[Novel 02] Cloning New Constructions

In the world of “The Story,” and as I wrote it in “Novel 01,” the city of Eville was the ‘big city’ in town, but as I’ve been building out the infrastructure, I’ve noticed that Eville might actually be a smaller city… If Sammohini works at Eville Medical, why is it located somewhere so geographically flat? It might not be the first hospital in the area. I have time to figure that out before writing “Novel 02.”

Spoilers?: Minor [estimating city sizes]

The area with the white rectangle is going to be the new Zdiscord room.

That’s where I invite everyone to hang out, whether or not they’re interested in my fiction or not, and depending on the level of interest there are other Discords that serve other purposes. I was limited in size by the Discord room that is located in the upper right corner, and since the diorama extends out this far, it makes sense to have Zeal, the fourth-wall-breaking area where this all resides within, be about as large. If Zeal is my mind-palace, then eventually I may move this further out so it becomes a huge diorama of the city of Eville, or, multiple cities.

How does the commerce routes and geography affect this area?

Was the Greater Eville Medical Zone the first hospital in town? If so, was it remodeled? It resides on a hill, so for those who live down the hill and closer to the sea, how would they get up there? I imagine that the diorama replicates how, say, helicopters might land on the helipad of Eville Medical’s Emergency Department. I like the idea of the diorama acting as a bit of a fast-travel from one location to another, and I also like how the map is helping me brainstorm ideas, and those ideas I can then feed into the map.

It becomes a positive feedback loop.

On this particular outing, I had ViridianJack help me with cloning major sections of the Zeal area to make it cleaner. Filling in the floor of the Zdiscord area was easy enough for him but would have been challenging for me, so over the next few builds, I can move the three sets – the backlog set/channel, the gaming set/channel, and the exercise set/channel – into separate areas so that they can have the space to breathe. The old room will the become my writing Discord, and the third Discord will be where more comprehensive discussions will take place.

All of this feeds into the fiction-writing thinkings.

As I put down blocks, I can think of how those blocks exist within “The Story” to build out some wild sets. Although it seems like quite a distance to travel between Eville Medical and the sea, maybe that’s how far away it is? If one block is equal to one major building, and there are a few hundred blocks between the hospital and the sea, maybe Eville Medical is actually a few hospitals away from the sea? Is the hospital newer or cleaner than other nearby hospitals? How many hospitals away from the sea is Eville Medical?

That’s why it’s important to zoom out.

At most, there might be a Downtown Eville Medical.

Would that be called a different name? That might be the opportunity to name certain new buildings after people that have helped me along the way in these builds. If I look at the screenshot above, it might make sense to add in another hospital about halfway between Eville Medical on the left and “the sea” on the right. I want to start coming up with things for people to name so that way I can help “reward” the people that have helped me out along the way in whatever capacity they have – whether it’s been through moral support, hanging out with me as I build, or figuring out other things in life.

It’s tricky, though, because my building pace is sporadic.

This stream was more of a bonus for getting some help. I did a digital art painting today and got about halfway done. For something like that, or my Retro streams, I do them to balance out my interests and to maybe get people interested in seeing me from more than one perspective. Retro streams might do the best just because people can hang out and watch the gameplay even if they don’t know me. These builds and the digital paintings don’t do bad numbers by comparison, and even if they did, I wouldn’t fully drop the opportunity to become a more well-rounded human being.

It will be fun filling up the Zdiscord space and the diorama.

As I zoom out, outisde of the map, I can figure that this might be a big map for one city, but it’s not terribly big. Maybe Eville is just a massive city and there are many districts? That would make sense that the Greater Eville Medical Zone might be its own small geographical area. I don’t know how I’ll be able to get the knowledge I’m seeking to get a better understanding of geographical areas other than, perhaps, finishing the diorama to figure out its average scale and scope. How many square feet or miles in Eville is represented by one 1-meter block?

With that data, I can figure out how many cities might be shown here.

What I would probably do is take the distance from Eville Medical to the sea, calculate that number, then take the sizes of some mid- to large-sized apartment buildings or mid-sized hospitals, move some numbers around in a calculator, and come up with some wild number that tells me how big the city would be, given the averages of larger cities around the world. If the sizes are too big, then, I would add in a few cities and hospitals. If I’m casually looking at things, it doesn’t seem like there’d be more than one additional hospital.

Who that hospital will be named after depends on future builds and substantive interactions.

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