[Novel 02] Building Downscaled Model

This seventh session building setpieces that will appear in “The Story,” as lessons from writing Novel 01 to help me write Novel 02, helped me realize that Minecraft, used responsibly, can help me tell stories. I doubt I’ll be using Minecraft as a video storytelling medium. I far prefer writing to anything involving video production or editing, as I had to deal with, in uploading this video, but there are elements that can help me write better.

Spoilers?: Minor [putting together puzzles]

Writing fiction can be like solving a big jigsaw puzzle.

I might imagine a particular scene, or elements of a scene, but tying them together can be difficult or exciting depending on how things are going. There are writers that enjoy writing things off-the-cuff. My mentality when it comes to writing, whether it’s fiction or essays like this, is that I have some major points I want to hit, but the rest of it I’ll let flow organically. With essays like this, it’s low-impact. If I have any inconsistencies in word choices or anything bigger, it doesn’t matter in these essays.

Narrative continuity is a huge deal within fiction.

Building out Eville Medical is an ambitious project, sure, but doing this will help me tell better fiction stories in Eville Medical. As an example, within Novel 01, there is a chapter where Sammohini is paged at home from one of the helpdesk employees that answers the call from the Emergency Department over a serious computer problem. The helpdesk employee goes from the IT Department to the Emergency Department. Before I wrote that section, I had a general idea of how Eville Medical fit together. That scene gave some specific information that I honestly made up as I went.

Those are the details that I should follow going forward.

I can, of course, edit those details if they don’t work within Minecraft. I have a convenient set of excuses I can use when the narrative inconsistencies between Novel 01 and future novels happen, however, I would like to avoid this as much as possible. I haven’t reread Novel 01 since I wrote and edited it. It’s done. For the sake of its posterity, I can’t go back and edit it. I also haven’t had much of a reason to reread it. I would enjoy rereading it, recreationally, but I find myself not compelled to do that just because I would prefer to meander through other people’s media.

Building the hospital in Minecraft is a good excuse to reread Novel 01 for functional reasons.

I would study that IT-to-ER scene, for example, in building those setpieces in Minecraft.

If Novel 01 doesn’t work in Minecraft, then I could use those excuses, and I believe that my readers will generally be accepting of that. I wrote Novel 01 in one month with a two-month preparation process. I’ve been preparing to write Novel 02 ever since. I didn’t spend all of my time planning, of course, but I can say now that my planning time includes doing these sorts of builds. While redoing all of the patios in one section of the apartment complex doesn’t specifically help me tell stories, it can help educate background information later on.

Sammohini’s apartment, for example, isn’t the fanciest of the apartment compelxes.

The top two floors currently have a different texture for their patios, perhaps implying they’re made of better materials? I might change this later, but these are little thoughts that I can meander through now, rather than when I’m knee-deep in the writing process. Those are the sort of details that are good to realize on a micro-scale, as I’m building this section of Eville as one might navigate around within it.

On a macro-scale, having a downscaled model can help me fit larger pieces together.

I’m not sure of the scale differences, but essentially I put a block or two down for each major portion of buildings and positioned them roughly relational to each other, to show how far away buildings might be from each other. The apartment complex Sammohini lives in seemed to be most comfortable being across the street from Eville Medical. She lives next to some restaurants and probably a mini-mart/bodega that would serve most of her grocery needs.

I didn’t have these details exactly in mind while writing Novel 01.

I’m overall quite content with how my builds are going. Livestreaming them is fun because I can have people like friend-of-the-website NamedGhost stop in and help me plan things out. He suggested Frank’s Beans, since we have a joke about franks and beans, which turned into the corner coffee shop of that strip mall, I guess it might be called. Building within Minecraft also doubles as Twitch content to advertise my writing and YouTube content, which is a convenient transitional point to the problem I had with uploading to YouTube.

Apparently, YouTube automatically flagged all the audio as copywritten.

Here are the screenshots.

I guess I’m a little miffed by that because I silenced the whole video.

I also needed to edit it down because right when I was wrapping up, after a particular accident with some little flowers that turned into giant trees, I raided another channel and then received a phone call that distracted me from turning off the video and stream for a few minutes. Oops. It took until morning to fully crop off the excess minutes of dead air from the video at the end of the stream and silence the video, so at least I know that I should probably keep using Minecraft’s music going forward.

I think this little ‘downscaled model’ idea will turn out well.

As a preview for the next essay, friend-of-the-website ViridianJack stopped over again in the next essay and before he helped show me some cloning basics, I showed him the model as a way to plan out what sorts of buildings I’ll work on next. If I practice cloning, I could build out many setpieces easily.

I’ll say it’s easier to manually redo porches in most situations.

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Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium.
Inspirations: These Minecraft build essays have been an enjoyable way for me to write about what I’m building, thinking, and take my mind off of all my healthcare problems. They’re still there, frequently, but I don’t notice them as much when I’m distracted.
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