[Novel 02] Chaos During Livestreaming

Before livestreaming this build session, I adjusted the aspect ratio then included information on what I’m doing in Minecraft as it relates to “The Story” and Novel 01. My health is still not good enough to where I can do these livestreams frequently, but I felt well enough to livestream today, and I might finally be starting to find an audience. A once-stranger was interested in seeing how I was using Minecraft to build out Novel 02.

Spoilers?: Minor [expending energy livestreaming/writing]

The livestream started off with my normal three-part plan.

I was quickly joined by someone that was interested in seeing things, so rather than stick around the cloning world, I jumped back into the Eville map as my first practice pitch for what I’m doing. I’m glad I spent the time offline to work on these buildings and rehersals. I haven’t listened back through so I imagine there is room for improvement, but I’m glad I spent the time to think about being an audience member and how I might want to explore things in this world. I’ve thought about how, if my livestreams become more popular, I would set up a spectator-mode server to invite anyone to see what I’m building. Until then, it’s a local map.

I might also want more of the world built before inviting anyone in unguided.

Not out of any degree of shyness, just that it’s so incomplete right now that it’s a little tricky to “get,” I think, without some guided explanations. Some parts, of course, are fairly straightforward. The sections of the apartment complex that are built are impressive on their own, but there’s more that I can do to sell it. There’s also room for me to expand out. As I was waiting for a doctor’s appointment today, I thought more about how the apartments would look and work. My drive today went past large apartment buildings and a large hospital, so these might be real-world inspirations, even if I then take any inspiration like that through the filters of my imagination to figure out whether they would fit in Eville or not.

I would say the big stuff is what I would want any degree of “control” over in building.

Otherwise, for smaller things or things where there is more flexibility, I’m open to brainstorming ideas. As I go, with either more thought-intensive offline builds, online builds where I don’t advertise them like today, or ones where I might broadcast out to more communities, I figure I’ll reach more of a balance in how that might operate, which might lead to more of an ability for me to buy a Minecraft server, migrate everything over, and set it up so that anyone could hop in to see parts of the map. I figure the place to store a majority of the coordination and information about this should be the Discord, and for Discord-savvy viewers, it’s an easy way to continue the conversation.

I’m tired now, so I’ll finish writing the rest tomorrow.

This session is a good example of why I’m not urgently looking for new viewers yet.

I was exhausted through the rest of the evening and only started feeling better in the late morning. I expended too much energy. I wouldn’t say that Minecraft or livestreaming caused that directly, more, I was having too much fun in Minecraft to where I was forgetting about my own health. Toward the end of the session, after chaos – the person that stopped in and later posted some Minecraft videos in the Discord – left, I should have wrapped it up myself. Instead, I wanted to build more.

If I were to livestream more often, I would need to keep a regular schedule.

I’m thinking that my schedule would be once or twice a week at regular hours of two hours maximum. That way I don’t expend too much energy. There is a balance between making progress in my goals and managing my health, though, that makes all of this difficult. I imagine once my health is in better standing, then doing these livestreams will be much easier from an energy perspective. I’ll have to be careful not to push myself, if I were to, say, livestream on a workday.

The problem is that livestreaming and writing are both major time commitments.

I don’t want to sacrifice writing to any major degree, but maybe I could say that on days where I livestream, then I’d keep to my 500-word minimum or half an essay like I did yesterday, and on days where I don’t, then I could write a 1000-word essay, complete an incomplete essay, or otherwise figure out ways to balance my vocational obligations, my avocational interests, and my recreational health. I could always drop down the word count for some essays. The whole intention of writing essays at a certain pace was to practice writing and to write about completing certain activities, and I’d like to get to a point where I could livestream and write regularly, but to get there, I have to make sure my health is better and I’ve completed many of the obligations I have around the apartment-mansion that could distract me from keeping a regular schedule.

Partially, I wanted to write this essay before I livestreamed again.

Mainly, though, I’ve been too tired today to expend the energy to livestream by talking into a microphone for hours at a time. My spine hasn’t been overly polite to me today, and I needed to take some pain management medicine, soak in the bathtub, and rest in bed not so comfortably until I fell asleep. Once I do get everything in order, then I could better… I wouldn’t say tolerate the chaos of talking to people like it’s a bad thing, because I had a great time… but there is an investment in getting out there in public, whether it’s broadcasting a videogame or writing an essay.

That said, I enjoyed myself and want to continue this experiment.

Quotes: None.
Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium.
Inspirations: I would prefer writing essays like this immediately after I livestream to capture the energy I was feeling in the moment, although letting it simmer a bit also leads to some perspective. If I were to livestream before work, for example, then when would I write? There’s a tricky balance there, but I think if I continue working toward that balance, then I can be successful in what I’m trying to do.
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