[Novel 02] Cracking Into Geography

A cool thing about livestreaming or watching livestreams on Twitch is all of the little pockets of communities you can find yourself in. What I do – building sets for “Novel 02,” then eventually “The Story,” as I was inspired by shortcomings in “Novel 01,” using Minecraft – seems to be wholly unique, but I’ve been finding people that are interested in hanging out. On this stream, I was joined in chat by one of my favorite streamers, cracky.

Spoilers?: Minor [chatting inspires changes]

I posted in cracky’s Discord that I was livestreaming and he stopped by to chat.

I’m still figuring out the balance of how I want to read off chat messages on stream. For these one-on-one chats, I think it works best for me to read off what they’re saying from my perspective and then answer it. I keep all of the chat logs for future reference, which I may or may not upload, but I keep them to help clarify things later or look up anything I may have missed.

I keep operating under the guise of never having viewers, so it’s fun having them.

To keep that idea fresh in my head, especially now that I have 35 follows and on this 25th Minecraft build quickly finding my way to that “50-follower, 3-watcher” minimum to start the process of earning money from Twitch, I may start doing offline streams on occasion. Something like the last session was something I might do offline to just keep in mind the notion that I shouldn’t take for granted that people are spending time out of their day to hang out with me.

I appreciate them and everyone says I come across as sincere, so I’m happy about that.

I’ve been dealing with health problems for long enough now that I can get into a decent routine where once I take pain medication I’m usually good for a few hours, so, although it’s probably not the best thing, I take my medication then plan a livestream. I’ll sit for a few hours – once I get into a good position, the pain is usually minimal enough to be OK, unless I get flare-ups, and those overwhelm me – and livestreaming takes my mind off of the dread of how awful the American Healthcare System has been treating me.

I might see another spine doctor in about two months.

I told this to my primary care physician who said that he would see what he could do to expedite the process. It’s already been almost a week of the new spine clinic going back and forth with me, so it’s a logistical nightmare, plus, I’ve been having to deal with some new company related to my insurance that’s been extremely difficult, as I talked about at length. The great thing about having someone in the chat to bounce ideas off is that I can get outside of my head more, but, I have to remember not to take that for granted.

Even the most popular streamers have slower chats sometimes.

I think what people like about my streams is I present myself honestly and forthrightly.

Part of that is baked into my aesthetic, where I have the sort of lo-fi design. It’s my way of not being overly pretentious or perfectionist, mainly. By presenting myself in this way, I can better show myself as I am to the world. I think now that I’ve been streaming for nearly 90 hours, and talking into the mic for probably close to 40, I’ve become much more comfortable with the process. I don’t like the idea of having a chat window appear on-screen, because people could troll that, so I think the idea of reading off what they say is a good way to go.

When I have participants, I try to ask them for opinions on my builds.

When I was working on the diorama, I mentioned that I’m kind of working with a perfectionist version of reality, since the plots of land in my fictional universe seem to be perfect. cracky said: “in real life they have to deal with the natural state of it and whats around it” “like here a lot of the ground isn’t flat[1]” From those two lines, I realized that the Greater Eville Medical [GEM] area is surrounded by some hilly terrain, and, as I like to do when people help out with ideas, I like to attribute things to them. So, I designed a small mountain taking up some of the area behind Eville Medical and called it Mt. Cracky – with his OK, of course, since if I did that without getting someone’s OK, it might seem weird.

Right now, there’s just the mountain range that vaguely resembles his avatar’s face.

Over the next few builds, I’ll work on making the area south of Eville Medical – in the screenshot, we’re facing east, so this space would be in the area on the right side of the screenshot – into more of a hillside area. Mt. Cracky, then, might be the tallest of the hills, and when I made the area, I gave it five observatory points. I’m not sure what I’ll do with them right now, but having set-pieces establishes now is easier than waiting until I’m writing and then coming up with the details.

Here’s a little hint on why I’m doing these builds now instead of writing more.

Other than because I physically can’t write fiction – I can barely write essays like this, probably because of how much mental effort it takes versus looking at a screen and clicking around – there was a scene in “Novel 01” that I winged. I didn’t have much of a plan for the scene where Sammohini and Fairydust went to an observatory, so, although I like how that scene went from a dialogue perspective, it failed from a visual perspective because of its lack of visual information, I suppose. I’d rather have these details planned out before writing more fiction.

It’s not difficult, though, brainstorming on the diorama.

Quotes[1] cracky.
Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium.
Inspirations: Writing about my livestream and thinking about how as I’m doodling the diorama and doing other things, this sort of livestreamin thing and writing about it is a very effective way to overcome the anxieties of my current situation.
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Written On: 2021 January 13 [11:19pm to 11:45pm]
Last Edited: 2021 January 13 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]
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