[Novel 02] 2023 Inspirations, Opinions

Back in 2018, I wrote a foundational essay about my inspirations – an essay I referred to for five years. It’d been fifteen years since I began brainstorming “The Story,” where “Novel 01” hadn’t even popped into my imagination, let alone the foundation for “Novel 02.” I believe it’s important to assess one’s perspective on imagination, reality, and other such things maybe on the anniversary of thinking of such ideas? Let’s consider my 2023 perspective in video/essay form concerning inspirations.

Spoilers?: Major [storing our imagination]

I currently think that imagination can be analogized through a color spectrum.

For me, I can grab inspiration from myriad sources. I’ve come up with, roughly, a color guide that will help me to see where I can grab inspiration, and maybe where that inspiration might be useful or required in citations. For my color analogy here, the video portion of this essay might be helpful as you can view the specific details, along with seeing how I jump around through my non-sequential logic.

Unless that jumping around is too jarring, then, don’t watch it…

Red: Artificial Intelligence has been quite useful for me lately in helping me figure out some of my weaknesses in logic. AI is no magic wand, and it’s quite terrible in many situations, but for figuring out some of the average, or lowest common denominator material? Such as the average consideration for, say, the visual appearance of a waiting room of a medical facility? Sure, that works well enough for me. One example is how I’ve used AI to randomly generate characters, such as Fairydust from “Novel 01,” along with the attributes of many characters from “Novel 02.”

Orange: Inspiration from randomized letters or situations. This isn’t the same as AI, as I take material that is essentially worthless, or garbage text, and I shuffle that material around until it makes sense. One example is Zhen Forward Fuvix from “Novel 02,” who was inspired by the randomized URL of a friend of mine, and so we’ve collaborated on Zhen’s character together to create something that wouldn’t have existed without that initial randomized set of letters.

Yellow: Pre-Existing characters, real-life people, plots, and other things. This is the most dangerous territory to pull from, as this is where direct citation and consent is required. If I were to, say, insert a person or an event into my fiction without at least asking for approval, then that person could claim and win a libel and/or slander lawsuit against me if I were to misrepresent that person or that situation. I feel this area is where most writers get the most flack, because, honestly, this is the easiest territory to dip into. It’s easy to write down some weird thing that someone said and then have some character recite that phase verbatim, and, who’s to know? Who’s to care? I feel like these can be done consciously, but more dangerously, subconsciously. As far as examples go, I try to take the root idea, abstract it, and then place that into my writing inspiration. For example, I was talking to a coworker about something or another, and then this coworker asked me for some troubleshooting advice. After our conversation, I abstracted that to Sammohini complaining about something to either Hank or Venkat, and either of them trying to troubleshoot an issue before asking for Sammohini’s advice, so that is technically inspiration from the real world, but it’s not directly based on our experiences. This could also be where I could, say, borrow a character from a television show and put that character into my literature, but I’m not really about doing that.

Green: My own imagination. These are ideas that pop up with no inspiration from nothing I’ve encountered within reality. For example, the characters of John and Trishna just appeared one day in 2003, or maybe over the course of a few days in 2003, as I was studying it the library during my final weeks of high school before leaving that terrible place. They weren’t inspired by anyone I’d seen, any fiction I’d encountered, or anything other than just them appearing, and basically sticking around ever since.

Blue, Purple, and Et Cetera: to be determined…

Those conclude my broad thoughts on inspiration for 2023.

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Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium [2018].
Inspirations: My personal experiences.
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Written On: 2023 June 25 [11:06am to 11:24am]
Last Edited: 2023 June 25 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]
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