[Novel 02] Building Apartment Floor

There’s something entirely engrossing about playing Minecraft that I’m glad I waited until I could dedicate that element to “The Story” and stream the results online. Without the framework like Novel 01 or Novel 02, I would have built without purpose, and without the online interactivity element, it might have been lonely. I use Minecraft as a reward. After having done sufficient amounts of important tasks, then I give myself the time to build out something wonderful.

Spoilers?: Minor [considering Sammohini’s world]

Khrushchevki are rather iconic Soviet apartments.[1]”

There is a certain element of overcoming shyness when it comes to sharing yourself online. Strangers and who you thought were your friends could ridicule you or otherwise be rude toward your expressions. It’s almost a good litmus test for determining your friends. I have friends who do things that aren’t too interesting to me, but I still support them with what they enjoy doing, and might even help out at times. Let’s say a friend were playing a game I didn’t care about; I might still pop in to check it out, make sure the audio levels are OK, video looks good, then pop out.

My experiences streaming have overall been quite positive.

Before I write about the livestreaming portion, though: my intention with this session was figuring out how Sammohini’s apartment building would work. Between my previous session and this, I studied the aforementioned apartment structures, apartment designs, and looked around for blueprints. I didn’t find much through my moderate searches. It’s not like I was looking for specific blueprints to build to, but let’s say I found a ten-story apartment building’s blueprints, then I could look through the blueprints and imagine how Sammohini’s apartment building would be different.

In lieu of that, I imagined how the structure would work on its own.

I’m not yet sure how many apartments will be on her floor. I imagined that her front door would face one of the stairwells, so I started by building out the stairwell, then built out her neighbors’s apartments. Part of this process involved making sure the widths of each section remained the same. The number of blocks I used for the hallway on one side of the building must match the other. The stairs must, too, be uniform. It took some counting and consideration, but I’m happy with the results, even if things didn’t quite even out. There are more steps on one side of the stairs than the other, but it’s more about being “good enough” than being perfect.

Narratively, it’s good just knowing where things are going.

It’s been fun having people stop by to offer suggestions, too.

I haven’t been great about telling others that I’m streaming, or when, because my health is still in terrible condition. I felt well enough to stream, so I dedicated the effort to doing so, and I had two friends – friend-of-the-website NamedGhost and YukariTanuki – who we all hung out with on NamedGhost’s channel while he streamed. It was fun having them stop by the chat and talk.

I’ve figured out a way to have audience interaction as well.

What I’ll do is I’ll show people on a tour of what I’ve built, then ask them what I should add. Yukari offered the idea of a home gym area – Sammohini might have a basket for her yoga matt and other things – but NamedGhost wasn’t sure, so I asked him to give me a color for the patio chair. He picked yellow, so I went with a gaudy yellow glazed terracotta brick, and built out the implications of a chair.

If there is one major flaw of Minecraft, it’s its lacking build items.

Like LEGOs, unless it’s a pre-built block like a bed, everything is implied. Building out Sammohini’s apartment means implying many things, but it’s funny to me that I used mossy bricks for her refrigerator, since it implies that the refrigerator is in poor condition. I try to use signs as much as possible to denote what certain structures are, and at the moment, I’m continuing to graybox objects unless I know what colors they’re going to be in the world: there’s probably going to be red carpeting in the hallways around the apartment building’s floor, but even that is open to suggestion.

I wrapped up past when I was exhausted then did a fun thing on Twitch.

Twitch is all about giving people access to live content.

While I building out the stairwell and surrounding apartments, other people were livestreaming, including someone who I’ve been following for about a month now. KingOfApoc is a “variety streamer” which means he’ll play videogames from across his collection on real hardware, rather than me where I’ve been mainly livestreaming my Minecraft builds. KingOfApoc also does themed nights, where he had planned a NES night with Golgo 13, but since it was Friday the 13th, he played some of the NES game, then played some Silver Surfer. Streams like this are a great way to check out games without dedicating much time to playing them, and if they seem interesting, then I can play them myself later on.

When I’m done with my stream, I can “raid” or send my viewers to someone else.

This does require a certain level of sociability. With this raid, we three visited KingOfApoc as he was playing Golgo 13, and it’s always an exciting thing for the streamer to get a notification that they have a new influx of viewers. The sociability comes in when I talk about what I was doing, so I just said Minecraft, and KingOfApoc gave me a shoutout so his viewers might watch my streams if they’re interested. NamedGhost followed KingOfApoc, so it was a good chance to sort of cross-pollinating different viewers. It may not be marketing my writing directly, but through building Eville in Minecraft, people have been interested in watching me build out setpiece sections along with just hanging out.

It was an overall fun experience I should do more often.

Quotes: [1] Sol Chevalsky, friend-of-the-website, and my Russian language/culture consultant.
Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium.
Inspirations: I enjoy writing essays about each play session. It helps remind me not to go too far with it. As much as it’d be fun to livestream daily, I am not yet at a point in my health or general living environment to make that happen. I still have to get to a point where I can go through a day without massive spine pain, let alone a week, before I can get back to work. I’d also like to clear out a massive amount of possessions I don’t interact with or don’t care much about. Then I can be more focused on writing Novel 02, which I’ll do after I build out Eville in Minecraft. This build-out might seem arbitrary, but it helps me figure out the little details that might weigh me down during the writing process. In one section of Novel 01, Sammohini and  Fairydust go to Sammohini’s apartment. It was convenient enough to cut to the apartment, but, how did they get there? It wasn’t important to the flow of the narrative, but it would have been good to know the specifics. I generally know that there’s a parking garage under the apartment building, or outside, but I don’t know specifically, and that affects many other factors.
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Written On: 2020 November 14 [1:08pm to 1:59pm]
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