[Novel 02] Chaos Vs Order

I had my first co-host, chaos, on the livestream and it was fun! I think we’ll be more practiced in the future. In gaining livestreaming traction, I’d like to have an almost podcast-style of bringing on guests that might talk about various things, whether it’s Minecraft or other topics to help me with “The Story.” In a sense, this is what I would have wanted from “Novel 01” that I could build for “Novel 02” and beyond.

Spoilers?: Minor [reclaiming diorama’s order]

chaos is an early supporter that found my channel from Twitch’s Minecraft category.

From there, we’ve chatted via text about various aspects of Minecraft and life, but this was our first phone conversation so I might have accidentally put him on the spot. He also said he only had about one hour, so when we approached the two-hour mark, I was a little considered about being disrespectful to him and his time. I think as we practice more we’ll be able to figure out a good balance, but for now, this should work out well.

I’m not sure how the format will work best at this time.

It might be something where I build and then ask for advice on particular ways of building, as I did with the pantry where chaos suggested chests which conveyed the idea of a pantry filled with things more than the other boxes I had before. These essays are my chance to consider, at length, my memories of how the livestream went. I think as I adapted to be more of a situation where I’d let chaos talk about whatever he felt as I built, we were able to get a better rhythm.

I made some good progress on tending to some things with the map.

I even remembered put a placeholder for chaos in the map “The Story’s” Discord.

I had been thinking about the Visitor’s Area sign that acts as a place to pick up treats for the many pets that hang out there, along with areas for crafting new name tags, and decided that having blocks made out of wood looked better than lime concrete. Although lime fits in more with the aesthetic, it also didn’t quite match what I was going for – the inspiration being a dog park’s notification board, and so something like that might act as a bit of a treat board for anyone to grab treats to feed the dogs, cats, birds, and other animals that hang out to welcome visitors.

My main focus, however, was the diorama.

After I had destroyed a large section of it, I wanted to rebuild it.

The way we’re looking at Zeal, the fourth-wall-breaking area, we’re facing west. I’m not sure how far out to the right, or north, I want to take the downtown area of Eville, but now that I’ve decided that this is a good layout for things, I think eventually there will be a place equivalent to where the cover of “Novel 01” is located or maybe further out that will be where a major sea port will be located. How the rest of these details look, well, I’m not sure.

That’s the beauty of doing these sorts of large-scale builds.

I have the time, in a low-impact space where there are no expectations of me whatsoever, to figure out these details based on what feels comfortable inside my own mental imaginings of this location. I haven’t studied geography much, and have kind of let Minecraft do the planning for me organically, but I should eventually decide how things will lay themselves out. How does the Greater Eville Medical Zone fit in with the rest of the space? I could imagine it being an area that rests on the top of a hill. Maybe I’ll need to raise up Mount Cracky to be more of a more geographic significance? Maybe I’ll move it out further away to make it a larger mountain range and then build the face out to be more of a representation of cracky?

These are all low-impact questions that don’t need immediate answers.

It’s fun to do many of these almost menial tasks while chatting with others.

VS stopped in after a raid I did a few days ago of breazustudios and we had a conversation in the chat about VS’s hobby of graphic design. VS appreciated my graph design aesthetic, which is clean and simple, and we chatted about how printers can often skip over the details. I shared a story about how I did some early merchandising, as part of my long-term plans of printing out stickers, postcards, and other Zombiepaper-related merchandise, where I reached out to a company to ask them to print out my avatar on a mouse pad.

They got it right on the third try.

I’ve been getting more comfortable using OBS live. I would say a majority of that is based on watching cracky do various crazy effects live. breaz does other effects, but one thing that he does is he spends a fair amount of time shouting out new members of his community. Many livestreamers do this, but when people are invited more personally – breaz, for example, read my Twitch bio and we watched a bit of one of my videos – sometimes it lands a little more. So I thought, since VS is a friend of breaz, why not take his Instagram page and show it in OBS?

It’s a small sign of ephemeral appreciation.

The Wall Of Appreciation is almost more of a long-term thing that people may feel obliged into, but, if I give them something that gives them a bit more of a connection, I don’t know, maybe they’ll stick around longer? I’m getting a few regulars that stop by often, which is a nice feeling, and as I practice more, especially with co-hosts like chaos, I’m sure I’ll come up with a comfortable balance that will be accessible for anyone.

Whether they’re interested in chatting a lot or not much at all.

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Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium.
Inspirations: Jamming on what I thought about during and after the livestream.
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Written On: 2021 January 18 [11:17pm to 11:51pm]
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