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How much of the outside inspires and influences the inside? In “The Story,” as I found while writing “Novel 01,” it was about 50%/50%. I might get inspiration from external sources like EarthBound and exploring the world, but, many of the ideas would start or finish from within. As I return to better health, finish old projects to start writing “Novel 02,” one thing is for sure: I’ll have an online presence when writing, compared to during “Novel 01.”

Spoilers?: Minor [building internally, externally]

Chaos helped me bring the offline map of Eville online.

I’ll be sharing more details about the server name and how people can pop on there to spectate when I see more of the behind-the-scenes workings and know how everything works. There are some legal aspects I’ll have to review, too, because I don’t want things I upload to that server and work on to be owned by any entity other than myself – with reasonable expections. When Chaos, for example, helps me with sets like when we rebuilt the theater I designed first as a movie theater but now has turned into the Zombiepaper Theater itself I use as a scene when I livestream, well, that’s ours. When I record videos of us or others building sets, those recordings and notes can count as credit, but how does that permeate out?

It would be interesting to see how this and other sets will appear in the novella.

The novella will be the transition point between the Zombiepaper that writes and the Zombiepaper that writes fiction. There is a key difference there, and it’s not just the word fiction – to write fiction requires having basically every possible loose end wrapped up. When I wrote “Novel 01,” I prepared a few weeks to have a month’s worth of loose ends wrapped up. I’m writing this on the first of the month, for example, so I would need to pay rent. That’s a trivial exercise that I could automate, but I like to go in every month to see how much I pay, and I use that time and that effort to consider my time in the apartment-mansion. I don’t need this excessive living space to write fiction. I need enough space to store my valuables, whether it’s in an apartment or a secure storage locker, with a kitchen, work area for writing, and a comfortable place to sleep.

Anything more and it tends to get distracting.

I’m going to try doing more of these Minecraft builds, even if it’s just for one hour, to think more of these spaces. It will be tricky because especially now that my health is on the mend, my employer wants me back to work as soon as possible. They would have had me back months ago if they were able. During this session/call, even, I was tired and ended up going to sleep shortly after I was done, so I still have a ways to go with my physical health before I can return to work, but, these are good benchmarks to work toward. Part of what I’ve been doing is chipping away at things each day. It doesn’t have to be much. Similar to thinking about “The Story,” if each day or a few times a week, if I can imagine how these sets will work – either inside the map, or outside – then I can figure out how everything ties together.

The most progress I’ve seen, actually, was with Zdiscord itself.

Previous iterations of my plans had Zdiscord as a much smaller room within the mind-palace side, or Zeal, of the map. Now it’s grown into a much larger community, and, I’m happy with the beginnings of the results, and can only see it improving from here. We have good, deep, and sometimes challenging conversations there. I don’t know how that exactly renders into Minecraft, but, it’s been great meeting people through my livestreaming adventures. When I wrote “Novel 01,” I did so in isolation. The results were great, if I can say so, but without having others to bounce ideas off or even as I plan to do – livestream the editing process – that’s when it’s really going to get interesting.

How will people react to my writing when it’s not really writing?

There is a certain barrier for entry regarding reading that is different than watching a livestream. All that is required, in terms of accessibility, for a livestream is a decent Internet connection. There are niceties like subtitles, speaking slowly and clearly, or otherwise being clear with intentions. But what happens when I bring my literature into a livestreaming environment? That will bring significantly more eyes to it. Many of my audience are readers, themselves, so I have a fairly literate crowd, but I also have many fans of videogames, and I’m sure more fans will join through various avenues as I go.

How will these influence the novella, “Novel 02,” …, and “The Story?”

I don’t think in any significant way outside of having more people to bounce ideas with, more perspectives and experiences to share, and more minds to share in the creative process. It will still be “me” writing. How that actually works is challenging. Do I write what is already there, or do I imagine it all from nothing? I ask that existential question frequently, but without asking, it’s almost impossible to know for sure what truly happens all the time. When Chaos and I were rebuilding this theater, was it EarthBound’s set designers in the 90s that designed it today? Did we design it? Or did we uncover its inner it-ness?

It’ll be cool seeing how future livestreams will go.

I don’t think I’ll livestream most of the Minecraft recordings because they can get so detailed, where, there were points where Chaos was calculating the typeface sections while I was thinking about other things, so there was radio silence. That might not make for good livestream material, but that brainstorming space is important.

Livestreamed Minecraft plays might be more demonstrations than builds…

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Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium.
Inspirations: Having these past six-plus months of livestreaming, meet people, and sharing my stories, I can never truly write anything like “Novel 01” again. That I wrote independently. I had some moderate help with editing, but, I didn’t have the audience I have now that would listen to me edit my first draft to second draft live, or, watch me write my first drafts. To do that well, and efficiently, would require significant focus and process throughput. Writing fiction then writing decompression essays like this might not be possible within a single day.
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