[Novel 02] Clone Clone Clear

I don’t often like pointing to specific things to say ‘this is where everything changed.’ I can’t specifically say when the idea of writing “The Story” prevented me from living a normal life. I can’t point to the moment, while writing Novel 01, where I accepted that I couldn’t be perfect at writing it and appreciated it flaws included. Perhaps, though, this 12th video of building Eville in Minecraft for Novel 02 could lead to something special…

Spoilers?: Minor [long-term recording plans]

The video itself is fairly uneventful; the surrounding work makes it special.

I was able to recruit friend-of-the-website ViridianJack, who currently has no social media presence for me to cite, to help me with the plans I listed in the screenshots. He taught me the basics of cloning before, but I needed his help with learning how to clone in a more practicable environment. In the practice world he helped me build, he set up some practice areas, akin to having a math practice homework that uses similar formulas to what’s on the in-class test. In this environment, I became more comfortable with the cloning process.

More importantly, ViridianJack helped me clean up the Eville Medical Apartments area.

I don’t have a specific name for the apartments, but it had become a sort of catch-all for the idea of having everything in one area for both showing conceptualizations and having the actual apartment itself. We discussed a few options for how I could have both areas on the same map, and we ended up going with a separate area – about 1000 blocks/meters away – where I could store the diorama and the former :]-structure that I originally built anticipating the need to ‘return back to home base.’

By cloning everything 1000 meters away, ViridianJack incidentally solved a narrative problem.

Before writing Novel 02, I want to write a sort of practice, introduction short story.

The idea for that short story is that it would take place in my mind palace, a storytelling representation of a location that could serve as a place where fourth-wall bending would be OK, and would be my chance as the writer of Novels 01 and 02 to talk directly with Sammohini, these novels’s main character. I thought of the idea shortly after completing Novel 01 as a way to cover information with the audience to explain my intentions and to clear up anything that was confusing.

Why not build my mind palace, Zeal, in Minecraft?

Zeal is, after all, the major blocker from dedicating most of my free time to writing fiction. “Zeal” as I write about on Better Zombie represents my office, home, and my life. If all of my major plans related to Zeal are in order, I can write fiction without having to think about contingencies like potentially moving, or whether something that could be lost needs to be found. The Zeal within Minecraft would be more of the metaphorical mind palace, a sort of idealized version of my subconscious, with all the storytelling setpieces that would appear in that short story.

Why wouldn’t Zeal have a diorama of “The Story?”

We only had a bit of time to work on the parking lot, but here’s the important part.

Over the past month, especially, I’ve been trying to figure out how to integrate this Minecraft map into my subconscious to capture visual details. It’s worked well for remembering inconsequential details like doctors’s office chairs, but more consequential is my relationship to the Internet. I’ve been apprehensive about being a livestreamer or video content producer myself, even if I’ve had intentions for years of livestreaming my writing. I do want a piece of the pie – there’s money in video – but on my terms, and I think I’ve figured it out, thanks to some livestreamers I’ve been watching lately.

“Retro videogame variety streamer” Dr. Orochi has an excellent livestreaming approach.

When one is introduced to Dr. Orochi via a “raid” – or, where, before your current broadcaster ends their livestream, they send you to another livestream – there’s a special sequence that plays to introduce new viewers. After wrapping up the gameplay segment to a reasonable pause point, he plays a brief retro videogame commercial before “The Othereal One” greets the new viewers in his own special way, before returning to the gameplay. It’s a fun but somewhat weird experience – it’s the perfect introduction to what you’re getting yourself into.

This introduction also solves a logistical problem I had with livestreaming.

How could I balance livestreaming builds while entertaining or greeting viewers?

Borrowing his format would work like this: Let’s say that I was building a section of the Eville Medical apartments when a new viewer introduces themselves, a raid happens, or there’s another event. The diorama is an effective introduction to my intentions, but it also breaks the fourth wall. Why not, similarly, find myself a good pause point, warp over to Zeal, and introduce the viewers to what my intentions are with this Minecraft map? I’m still thinking of ideas on how to do this efficiently, and I’m still recovering from my health problems, so I won’t be doing a livestream for my next video, but I will prepare for it.

My next session will mainly involve prepping Zeal more.

I’d like to get to a point where, like Dr. Orochi, I could effectively indoctrinate new viewers into what I’m trying to accomplish. If they’re interested in the process, then I can invite them to join the Discord so we could make plans for upcoming builds. I don’t have this Minecraft map currently available for anyone to join in and contribute – ViridianJack and I have worked out a system for him to be involved – so this would be my way of quickly giving the overview information to new viewers. Some may go, but for those who, like me, enjoyed what I saw with Dr. Orochi’s content, there is a bountiful community of skilled and creative people hanging out there and anywhere, really.

If I succeed with these plans, everything could change.

Quotes: None.
Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium and Dr. Orochi’s twice-daily livestreams.
Inspirations: Between the almost-week where I recorded the video and wrote this essay, I was able to get treatment from two doctors that are genuinely interested in helping me get better, which is helping me get my life back in order. I am still experiencing significant physical pain, but I can manage my pain symptoms well enough to do things like write essays like this, which is helping me restore my quality of life. I feel appreciative of that restoration because even though I am feeling a little inebriated by the Oxycodone that is being prescribed to help manage my pain symptoms, I can still manage to think coherently enough to tie these thoughts together. This essay, too, exists as a summary of that two-hour video, and these essays in general prevent me from going too far into the video-production thing, which, ideally, would only be a side-project for me with writing being the main priority. I find there are benefits to doing this whole livestreaming thing, so I’ll stick to it for now.
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Written On: 2020 December 11 [3:22pm to 4:04pm]
Last Edited: 2020 December 11 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]
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