[Novel 02] Cleaning Up Sewers

This was my first livestream of my Minecraft build series where I felt halfway normal. I’ve been using Minecraft as a storytelling tool for eventually telling “The Story” after learning that I don’t tell scene details well from writing “Novel 01.” Although I love and appreciate “Novel 01” for what it is, I can do better. “Novel 02” and beyond can help from the added perspective of thinking about sets at length and from passers-by of the livestream.

Spoilers?: Minor [deep-seated sewer thoughts]

I’m not sure where exactly I came up with the idea of this brick collage.

It’s easiest for me to say “Another Brick In The Wall,” but I only enjoy Pink Floyd within specific perspectives, so I would say that the idea of having a brick collage in Zeal – the fourth-wall-breaking part of the map, to introduce newcomers to my crazy antics – is more of a natural progression of thought. As I’m getting into watching livestreams and livestreaming myself, I’m learning about the perspectives of people that have been doing it longer than me. There’s an attitude among some people where they demand their audiences to participate. That’s weird to me. Why? I would only want to encourage people to participate if they feel like it. I’ve been writing these essays for years in obscurity without financial benefit, so for me, just having someone around to say hello would be such a radical shift in how I do things that it would be incredible.

But demanding the viewer participate?

I’ve been writing in obscurity for years. How could I demand my audience of obscurity to participate at all? I take that with me to Twitch. How could I demand people to participate? But if they do, I would want to celebrate that by giving them a block on a wall of random blocks. The idea is like this: Say you were to stop by and say hello. I might ask you what color of block you’d like to add to the collage, if I don’t forget, and then you could have that block and a short message added to the wall. It’s my way of saying “thank you” for participating in my madness, by showing empathy to me, I would want to give you the gift of something more permanent within my Minecraft project.

This session built that wall and also cleaned up some areas of the map.

I haven’t been able to livestream in nearly two weeks or do much building lately.

I’ve spent that in-between time thinking of parts to clean up. In Zeal, I added the collage wall and updated the guestbook with new followers. In the greater Eville Medical area, I cleaned up the balconies that I realized had been messed up in my last video, when ViridianJack helped me clone half of EMAC-2, updated Sammohini’s apartment number to 260, and started on the leasing office’s interview room. I don’t know how best to call the room, but the idea is that that room is where people would go to talk about the leasing terms in each building. I made filing cabinets behind the leasing agent’s desk and chair to fill the space in somewhat. I figure for something like that, it’s best built in stages. I didn’t complete everything all today, but that’s OK, because the idea is that I would build a little bit in Minecraft, ruminate on what I built, let my mind percolate as I go out into the world, and maybe when I’m in an office or see photos of leasing offices, then I’ll apply them to “The Story.”

Chaos was hanging out there, and then I had a guest from my ENDLESS WAR days.

During one videorecording without recorded audio, ViridianJack told me about a death condition, so I dug down to the bottom of the map to kill my character and respawn. I kept that hole and as I thought idly about Zeal, I realized that that could be a sort of underworld or sewer area. Endless War, despite the problems I had with some of the people in the game, provided ample creative juices for me to draw from. I met some wonderful people that have helped me with build ideas, from Sol’s architecture to DaKAT’s character designing, and I had baked in bits of Endless War into “The Story” as a natural byproduct that happens whenever I encounter almost anything in life. Especially when there is a positive element, like Endless War was for so long until it turned sour, I tend to want to give nods to it somehow.

The idea of having an underworld seemed fitting.

I don’t know how much that would fit into “The Story” as a proper element. Sammohini would probably not meet some of the wild characters that hang out in the sewers, but, it’s there, so acknowledging it and talking about it during the livestream was my way of coming to terms with Endless War and making peace with it. Especially after DaKAT offered to share my project with them – so I had to answer to my thoughts that I could otherwise suppress or ignore. I gave him a hesitant OK, and then said that if anyone were too rude, I’d just block them. Easy enough. A good 90%, or even 95%, were people I had no problems with at all, so sure – if they want to stop by, then, yeah, they could join just like anyone else. I guess that same approach should apply to anyone in life. Those long-term streamers have probably dealt with hecklers that really dig in deep that I haven’t dealt with yet. DrOrochi, for example, told me and his chat that he – and I’m paraphrasing – had a heckler that was getting a little too rough around the edges around Halloween. He said they took care of it swiftly. So too must I. If I should encounter a negative situation as I’m livestreaming, I can throw that heckler down the chute of the sewers.

Not if, but when.

Quotes: None.
Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium.
Inspirations: I streamed early enough in the day that I could write a few hours after, instead of a few days after, and I’m happy with how I rearranged the events in my head into a coherent story, of sorts. Today was also a good spine day, for once in so long it feels unreal.
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Screenshot: I went with the start of the collage wall for the YouTube VOD thumbnail since that represents the video most. I don’t believe in clickbait thumbnails or titles much, so this is about as accurate as I can be regarding my intentions. I shout-out people within the map all the time when they stop in, so this is a visual example of that. I’ve tweeted out some additional screenshots, too.
Written On: 2021 January 01 [10:33pm to 11:01pm]
Last Edited: 2021 January 01 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]
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