all. That’s not much of a concern for me. This is more of my gift to the community, and when it’s done, I’ll probably work on simpler concept sketches, maybe do more detailed drawings of some people I know will appear in the novella in various parts?

The only drag about drawing a large picture like this is seeing structural changes.

When I drew the first few versions, I was still feeling unwell and maybe even not as ambitious with the character designs. Now, I can do all sorts of crazy things with perspective, pointillism, and pixel-perfect precision.

People have been enjoying the art, which is the most important part.

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Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: Writing about my thoughts about the stream as they relate to my fiction-writing adventures.
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Written On: 2021 May 11 [11:06pm to 11:35pm]
Last Edited: 2021 May 11 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]


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