[Novel 02] AI Thoughts: November 2023

Anything I write about AI will be outdated by the time of publication. I’m writing this in November 2023 for intended publication in January 2024. I wrote “Novel 01” without AI, just because it wasn’t available. I’ve used AI, with citations, since April 2023 in development of “Novel 02,” but my excitement is relegated to AI-generated first draft images and shortcut brainstorming questions. I imagine that things will be murky whenever I write “The Story” proper, so, cite AI now.

Major spoilers after the jump.

My major problem with AI is how statistically average it is.

This is great for catching gaps in logic, but without anything above the average about it, the material is just “OK” at best, writing-wise. I am cheating significantly by using AI to generate the visual designs for characters I’m working on, which gives a visual to the data I prep for each character, but because of the duration between wanting to write fiction and having AI essentially enable all of us to plagiarize from large anonymous databases of content that often isn’t consenting, I had to learn to do it all before I could press a button to have it done for me.

For the record, I’ve opted Better Zombie out of AI LLM theft.

To do this, I had to follow some guides online to teach me how to update a document that I don’t normally have access to do to ask that robots not scrape data from this site. That doesn’t mean they still won’t do that elsewhere, and that in the future, companies with little to lose won’t just steal large portions of text in the name of “learning.” How much of that I’m ethically OK with depends on the purpose and degree of theft. I don’t like the idea that all creative people steal from each other. I might get inspirations from some things, but, if my citations are anything to show, I typically don’t get too inspired, and I would even argue that it’s not good to draw from one source.

Let’s take character creation/meeting for example.

A few months ago, I met a wild person outside of a coffee shop I was hanging out at for lunch. We talked throughout my lunch break about a number of things. I would say that a writer poor in ethics and quality would steal that person wholesale directly and place that “wild character” directly into any piece of literature. It’s easy enough and what’s the harm? A “richer” writer would only steal the extremes and go in a different direction for the rest. Let’s make this more concrete. Let’s say the person’s name was John, masculine presenting, 30s, and was well-dressed. John, the person, might not care about having John the character appear in my story, but, that doesn’t mean the reader doesn’t. The readers will know because, at most, I got a small glimpse into who John was during our conversation,  and that means I only understand a small portion of who John the character acts and reacts to new information.

AI-generated characters are like this.

My solution has been to randomize details because people are so “random,” if you will. This random encounter with a random person left a mark on me enough to where I made a note in my brainstorming diary about this person and made a succinct version of this essay in that note. I haven’t referred to this memory or “tapped into this character well,” if you will, pretty much since that point, and I feel like that’s the best way to go. If I need to, I can draw some inspiration when it’s appropriate, otherwise, I can count on numerous other examples of people acting wild if I want, and, chances are, if there is a need for such a character in any of my stories, the events will unfold naturally enough to where I won’t even think much about inspirations from the external because the internal guidance is already there. The true character gets revealed in my creativity as I am imagining each character, which is why it can take hours to arrive at a “complete” minor character, but this process is going faster as I do more research, figure out what’s important, and figure out my biggest roadblock: finding the time to rest my creativity and return back fresh.

Outside of AI portrait sketches, I’ve been disinterested by AI-generated writing assistance.

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