[Novel 02] Building Apartment Offices

As much as I want to have fun with these Minecraft builds for various elements in “The Story,” based on what I learned from writing Novel 01 to write Novel 02 and beyond, they do require some degree of work and concentration. On this sixth session, I cleaned up the exterior then built the apartment building’s front office. I’m currently at a loss for what to build next, so how about I summarize what I did build?

Spoilers?: Minor [one-stop-shop apartment complex]

I might work on the underground parking garage next.

I think that should be about two or three stories down, which should provide enough space for all of the residents of the apartment building. I had last considered about 95 apartment units, assuming that the office would take up the five apartment units, but I think it would be fine taking up one. This unit ended up having enough space for three offices, a restroom area, and a little convenience shop that might sell things from newspapers to some food. I’m not sure if that’s exactly realistic, but that’s how the space ended up working out within the game, so I can work with that.

The main point of this build is for scoping out continuity, not 100% accuracy.

Now that I have the apartment offices built in-game, it will be a matter of completing the building before I finalize these details. Whether the front offices take up one unit or five can be left in a ‘to be determined’ state. Would the apartment management prioritize having four extra units, or providing ammenities for their residents? My experiences are different than what could inform this building. I lived in two apartment communities where their management building was a standalone building on a considerably larger real estate footprint.

This building might actually be one of two or three near Eville Medical.

Let’s say that this is one of three buildings. If there are 99 units per building, for a total of 297 units, then they could share ammenities like a pool, gym, or park between the three buildings. I had imagined that Sammohini could look out from her patio to see Eville Medical. Would these three buildings be set side-by-side? Or would her building overlook the hospital while the other two would be set at angles to have a more compact footprint? It seems like it’d make more sense if all three buildings were side-by-side. Or close enough, because their underground parking garage entrances would probably be accessible on either side of the building.

Then the complex could have a pool, gym, and park behind the three buildings.

I’ve imagined the space outside of the complex as visitor parking and display area.

It could also have a park area there, but it does present the question: What does the nearby area look like? I might not have thought about this during Novel 02, since Novel 02 doesn’t partiuclarly pertain to this area, but knowing this area could help inform elements of Novel 02 and beyond. If there’s a park or pool here, then she might use it, whereas if I don’t know whether there’s a park or pool here, then there more likely wouldn’t be that particular scene. Or if the narrative called for that scene, then I would have to quickly hand-wave a location that would fit that scene.

Or I could plan this out while I’m not able to write fiction anyways.

I think a big part of why I didn’t have a particularly enjoyable build was because I wasn’t feeling well throughout the entire build, and I would say half the build was about fixing or modifying what I’ve already built to be closer to what I imagine it would look, with the other half being the funner creative builds. Figuring out the little café or convenience store was fun, but trying to figure out how to build the toilets for the office area was more tedious.

How can I juggle the building and “fixing” process in the future?

Well, the nice thing about Minecraft is that if I build something and change my mind, I can go back and edit the changes rather quickly. This could be the same as writing and editing, where with editing, you more often have to work within the confines of what you’re editing, whereas writing is limitless. I would say, then, that there are certainly times when I’d rather write and times I find myself almost compulsively editing. Editing requires more time and patience to work through, so that could be why switching between building and “fixing” wasn’t particularly enjoyable for me.

What will my focus be next time?

If I were building, I would want to next build out the parking garage. If I were fixing, I would want to finish fixing up the exterior for the remaining floors, since it’s easier for me – without my buddy ViridianJack teaching me how to clone sections of building – to fix each exterior by myself. I should complete both sections before I clone the remaining sections of the building, since after finishing the exterior, I won’t need to worry much about making any additional modifications since I’m rather happy with how the exterior looks; a nicely ugly concrete look that would be perfect for cookie-cutter building structures storing nearly 300 apartment units in the most efficient way possible.

Once we’ve built the buildings, then I can build out the surrounding infrastructure.

I’ll have to wait for the buildings to be complete before I can build the rooftop area. I can draw inspiration for that, along with the entrance offices, from one apartment complex I visited a few times in Seattle. It had a fancy lobby but no convenience store. Its rooftop area was cool and overlooked the Space Needle. As my health can withstand, I’ll have abundant amounts of time to brainstorm these elements before I write Novel 02. It is background information, but information that can, regardlessly, help the novel-writing process.

Now I just need the energy to build more structures…

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Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium.
Inspirations: Writing about these builds can help put the builds into perspective. I might not have liked having to go back through and edit changes, in the moment, but now I can see that it might be the same as editing when I don’t feel like editing.
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Written On: 2020 November 17 [10:54pm to 11:30pm]
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