[Media Meandry] Wafflehouse Final Drafts

I uploaded my 6-panel ENDLESS WAR contest entry to positive feedback and a quickly-made parody. When I was asked what I would do if I won the contest for a second time, I said: “I would reply with ‘thank you, but pick someone else.'” I wanted to contribute to a community’s culture that I enjoy being in and I learned more about my artistic process through the process that I can apply to future works.

Here’s how long it took for me to complete all of these pictures:

picture 1 – 0 hours, 32 minutes
picture 2 – 2 hours, 3 minutes
picture 3 – 1 hour, 13 minutes
picture 4 – 1 hour, 20 minutes
picture 5 – 0 hours, 19 minutes
picture 6 – not enough time to track…

I completed part-one of an audiobook of 100 Years of Solitude while drawing.

I realized through this drawing process that any book that falls below a 4-star for me I should switch to listening to via audiobook so I can multitask. Here, it was listening to the audiobook while drawing, but now I’m listening to music while writing. If the work can stand on its own, then I’ll meander through the media in full-screen and soak in the detail. That’s what I tried to do as often as I could with each of these panels. I took the approach of wanting each to be a crazy experiment in art.

The mines represented in this first shot were a series of angular boxes.

I’m happy with how the static noise turned out along with the transition swipes.

I don’t know enough about comic paneling, and general art theories to know the best ways to go about telling visual stories, but I’m pleased with the results. Sure, we can focus on little tiny problems throughout each panel, but the impression is there, and that’s what’s important. In my mind, it’s clear – thanks to the text – that our main character, Khan, is mining and hits a gap. The right side shows him looking at that gap and jumping in.

I could agonize for hours or days, or, accept it’s good enough and continue.

I wanted to do more with the gray and black texture in the background.

That is supposed to represent a sort of melting fog. It looks bizarre and its stark contrasts distort my visual field when I look at it in certain angles. I tried several approaches to it. The paint-like texture in the lower-left is my favorite but takes the most time. The layered goop at the top takes the least time but is the least impressive… unless taken in on its own as a sort of oppressive wave, I guess. I’m not overly happy with the perspective inside the Wafflehouse, but whatever, it’s fine enough. I should have drawn it at a sharper angle, but the point of this panel was to show the transition from the mines to the Wafflehouse where we’d proceed from there.

I think it’s good enough, minor gripes aside.

I’m happy with how this drawing turned out, but I forgot to move it up more.

I might have wanted to feature more of the interior rather than have a large portion of the outside being blank blue windows, but maybe that better contrasts the zany characters shown inside? If it’s a busy place, I imagined that there would be patrons eating, chatting, or even hanging out. I enjoy drawing these multi-character pieces because for some of these players, they’ve never had fanart done of their characters before, so even though they might play, they barely escaped the general spotlights of bigger characters. I wanted to feature those more obscure players that I’ve had positive interactions or ones that might go to the Wafflehouse.

Everyone in the community likes seeing new faces as well.

Drawing these more detailed shots are difficult, but rewarding.

Khan used this picture of his character as his avatar after I uploaded it to the contest and, admittedly thanks to these contests, I’m getting better at drawing skulls. I still have some ways to go, of course, but I think most of media creation is getting over that hurdle of wanting it to be better than what you’re capable of doing. I have my 20-color limit here as a way to explore my own limitations. For Khan’s face, I wanted to use every color in the palette to make it pop and give it some depth. His hoodie was fun to paint because of its drooping paint textures. The fun part about these bigger shots is that there’s more room for play, too, like a joke I was pulling on people where I’d ask them “guess what?”

They’d respond “what” and I’d say “CHICKEN BUTT!”

This was the last-minute panel and I spent the least amount of time on it.

I’m not happy with how Khan turned out, but this scene is more to show what I would like to have added to the game most: a new vendor that allows us Ghosts/Staydeads a way to spend our antislime on stuff to be more active spectator specters in the game. Between one player, Church, and I, we came up with what kinds of items he might sell with mock prices, to give a general idea for what we might want to see added. If the idea is well-received, then it’s likely to be added.

If not, then it’s an idea; throw it out and move onto the next idea.

This comic, overall, was intended to show people how to access the Wafflehouse.

The last panel depicts how Khan, after meeting me – the presumption is that we’d met before, so he recognized me – and having some wetwaffles to drink, asked for how to get back up to the surface. This panel is bit noisy for information, but for players in-game, this is all fairly straightforward stuff. Outside of the game, it shows people how to leave the Wafflehouse, which is located inside The Void, which is this weird, new place.

Maybe we’ll see more visitors after this contest?

At least it inspired silliness.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: I like writing about things like these, so I can put them away. I’ve already archived all of my drafts and related content. I don’t need them in the way anymore. This project is complete. If I should feel inspired by the contest’s results, then I’ll write about it further, otherwise, this – and everything in life – should be considered a positive stepping stone based on everything I wrote about during the drawing process about what I learned, artistically and logistically.
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Pictures: I asked ScallopeRapscallion about the picture, and he said that Monsoon, the player-character represented, was once confused about whether he should drink coffee or beer. I forgot to draw his hands, but I’m glad that I could still inspire others, and this parody picture was posted 15 minutes after I posted my original.
Written On: 2020 August 07 [4:43am to 5:14am]
Last Edited: 2020 August 07 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]


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