[Novel 02] Furnishing Zeal Rooms

After filling the [first] restroom of Zeal – the fourth-wall-breaking area of my Minecraft map that serves as part of a whole braindump area for my thoughts related to “The Story” – I immediately thought of changes. Having the restroom stalls “open” presented ethical problems to me. While I built and refined various rooms, I talked about how “Novel 01” taught me aspects of myself, from writing to this map, which should help me write “Novel 02” and more.

Spoilers?: Minor [refining set-piece logistics]

Zeal asks this question: How would a self-sufficient mind-palace workplace look like?

Compared to the Sewers, which is turning into a dystopian workplace with maybe one or two toilets maximum, Zeal should be a place where anyone is well-fed and well-rested. Sometimes, that includes using the restroom. As mindscan and I chatted about late into the video [currently, the videos are still just me talking, but I have to figure out a way for people to jump into Discord calls so they could chat along with me, so it was me speaking his lines from the livestream chat then responding to them], workplaces with only a few toilets are terrible because say you’ve got to go and all the stalls are taken by people burning time in them.

Toilets are actually a good world-building question.

Answering the question of “where does the character go to the bathroom?” presents all sorts of questions about business efficiency, privacy, and other aspects of how the world works. In Zeal, the restroom is open on both sides and I suppose the term is unisex, but basically, not gender-specific. This could be problematic to some people or unsafe, but for me, when I’ve gone into non-gender-specific restrooms, I’ve never felt weird or uncomfortable. This is something I would want to see more of in life actually. So when I asked mindscan late into the video what I should add, a sort of open, possibly problematic question, he said the map needed more restrooms.

I saw immediately that it made sense.

During the build, I added in space for a second restroom on the other side of the kitchen, and as I write this essay, I almost wonder if another restroom might fit next to the Discord rooms? These are cloning questions I can ask ViridianJack the next time I have a Minecraft session with him. For now, however, the first bathroom feels good to walk through, and so it will be a good foundation for cloning either twice or thrice more. Restrooms are, in a sense, the underappreciated element of any larger building. The Eville Medical Apartment Complex buildings only have two public restrooms, but those are really only for visitors or employees, so that should be fine.

Maybe the EMAC buildings will have more toilets elsewhere?

Outside of that, I further developed the Discord rooms.

What I’m most proud of is figuring out the logistical aspects of the “The Story” Discord and specifically where my own writing desk would sit within the writing tables. I had initially thought of having my desk in the corner, but, as I talked about while building this space, I realized that the biggest hurdle I encountered while writing “Novel 01” was having a lacking social network of others interested in reading or editing that novel. I did well enough as I could, but, exacerbated by NaNoWriMo’s one-month construction, I burned out all alone as I wrote the novel.

I’m proud of the novel, pride without ego, but it could be better.

So I’m building my Minecraft maps, getting more social on Discord and Twitch, in order to find people that might be sympathetic with my cause. Over these four-plus years of writing in obscurity, I’ve realized that if anyone’s interested in hanging out at all, then it’s better than nothing. So if I can ask a question of someone and get an answer, I can take it or leave it, but it’s fun rolling with the new ideas, too. I would, then, rather write the novella, “Novel 02” and more with a group of editors, readers, and sympathizers.

I’ve, then, built that Discord room to reflect that.

The idea is that the Discord should be open to anyone, but the specific areas where I might write or edit would be locked down slightly to make sure that specific ideas aren’t taken significantly out of context. I like the idea of posting behind-the-scenes content, but that should be done to present the bigger picture of how something was built or what goes behind the making of something – and not as incriminating evidence against someone or something.

Those were my meandering thoughts as I built the “The Story” Discord’s room.

It’s taking me a bit longer to plan out how I want to build the hobby server Zdiscord Zeal, but I added in the target of this livestream’s raid, or a way of introducing my viewers to a new channel, serfins to the room. The idea behind adding people like serfins, Sol Chevalsky, and others, will be adding in background characters that might be engaging in certain activities. If serfins doesn’t want to be featured as someone at a punching bag, then I could add the avatar of another character. serfins had actually incidentally inspired me with that idea by introducing me to his community with a note about how people might get to be added to my stories.

I’m not sure about in the “real” side, but in Zeal? Sure.

While I do these livestreams, I talk through writing the novella as the proof-of-concept way of justifying my time building the space. It’s feeling good walking around Zeal “as” Sammohini. If I hadn’t done all of this building, if I wrote the novella as I had planned to do early into 2020, I wouldn’t have realized the diorama should have a jetpack or a sort of flying machine to tour people around – as players can do in Minecraft by double-pressing the Space key.

Furnishing this map has proved useful for writing meandries.

Quotes: After I raided serfins, he pitched me to his viewers like this: “If you ever wanted to peer behind a guy’s- behind the shoulders of someone’s mind, check out his channel.” mindscan followed serfins, and one of serfins’s followers followed me, so raiding is a good way to expand out one’s community.
Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium.
Inspirations: Playing Minecraft like this has become a big timesink, but it’s an enjoyable thing for me to do. I’m trying to strike that balance between being responsible with my time and playing Minecraft, so what I do is the same as what I do in any situation – do all the bullshit I can until I grow tired of it, then play Minecraft until I grow tired.
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Screenshots: Tweeting out some additional screenshots from the build, as well.
Written On: 2021 January 10 [11:11111111pm to 11:444444444444444pm]
Last Edited: 2021 January 10 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]
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