[Media Meandry] Stretch, Read, Stretch

As I wrote about in “Headache’s Root Cause,” I had been subconsciously wanting a spot where I could just roll around on the carpet and stretch my muscles as I read. I might be a fidgety reader, so having a place where I can stretch my muscles, stretch my mind, then rest both has been helpful for me. I’m not sure of the best reading-on-the-floor posture yet, so I just read however it feels comfortable.

I want to read relevant sections of Gray’s Anatomy before my neurologist appointment.

Years ago, when I respected people more, I would want to read for thorough understanding of everything presented to me. I’d want to sit through the movie because I trusted that the moviemakers had best intentions. I now give people a baseline level of respect, that yes you are a human being, but otherwise, my respect is earned through various means. This book proved itself within the first two pages to be worth reading as an academic and physiological reference guide.

It will find a home in my home gym’s library once I’m done reading it for now.

When I read books in a chair, I’m often compelled to move around, and my mind needs to rest every few pages, depending on the density of the material. Especially with some back soreness, I figure if I can read while resting on my stomach to stretch out any muscles, maybe on my side, then maybe on my back to get more of those muscles even subtly stretched. If the neurologist makes a decision about whether it could be a spinal problem, I can ask more informed questions about how parts of the body interconnect.

I am nearly at the section on the skull.

The section of the spine was too academic for my needs. I skimmed over how the structures of various bones appear but looked at how they tied into muscles. Honestly, I haven’t gained a whole lot of headache-specific knowledge yet, but what was useful was learning to sit down with dry material like this and focus my energy on trying to read. Even when the material was Actual Greek, I tried to do more than just pass my eyes across the page.

This reading area in my apartment-mansion living room is a good stretching area, too.

Once I get a majority of my superfluous possessions downsized and/or sold, I might move my rower from its current spot in my dining room into my living room. I’m not sure how I’d want to design this space. I guess that depends on how far I get over this next year and whether I want to renew the apartment-mansion lease for another year. There are worse places to live than here, but I don’t want to get too comfortable living here, either.

I would like to use more of my exercise equipment again, though.

I’ve been rowing again, which is nice, and would also like to use my stretching stuff, ranging from a 6′ PVC pipe to a massage bar. Before and after my reading sets, I’m also doing 20 reps with my 15-pound dumbbells as a good way to exercise my arms, stretch out my back, and release any of that superfluous physical energy that might distract me while I read. If the material gets too dry for my tastes in any book I’m reading, after I’ve done all that, then I can feel more confident dropping the book, unless I’m over halfway done and reading it is easier than letting it linger as a half-finished task.

It feels like I’m taking charge of my life again.

My plans before all these headaches started to debilitate me was that I was going to spend the next four months downsizing/selling by section: January-computers, February-media, March-toys, April-miscellaneous. It feels good getting back into downsizing the computers again. I’m probably going to photograph and test a new computer to list for sale soon, depending on how I’m feeling when I wake up.

If I’m feeling gnarly, I won’t do much.

If I’m feeling better, I’d like to get some of that cleared out. I’ve made some good progress over the past two days. When your health has been in a decreased state for so long, you tend to jump at the chance to do anything when you’re feeling better, which might actually cause unnecessary strain, but I’m trying to keep an even pace. Depending on how long my health stablizes, if it’s more than the two weeks it was in early December, I’ll keep to that four-month downsizing/selling schedule, but I’ll give myself a two-week overlap, since that’s about how long those headaches knocked me out.

Life already feels much clearer and my goals more attainable.

I didn’t do a yearly goal, but if I did, it’d be the Year of Done. I’d like to get done with as much as I can, by thirds: downsize/sell superfluous things, write my second novel, then sell my novels. I think all it took as doing more to get more done. I started publishing my writing twice-daily because I wanted to clear out my backlog and write new material around about my first novel, but now that I’m used to this calendar and writing schedule, it’s allowed me many new opportunities. I wouldn’t have written this essay because it didn’t fit into that old system, so I built new systems!

My reading space is just an example of what you can do for yourself.

I can still read in my living room chairs if I want. Now, however, I have the flexibility to read on the floor. I can practice physical flexibility when the material flexes my brain in ways that might cause my muscles to need to flex their discomfort of staying still while learning new materials. I don’t advocate getting a near-chronic illness as a way to purge the procrastination from your mind, nor do I think it’s necessary.

I do think it’s important to stretch your expectations.

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Inspirations: After I cleared out the space and gave it a go, I was happy with the results. I had my dumbbells nearby, so I thought I’d give that a try, too. I try not to read with my glasses to give my eyes a rest from that perspective. The title popped up, and I like how stretching can be both physical and mental here. The slug uses “re” for “repeat” instead of “st” for “stretch,” since that looked better.
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