[Novel 02] Cool Cats Chat

In this 20th recording of building set-pieces for “The Story,” I had a healthy audience in my livestreamed session. It was fun taking a variety of questions from people in the chat – I save the logs, and have debated how I want to publish them, because posting them along with the video might make sense, but I’m not sure. I referenced my writing “Novel 01” and explained how these set-pieces would help when I write “Novel 02.”

Spoilers?: Minor [finding my audience]

Minecraft is my way of translating my novels into a visual format.

As I told people in the chat, most of whom I gave cats to appear in the collage and follower wall of Zeal – the fourth-wall-breaking area that equally serves as my way to pitch my ideas to people and lay out my bigger plans – I can write novels but having these sorts of visual aids in Minecraft is a good way to introduce new people to my plans. Some people might dig what I’m doing without being able to contribute much, and that’s cool. In a sense, I’m using this map to show people what I’m doing, and some people might come up with interesting questions for me to answer.

I was asked if this was like my man cave.

I replied no, and explained that this is more like a working area to show people my plans. In the area that I’d been trying to figure out over the past few sessions next to the conference room, I decided that that space would be a good visual representation of my “The Story” Discord server [compared to the more casual Discord], so in the next few sessions, I’ll build out that space to imply the sort of fourth-wall-breaking areas that appear in games like Pokémon, and have a section that’s like a writer’s room. I’ll move the space I was going to have for a restroom and kitchen further down as I fill the follower wall with more people.

Fixing up this area took the majority of the four-hour stream, and that’s cool.

I’m feeling much more confident about pitching my story ideas now.

When new people stopped by the stream, I felt more comfortable giving them the pitch of saying if they wanted a block color and message, I could add them onto the collage wall, gave them a walkthrough of the diorama before jumping over to the Eville Medical Apartment Complex side of things. In some of these introductions, I gave a mental walkthrough of how “Novella 01.5” would turn out. To some degree, it would be a bit of a spoiler to tell people how I’m planning to write it, but I figure if I can verbally pitch the idea, it’s a good way to summarize the narrative before I actually write it. For me, too, a simple premise – a character walking around a fourth-wall-breaking area – doesn’t spoil something for me if the fruits are in the dialogue and the psychology at play.

I feel with each online session, I’m becoming more comfortable with the process.

Although that’s a fairly simple statement, it does prove that when I watch broadcasters that seem to roll with any punch, it’s because they’ve been doing it for so long that it’s normalized. This session was the first one where I didn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable. I just read the chat and talked as I built. There were sometimes where I focused on what I was saying or thinking and stopped building, otherwise, I think from a videomaking perspective, I feel like I did a good job at reading off the messages in the chat, responding to them, and other than one time where I accidentally called out someone for not reading literature – I had meant it that I didn’t read literature either, but fortunately, it wasn’t a big deal – I think I’ve established a good format for building.

When people are done streaming, there’s the notion of sending viewers elsewhere.

It’s a good way to introduce others to new content and to introduce yourself.

I haven’t established enough of a following yet to randomly raid whomever as I’m writing this in early January, but I imagine I will by this essay’s publication in mid-February, so I just introduce my current viewers to some of the folks that I often watch myself. Now that I’ve been livestreaming for a little while, I can appreciate the work ethic of some people. LittleNemo1, for instance, seems to stream for hours each day. At 4 hours, this was the longest session I had ever done, whereas for Nemo, he was just hitting his stride at 6 hours in.

How does he do it? How do others do it?

One chatter said he wasn’t sure what to livestream. I told him that it’s important to figure out what you want to do. I might occasionally play special scenes from videogames I enjoy or do occasional art streams, otherwise, building out this Minecraft map is a big passion for me. It’s easy for me to see the results of my work, both physically within the game, and mentally within the larger frameworks of “The Story.” I’ve written essays about all of these broad strokes for narrative ideas for years now, but having the sort of hands-on approach to building things is fun. I can start a livestream fairly easily, after I do a mic recording check, and begin shortly after I feel ready to broadcast out this wonderful experiment that people have been enjoying. So when people stop in, I want to celebrate their time, because I feel it’s important to recognize that they could be doing anything else.

I had realized there are three main viewers.

Two are watching live, in the moment, but one remains more in the background whereas the other is more able to participate. Then there are the ones, like readers of this essay, that might watch these VODs later on.

All three viewer types should be respected by any good livestreamer.

Quotes: None.
Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium.
Inspirations: I felt pretty good about this session and I’ve freed up bits of my schedule to livestream and write about the livestreams, so I figure, why not? My spine behaved well today. Nothing too bad there.
Related: Essays helping buildNovel 02.” This novel is formally called “A Story About Self-Confidence: Something About Anxiety,” and is a sequel to “Novel 01,” which is part of the Sammohini Arc of “The Story.”
Screenshots: The first screenshot is the one I used for the video’s thumbnail and the second is the screenshot I saw after I raided my buddy Nemo’s stream. It turned out well for him because one of the viewers of my channel followed him and it’s a good way to introduce people to each other.
Written On: 2021 January 05 [11:02pm to 11:34pm]
Last Edited: 2021 January 05 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]
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