[Novel 02] Cloning Sammohini’s Apartment

Throughout my longest Minecraft build yet for infrastructure withinThe Story,” specifically learning from my writing process in Novel 01 to write Novel 02, I’ve become closer than ever to realizing the ten-story apartment building that Sammohini lives in. There are design and logistical challenges with such a build, but I’m glad I didn’t have to compromise by implying there was a ten-story building. This should mean that Eville Medical is much more possible now than ever.

Spoilers?Minor [sense of scale]

The idea of a ten-story building seemed natural to me.

The idea that Sammohini could overlook Eville Medical from her apartment balcony [definition difference: a patio must be on the ground; balconies can’t access the ground] was something I briefly wrote about in Novel 01. If I had this Minecraft world built in its entirety prior to writing Novel 01, I might have jumped into the world before writing that section, meandered around a bit, then written more “to scale” how that scene might have worked in my imagination and within my imagination’s execution within Minecraft.

Since I didn’t, I wrote what seemed right, and moved on from there.

My buddy ViridianJack helped me with the cloning process. I didn’t ask him too much about the calculation side of things but it was impressive – as you can see in the video – what I had built out as the apartment cloned up to ten stories and then cloned out to the second set of apartments. Between the research that I mentioned previously and considering how everything would fit together, I decided that Sammohini’s apartment building would consist of ten stories with five apartment units on one side, five on the other, and the first floor might have one or two apartments cut out for things like a lobby, leasing office, and maybe even a convenience store.

There’s still a fair amount of work to go here.

If I were to jump ahead of myself, I might want to build the surrounding infrastructure, including Eville Medical itself, but I will restrain myself mainly because of my health but also because I would rather have one completed section first before I move onto the next. To build out Eville Medical, too, I would need to roughly design out how it and other pieces fit together. If there are perhaps 95 units in this building, where do their tenants park their vehicles? Will there be a two- or three-story parking garage nearby or is the parking garage underneath the apartment building?

The act of building isn’t terrible in Minecraft.

If I had built this world in 7 Days To Die, I would have had a more detailed world, but I would have had more labor time to drill out each section and I’m not sure there’s a cloning option. I’m OK with Minecraft’s limitations for visual fidelity and things like lighting within buildings. The intention of building this out isn’t to replace the storytelling medium of writing fiction itself, but rather to augment the process. I don’t plan on using Minecraft to tell the stories using OBS and headset.

Minecraft will be my way of visualizing the world and retaining spatial continuity.

As an example of both, let’s consider Sammohini’s apartment.

She lives on the seventh floor of her apartment building, which overlooks Eville Medical. The building was constructed for workers that were building out Eville Medical and the surrounding areas, so they were built as plain, one-room apartments. What if I forget and say that she lives on the eighth floor? Or, as I’ll build it here, she’ll live in the middle of the five units – but what if I later say that she’s in the corner unit? These sorts of details are minor within fiction, if my years of reading fiction and finding typos and other oddities within fiction has anything to show for it, but I almost wonder if they can be ironed out with narrative tools like Minecraft?

Again, I don’t find value in telling stories within Minecraft.

It might make the narrative process easier and I might become more popular to adapt my writings to Minecraft videos and upload them to YouTube, but I have no interest in that. I upload all of my builds to YouTube to essentially document the process and reflect on where I am now from where I started. Although I enjoy playing within Minecraft, it offers me no satisfaction beyond the confines of the videogame landscape. Within writing, I can transcend my thoughts and imagination to enjoy myself significantly more than I would within Minecraft.

Why would I prefer to tell my stories within a format that doesn’t fulfill me?

There is the appeal of popularity, where I could gain more followers, and potentially receive revenue from producing Minecraft narratives, but that would be more of a side-tangent than anything at least now I want to seriously consider. I guess it’s the same as me enjoying watching videos on YouTube but deciding not to get into the video production side of life. I enjoy writing. For relaxation, sure, it’s nice to sit back and watch a video. I may even prefer that to reading, because with a video, you can let the video guide you along, whereas reading you have to be semi-present with it even with the actions of moving along the page.

I don’t see Novel 02 or “The Story” as being told within Minecraft.

Of course, that could change as I build more setpieces within Minecraft. Maybe once all of Eville is built, then it would make more sense to me to use the Minecraft map for something other than my own personal reference or for the references of others, since for now, it is incomplete and unbuilt. This building process has helped me flesh out parts of the narrative that I’d rather address now compared to during the writing process. How much effort would it take for Sammohini to park her car and get to her apartment?

I can fully scope that “effort” within Minecraft.

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Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium.
Inspirations: To avoid dumping all my time in Minecraft, I write these essays to capture my thoughts during each session. Now I’ll have a Minecraft builds category for these, since I don’t plan to rely entirely on Minecraft for storytelling. It is but one of many tools.
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