[Novel 02] EMAC-2 Halfway Done

When I say that I’m halfway done with Eville Medical Apartment Complex, Building 2, that is a bit misleading. The building’s exterior and proportions are halfway done. What remains is more of a sort of logistical meandry through my imagination as I envision it in “The Story.” I featured the apartment building from within Sammohini’s apartment briefly in Novel 01. Will it appear more in Novel 02? Well, if it’s halfway built, that’s halfway more complete than before.

Spoilers?: Minor [plan before necessary]

Building this apartment will be a significant achievement for me.

Friend-of-the-website ViridianJack stopped over to help me clone the remaining sections to make this halfway done, and at a later date, he’ll help me with more cloning efforts to finish out this building along with the other tentatively-scheduled six buildings that establish the complex. “Complex,” here, might seem weird since in my mind a complex would usually comprise myriad buildings within it, and that is close to its very definition, but I suppose if I keep the naming convention consistent across the buildings, then it’s fine to have EMAC-1 through EMAC-6.

Sammohini’s apartment number is, tentatively, EMAC-260.

The idea behind this is that there will be six different buildings with 99 units each. The EMAC buildings will be labeled as EMAC-1 through 6 for locational purposes and each will be color-coded using the following system: 1-red, 2-green, 3-blue, 4-cyan, 5-magenta, and 6-yellow. It does seem wasteful to only have six buildings, in some respects, because each building represents a sort of fully-realized ideal for a complex.

But let’s just aim for six before we go for much more aspirational than that.

Within EMAC-2, the first floor will be the 0th floor because it makes the most sense that the leasing office would be EMAC-200. My idea, from there, is that units will be numbered 1 through 9 in a counter-clockwise way. Maybe clockwise. What’s important is having a system in place first, then once I add it into Minecraft, I can think about how the idea will work further until I start writing “Novel 02” and beyond. Even if Sammohini’s apartment isn’t featured at all within “Novel 02,” having built the apartment complex is an important step toward fully-realizing a small section of “The Story.”

The apartment building is also something that is easily understandable for new people.

I’ve recently been a bit shy in regards to livestreaming.

I’ve been working through writing the remainder of my 2020 essays that I published in late-December, but also, I have to figure out the pace at which I want to respond to people in livestream chats. Cloning work like what we did during this session is not work that can be done “live.” Having the sort of concentration required for the nine-variable formulaic algebra required to properly clone objects – the command, in essence, is: /clone a b c d e f g h i – might be achievable in small bouts in front of a live audience, but the most I would prefer to do in front of an audience surpassing a fellow Minecraft enthusiast actively working toward only cloning and nothing else is doing some simple cloning parlor tricks in my test map.

I’ve, then, figured out my relationship to livestreaming this project.

I’ll record offline, as we did in this video, when the work is more comprehensive or if I’m not feeling like being social. I’ll record online, and livestream, when I’m engaged in less thought-intensive work. The difference I would say, then, would be that there is half the work that is more skeletal, where I would be filling the building with blocks to have the structural mass of a building, and the remaining half is the sort of organic work that makes the building alive.

My most-recent livestream, as of this writing, is an example of that.

During that session, I accidentally flooded then burned a section of EMAC-2. When showed ViridianJack the video and told him about it, he asked if I would include that within the stories, and, honestly, that’s the sort of storytelling that blurs the line between nonfiction and fiction. EMAC-2’s Solshop – or the small convenience store that helps serve the tenants of the apartments, as is common in the Khrushchyovka buildings that inspired the Eville Medical Apartment Complex – had that flooding, then fire in Minecraft. It happened. Would that have happened were it not for Minecraft? These are the sorts of hypothetical questions that are more useful for hecklers or students of literature rather than people actively working toward applying themselves to literature, I would say.

I enjoyed that sort of subtly organic storytelling.

Those are the sorts of events that I can feel more comfortable sharing online. The mistakes I made through the recovery process are funny. Doing something like that can be a shared, communal experience. I actively welcome that sort of organic addition to the fictional universe of Eville because through moments like that, I can invite others to share in the wonder that’s consumed my life and compelled me to spend a majority of my life’s energy planning to write “The Story.” It would be easier to just livestream playing random videogames, and that’d be more fun, but this project of mine is wholly unique and for those who are interested, it could be a fairly exciting way to crowdsource creativity for my writing endeavors.

That level of sociability can’t happen when cloning.

Writing this essay helped me split those two disparate thoughts that otherwise caused me to feel awkward into their more complete wholes. When I get the chance to build within Minecraft, which happens after I’ve completed major duties and written summary essays like this, I can now ask myself whether I’m doing the sort of skeletal work or innards work on EMAC. I should save skeletal work for offline. Innards work can happen online, where I can chat with anyone that stops in. Knowing that difference and defining it clearly here helps.

Maybe soon I can figure out a good streaming schedule to advertise?

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Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium.
Inspirations: It’s been a while since I recorded this session, so rather than write about what I recorded or built, this is more about the thoughts I’ve had since then. It’s been helpful for me to consider this because I’ve had some apprehension about livestreaming. Not really about any harassing experiences I’ve had, but because despite sharing all of this about myself in writing, I don’t really share myself in an immediate setting like a livestream that often. I don’t feel self-conscious but it’s more the feeling that when I’m not feeling well, I’m not feeling social.
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Written On: 2020 December 29 [1:06am to 1:45am]
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