[Media Meandry] Zelda 1, Levels 4-5

I last played Zelda 1 months ago, and now, I have a wider audience. My previous play session was popular, perhaps my most popular stream, and this was even more popular. It’s unfortunate that Twitch has such an anti-sobriety and anti-customer perspective because I might be interested in helping get them dollars by funneling my audience’s dimes toward me so I can get pennies. Instead, I ranted at length about how we should report bad ads.

Will there ever be a time when I buy into the Twitch payment program?

I’ve met the requirements to join since the first Zelda 1 stream, I believe, but I was worried about how the taxes related to my healthcare stuff would work out. Since I did not receive any taxable income from Twitch/Amazon, my taxes were easy. Had I received that taxable income, it would have been a nightmare – if I could even earn the $100 required to get a pay-out. What would I give up in exchange for that $100? The biggest “fuck no” is letting Twitch run their advertisements in front of my material. I would have no input over what kind of content they would run. I wouldn’t mind if they let me choose the content, but, if even one audience member were shown an alcohol ad, then that goes against everything I believe and ruins my brand.

Why would I complicit in assaulting my audience?

We did, as we’ve been tending to do, complain about Twitch and YouTube on the Twitch platform that would be uploaded to YouTube. We talked about the draconian and excessive rules regarding broadcasting music and other things. I was mad that YouTube automatically claimed the introduction to my first Zelda 1 video – that I talked over. Who would listen to some knucklehead talk over the theme and confuse it for a version without commentary? I’m not some extreme anti-advertising, anti-broadcasting, anti-DMCA person. However, if I can’t even trust that the two main platforms I use to share my content won’t block my content for things I consider unreasonable – block all the music, YouTube, not just some music, some of the time – then I will be less likely to respect the platforms and their policies.

When I’m less respectful, I can get money elsewhere.

On Twitch, there are subscriptions that you can purchase to avoid seeing advertisements. These cost about $5. The broadcaster gets half; Twitch gets the other half. Now, that might seem like a fair bargain because Twitch provides the platform, right? Well, that’s the thing. We give so many of our own personal freedoms to companies in exchange for moderate tokens of appreciation. It would take 200 subscriptions to get money from Twitch. There are other ways to more directly donate, but these donation pools, too, have ways that siphon the donation money worse than any non-profit organization. So if, say, you wanted to support me, financially, this is probably the worst way to go.

I still respect those who buy into these programs for their own reasons.

When I criticize Twitch publicly for their anti-sobriety and anti-customer stance, it’s from months of trying to communicate with them rules that can help them better treat customers like me. I’m not alone in not my dislike of alcohol advertisements. If I have to go around to each livestream, worried about seeing alcohol ads, then, I’m not going to go around to each livestream I might want to visit. I’m going to take my time – and more importantly, my money – elsewhere. I’ll figure out ways to pay people I appreciate directly outside of their systems. It’s not just alcohol, either. People should have options to turn off, say for example, horror movie advertisements. For being such a large organization, Twitch has no way to customize their advertising preferences to better target people.

No marketing budget will get someone that hates horror movies to watch a horror movie.

That should be Advertising 101, and yet, because we don’t complain efficiently, nothing gets done. I told my audience both live, in the VOD void, and here how to effectively complain to support@twitch.tvsupport2@twitch.tv, support3@twitch.tv – keep emailing them, weekly, until you get a title like this “Your case 04878605 regarding ” User-side option to prevent alcohol ads from showing “. PLS DO NOT CHANGE THIS [ ref:_00D1UDqTT._5003a17TybD:ref ].” This title shows that you have a ticket/case in the system that must be replied to, and if they give you a generic answer, reply to it after over one week. This should create a new ticket. When I told my audience these strategies for getting effective support from Twitch, well, wouldn’t you know that people mentioned how difficult it is to get support from Twitch.

Twitch/Amazon gets away with it as one of the biggest companies in the world.

Currently the Third-Largest Company, Amazon doesn’t need to answer to anyone – except their customers. Sure, I am just one person, but I can permeate out my beliefs. I don’t want to sound arrogant here, but on Twitch, many people do gift around those $5 subscriptions as tips, so if I tell people that they cannot do that for me – they can’t tip me $5 – for a specific reason, post healthcare, then that might become their problem too. Some might not care, but the more I tweet out the number of instances I see the same ad, the more people might see just how much of a problem it is.

Change happens when people are incentivized or inconvenienced into changing.

If it’s easier for someone to advocate for a positive change in policies, whether it’s something minor like encouraging the third-largest company in the world to be more polite in their advertising or something major like learning to respect people for who and how they are, then they’re more likely to want to do something about it. It’s unfortunate that issues like these aren’t convenient, because it amounts to changing the culture away from being addicted to a harmful substance – alcohol and excessive escapist entertainment…

…But what better goal than fighting against the third-largest controller?

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Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: Originally, this was going to be more about the gameplay, but immediately before this essay, I got another alcohol ad, so I channeled that anger into this essay.
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Written On: 2021 May 02 [11:12pm to 11:40pm]
Last Edited: 2021 May 02 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]


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