[Media Meandry] Wafflehouse Drafts Two-Part-Four

As much as it might be interesting to see how much time it takes for me to work on these sorts of digital paintings, I can roughly say they take enough time to make substantial progress in podcasts and audiobooks. This is the final panel, 6 of 6, for the ENDLESS WAR contest comic I’m entering soon, once I complete these drafts. I have about three days to complete everything, which should be sufficient time, factors withstanding…

I woke up in a significant amount of pain this morning.

This is nothing new, and that might be the scary part. Despite all that I’ve done, and everything I’ve tried, it doesn’t feel like I’m getting any better. Drawing pictures feels like it helps. I don’t know. I’m doing everything I can and if it turns out that what I’m doing is making things worse, then I don’t know.

If I focus on these paintings, though, I’m not in pain.

So I was imaging, in this final scene, my character and Khan leave the Wafflehouse, and he wants to return to the rest of the game. I showed him, in-game, how to do it, so I figured I’d paste that text onto the picture, concluding the idea that this is my way of showing other players how they can go to the Wafflehouse, which was a new feature added to the map within the past month, and still a relatively obscure feature.

I just noticed some timestamps don’t match; I’ll fix those.

This 6-panel comic taught me some things I’ve written about before, like communicating information clearly through this visual format, using drawings like this to listen to more audio-focused things like podcasts, audiobooks, or music that is too intricate to listen to while writing, and I tested that out by making significant progress in One Hundred Years of Solitude. The book started off good enough but became too bizarre for me to study seriously. When I write and when I draw, I may add abstract things, like the fog below that oozes with a sort of cellular biology, but really isn’t important for the overall content.

It’s subtly surreal with a realistic backbone.

My mind was constantly comparing Solitude to another surreal piece of media – the movie The Holy Mountain – as I drew this, because I am overall not impressed with this novel whereas that movie is my favorite. Why? Well, The Holy Mountain has a clear objective and purpose, whereas Solitude meanders around all these surreal characters and I am not impressed by surrealism. When I was drawing the surreal fog, admittedly, it was more of an exercise in visual design than anything with any sort of meaning. I added little bits as I saw one part look like a dog, the aforementioned biology, and I couldn’t miss the chance to add my “:]” smile in.

Otherwise, the surrealism is all just colors interacting with each other; nothing more.

When the surrealism is too serious, that’s when I get lost.

The abstract imagery of Picasso and Dalí do occasionally interest me, but I suppose it’s when my mind’s imagery is similarly abstract. It’s interesting for me to think that if a majority of my thoughts are concrete and non-surreal, and there are times where my thoughts are surreal, then learning to identify when I feel more abstract or less abstract can help guide me along toward consuming certain media while creating certain media. I, for example, haven’t been too impressed with modern progressive rock because its focus on abstract guitar solos disinterest me. Would I relate more to these guitar solos if I’m in an abstract mood, drawing something abstract?

Probably not, but it would be the optimal environment.

I am well aware that there are certain albums that might be considered “darkroom” albums that you would listen to in the dark, to focus on the music. I would only do that for transcendent albums. Everything else earns its place based on its quality. I’ll read paragraphs of a novel or listen to parts of an audiobook between doing other things to get that media responsibility off my plate. Videogames offer fewer luxuries of I would almost hazard to say multitasking, but I suppose that’s the best term for it, so let’s clarify: for even the best media now, I might want to take a brief respite to write some notes during the meandry process, whereas if I’m not fully engaged with the media, then it’s easier for me to split my attention.

The album I’m listening to, for example, is not a darkroom album.

It’s fine enough but it lacks any significant replay value, so it’s decent writing music. Similarly, here, between this panel’s first draft and this second draft, I didn’t significant add any information. I added the lamppost, Cole Slawman’s rickshaw, and cleaned up everything to make it clearer whee this scene took place. I had worked on Khan’s character design based on his requests. The original draft was based on a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure hoodie, but because I only had the backside, I adapted it into the world of ENDLESS WAR as I tend to do with the imagery of player-characters. I asked Khan if he wanted his character to wear anything else, so I added the additional clothes about a week ago.

Everything else was just me filling in details for clarity or to fill in space.

This panel is by far the most complete out of the other panels I’ve worked on. There are some details I’d like to finish up, and if I don’t end up sufficiently hurting today after physical therapy, I’d like to go back through the remaining panels, complete them, and write about what I thought. It may take some, but I’ve enjoyed this process of drawing then writing about my drawing process, more especially directly after I draw, so the thoughts are more related to the drawing process.

Still, sometimes, it’s fair to write about your thoughts more abstractly, I would suppose.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: Writing about my thoughts while writing. I didn’t have a solid plan or structure, which I suppose would be like painting without having sketched out the general designs first, which lead in some abstract writing directions, but that’s what you’ve come to expect with these essays.
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Picture: Second draft; penultimate draft.
Written On: 2020 August 05 [6:58am to “so let’s clarify” at 7:27am, then 7:37am to 7:47am]
Last Edited: 2020 August 05 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]


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