[Novel 02] 2021 In Preview

What do I have planned in 2021 for “Novel 02?” I wrote aboutThe Story” already, so expect similar themes to that essay. I don’t have any concrete plans for 2021. After I wrote “Novel 01,” for example, I thought I would be writing “Novel 02” by mid-2020. Were it not for the decline in my health caused by COVID-19 sending everyone in my department into a haphazardly planned work-from-home situation, I might have written “Novel 02.” Since I didn’t… well…

Spoilers?: None [pessimistic/optimistic writing plans]

Worst-case scenario, I’m not physically able to write any more fiction.

That is still a possibility because of how much pain I am in so consistently. I lucked out today where I woke up in severe pain but I was able to use that focus to write this essay. I don’t think I’ll have the same energy or ability to write anything more today, or even livestream, but if I can, then I might. The problem I’ve come to realize is that I have difficulty realizing when I’ve expended too much energy until I’m past the point where I’m exhausted. That’s fine in short bursts, and necessary when I do things like the first physical therapy session I’ll do in a few hours to hopefully start the recovery process in my spine and the problems that presented themselves to be worse than the pre-surgery pain I had, but if I press too much after that physical therapy session I could find myself overexerted for a while after – so my plan, post-PT, was to bathe, nap, and relax.

If I feel like it, I’ll stream probably tomorrow morning.

If, or as, my health gets better, I’d like to more consistently livestream, since it’s a fun avenue to broadcast my writing intentions to others. My main intentions for 2021 will be to build on what I’ve worked on throughout late-2020, namely building out the Eville greater Medical area in Minecraft, while also having an area to pitch newcomers my ideas with “Zeal” – my mind-place that I’m building out within Minecraft. Although I’m apprehensive about getting into the game aspect of Minecraft, its creative mode, where I’ve been focusing all of my in-game time, has been rewarding for me since it’s allowed me a place to architecturally draw out many of the ideas I’ve had that I might otherwise need to improvise for “Novel 02.”

I’m “halfway” toward completing Sammohini’s apartment building.

What that means is that if I write a scene in “Novel 02” that takes place in Sammohini’s apartment, I don’t have to mentally remember all of the aspects of her apartment. I could have done this by drawing out maps, or used other videogames including Doom’s WAD modding system, but I will admit I’ve never played more than 5 minutes of Doom, and the creative mode in Minecraft has been easy enough for me to use. It has frustrating limitations, sure, but I can find creative workarounds for most of those limitations. Minecraft is ubiquitous enough, too, where if I stream under the “Minecraft” banner people could organically see what I’m doing and stop by.

Zeal, then, is my way of fourth-wall-nodding/breaking to welcome newcomers.

One idea I’ve been thinking about today is how Twitch rewards viewing time with “channel points” that can be redeemed for certain on-stream things. I’ve been noting the ones that I like most, from practical ones like encouraging the streamer to drink water, to whimsical ones like changing things within the stream, and more substantial ones like the one I was thinking of today: I might want to build some collage wall within Zeal to where visitors can add concrete blocks of a color they choose with a note to have left a mark in the map.

When I watch livestreams, I like that sort of helpful contribution.

As I progress through 2021, assuming my health returns back to maybe something resembling normal – it will never be the pre-April 2020, pre-COVID exercise or do physical activities spontaneously, but maybe a day without physical pain will be nice, and maybe even some days where I could row lightly would be better – then I would like to continue building out the greater Eville Medical area within Minecraft and through “The Story’s” Discord server. The way I figure it, once I’ve built out all of this area within Minecraft, I’ll have figured out my health and my life well enough to be able to figure out how to balance my vocational time spent at work, avocational time spent writing, livestreaming, or playing videogames on-stream, maybe, with recreational time where I can relax and don’t need to worry about much of anything.

My 2021 plans are figuring out that vocational/avocational/recreational balance.

I couldn’t say whether that’s 60%/30%/10%, because maybe some days I would need that number to be closer to 60%/10%/30%? What I can safely estimate is that once I figure out the full of Eville Medical itself, then I could write “Novel 02” more confidently, in part because that time I spent figuring out the logistics, both within Minecraft and in my currently-neglected Gdrive, will help me write more efficiently. I should be able to meet friends along the way that can help me, whether through moral support or through anything from consulting on various topics, offering to read, or even edit upcoming drafts.

February 2018 was when I first considered livestreaming writing.

I might have written about that beforehand, but that’s the earliest result I found the quickest where I directly wrote about this. It would be fun for me to livestream my writing sessions, either of essays like this or the actual fiction itself. The way I look at life is that if you build the things you want to see – I’d love seeing livestreamed sessions of my favorite writers – then it should draw in others that are similarly interested in what you’re doing. So that’s it for my 2021 plans: get better to get good at achieving my goals.  If I don’t succeed in 2021, there’s always 2022 and beyond.

Depending on how well my spine pains recover, perhaps…

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Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium.
Inspirations: Writing about my life and plans like this is easy, whereas writing fiction is much more difficult because I have to channel my thoughts into another character and perceive their life through their reality and conditions. In some respects, writing about my life and all its problems can help me write fiction because then I can purge those thoughts and focus on the character, rather than introducing my own biases into the fiction.
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Written On: 2020 December 31 [10:43am to 11:21am]
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My big goal is writing. My most important goal is writing "The Story." All other goals should work toward that central goal. My proudest moment is the most recent time I overcame some fear, which should have been today. I'm a better zombie than I was yesterday. I'm not better than you and you're not better than me. Let's strive to be better every day.