[Novel 02] Building Sammohini’s Apartment

I had so much fun building out Sammohini’s Apartment in Minecraft, I think I will proceed with building out the rest of Eville Medical and the surrounding area. Since I’ve been livestreaming – follow if you want to watch – I figured, why not livestream the build? I had two people stop by, so this could be a fun way to build out elements in “The Story,” particularly improving on Novel 01’s non-visual pitfalls to write Novel 02.

Spoilers?: Minor [livestreaming; building experiences]

I suppose this essay will be in two parts.

Let’s cover the livestreaming aspect first, since it’s still fresh in my mind. I uploaded the full video to YouTube since I found out recently that Twitch deletes videos over two months old, so I guess I’ve accidentally become a YouTuber? I have no plans currently for using a mic, but that might be a good way for me to talk through my logic as I’m building out future elements. As I’m building out a section, I might be able to give myself or others mental notes so that if there were any questions, I could always jump back to that part of the video to listen through my thoughts.

I’d rather listen to music than do all of that right now, though.

The way that OBS works, which is the program I use to capture the video/audio feed from Minecraft and record and broadcast it out through Twitch, I can’t split up the audio. I can’t have Minecraft playing its plain music in the background as I listen to something else. OBS picks up any audio that’s played on my computer, so I have my CD boombox here for my next Minecraft build session to listen to music as I build. I’m sure there will be other options that I can do later on, but for now, this is a good way for me to practice playing/building, livestreaming, and balancing all of the ramifications of that.

My first visitor was a stranger.

They enjoyed what I was doing and wanted to join in. They seemed helpful but I wasn’t sure if I should trust them. How do I know that they wouldn’t grief my world here? Plus, I have it set for singleplayer, or LAN-based multiplayer, so to play multiplayer would require rebuilding everything or figuring out how to port it over to a multiplayer environment or server. I decided I’d rather wait, so I thanked them, and continued doing what I was doing. They left shortly thereafter, but they did give my channel a follow, so I guess that was progress? I also figured out a way to respond to chat messages sooner, so it was useful to have that interaction. Oh yeah, and my second visitor was a friend of mine, so we chatted and caught up.

Let’s talk about the apartment and my next steps.

Last time, I was getting used to Minecraft and wrapping my head around it.

I’m much faster now. After wrapping up my building work last time, I did some brief research about how apartments might look, and then began to trust my intuition regarding how it might appear. Starting from the bedroom, I built out an area for the washer/dryer, the bathroom, kitchen, the living room, and a balcony. I’m not sure if I’m 100% set on this apartment layout at the moment, and it has a significantly larger layout than perhaps other Minecraft worlds, but I’m using this to get a general feel for how things connect, rather than being specifically accurate.

The intention here is to graybox the infrastructure of the world.

It’s been useful for me to dump these thoughts out since it forces me to fill in the blanks. I can say “Sammohini’s apartment” in a novel, but to have a visual that offers a complete picture presents some interesting thoughts. In Novel 01, I wrote about how Sammohini could walk to work. How does that walk look? How many other apartments are on Sammohini’s floor? What other arrangements are on her floor? After designing out this apartment, considering the scale of her apartment complex, I realized that where she lives is almost closer to a hotel than it would be an apartment.

In my tentative next plans, she nearby the freight elevator…

That was my logistical solution to the challenge I had accidentally made for myself where her apartment’s balcony was on the same wall as the door to the apartment, so there couldn’t be another apartment facing it. As I look at the apartment infrastructure now, I suppose I could cut into the kitchen to make a walkway for the apartment. I’m looking over the screenshot I posted above to consider where the door would be, and it’s giving me some logistical challenges now. The way the apartment is designed currently, the apartment’s floor would be weird and non-modularized, whereas I would ideally like to have, say, ten apartments on each floor.

I imagine her apartment could be on the 7th floor of a 10-story apartment building.

Before I continue building, then, I should decide on how that floor would be arranged. Do 10-story apartment buildings have dedicated freight elevators along with regular elevators and stairs? If so, then I could keep a layout similar to this one. If not, then I would need to redesign her apartment to move the door, then build out one or two of the other apartments before proceeding from there. Eventually, I would like to build out an entire route from her apartment to Eville Medical. That would be a good way to iron out the inefficiencies in how I’m building, so that when I get to Eville Medical, I can have a good idea of what to build and where. There’s going to be plenty to build. I have some logistical plans that I’ll write about in the endtable.

The end result is that after I build out this Minecraft world of Eville Medical, I’ll be ready to begin writing Novel 02.

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Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium.
Inspirations: I want to write about each session before continuing onto the next primarily to write essays here, since that’s my focus, rather than merely building out the world. It was helpful for me to stop and write about my thoughts so that I could decide where I wanted to go for my next play session.

For 2021, I’ll also mostly alternate between writing essays about Novel 02’s build-outs by way of Minecraft and my Downsizing Zeal essays, since both will help me achieve two major goals, at least until the Tripping On… essay cycle is complete.

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