[Novel 02] Filling Rest Areas

I’ve been focusing my previous few Minecraft sessions, including this one, on Zeal – the-fourth-wall-breaking area that dual-purpose serves to introduce new viewers to my plans with “The Story” and serve as the background for “Novella 01.5.” That novella will be the transition between how I wrote “Novel 01” and how I’ll write “Novel 02” and beyond, which may be livestreamed, recorded, or at least, using Minecraft and other social media platforms to try to gather up interested readers.

Spoilers?: Minor [filling the rest]

Now that I’ve built the two Discord rooms, I have the bathroom and kitchen to build.

After that, I think a majority of what I need to build to show a self-sufficient area will be complete. It was an important step having those two Discord rooms since it helps to show the difference between the one I have dedicated for more serious work related to the various projects in “The Story” and a more general hang-out spot. While I could break down that wall to have the one Discord room, separating the two is useful because people may want to casually hang out with me or my friends.

Why should I force my story ideas on them?

That first room is kind of like an all-purpose non-analysis of life. There are some channels for clubs, which might be the same as people meeting to watch movies or series on a regular basis, and others for chatting about random things. During the past two livestreams, I came up with the idea of letting people name dogs or cats [and possibly other animals] based on their real pets or imaginarily-named pets, to hang out in the visitor’s area – the space where I put blocks in for the Twitch followers and place blocks with messages from people that stop into the livestream.

The pet idea became a big hit and I could see why.

Although the blocks are a nice way to have keepsakes of certain events, like I’ll take notes when my livestream bots let me know when people raid the livestream with new viewers, pets are intrinsically more empathetic. What happens, then, when three of the dogs – Zealie, KingOfApoc’s dog Montana, and Upsidedown_Matt’s cat Charlie – are stuck? It’s easy to kill these digital avatars and recreate them, and no one is the wiser that these digital entities have different UUIDs, but, I’ll know. It was this problem and a few others that I presented to friend-of-the-website, ViridianJack.

How do I retame these wolves that were under the previous loaner account I was using?

The short answer: /data modify entity [Mob-UUID] { Owner: “[Minecraft-Username]” } :

The long answer was about a half-hour of figuring out what was going on with these three once-tamed wolves before finding the right code to put into Minecraft to change the owner of these “mobs” from the old username to the new username. During the last recording, I realized this was a problem that I could differ to ViridianJack because he’s more proficient at the complex aspects of Minecraft than me. He has offered to teach me how to clone and fill more proficiently once my spine stops actively trying to destroy me, and so when that happens, I might do more of this during offline recordings.

Until then, it’s nice having someone help me with some heavier lifting in-game.

After that, we started the restroom of Zeal. It makes sense for me to have two open doors in a sort of unisex restroom. I don’t know if I’ll put a bot here as a sort of moderator-protector of the peace, or if I would need something like that, but for now, it’s almost done. After I completed the work, I realized that it would be better to have each toilet stall enclosed, so when I was floating up above Zeal to take the ending screenshot, I wouldn’t accidentally peer into any of the toilet stalls.

These sorts of planning ideas seem trivial and might not happen in “Novella 01.5.”

When I go to write that novella, the basic premise is that Sammohini would be teleported to Zeal and be introduced to the various areas of the map, before concluding the tour with an interview of the events of “Novel 01,” some thoughts about “Novel 02,” before being warped back to her apartment presumably all within an all-too-real dream that she might not be able to properly explain to anyone. The novella would be more of a proof-of-concept that this Minecraft effort is worthwhile by letting me plan out the logistics and continuities of this inconsequential story before I tell deeper stories with more meaning.

I’m planning for it to be more of a light-hearted, silly story.

For example, as the in-universe version of me walks Sammohini along the tour, she’ll see the various incidental happenstances that occurred during the building process. When she goes to the visitor’s area, she might pet Montana’s head – he’ll still be in the boat from his transportation adventures from this session. As she signs her name on the mural wall, she might be given the opportunity to name a cat or another animal. Further along, she’ll see the diorama, see avatars of some people in the Discord rooms that helped me out along the way where their avatars will be turned into full-on background characters. If she needs to use the restroom for whatever non-fetishistic reason – thus why the stalls need to be blocked in – then I’ve already figured out the physical spacing between there and the conference room where the interview would take place.

I plan on telling this novella from Sammohini’s perspective.

I haven’t decided if the restroom would be narratively relevant – if it were, it would be an incidental story beat. It’s there in case she or anyone else needs them. As far as how I would tell it, I could write that scene plainly like I did in “Novel 01,” but then that might be an interview question.

“Do you feel like that was an awkward scene?”
“Not really, no. It was OK.”

Quotes: The two quotes that conclude this essay are part of the interview and are hypothetical ways I could word the dialogue. Sammohini wouldn’t mind much because it’s what happened and she figures it’s fine to be open with some of this information since I’ll be writing her sister, Trishna, and Trishna’s boyfriend John in more detail. This will all be part of a more developed headspace I’ll get into prior to writing, so it will be better worded, but basically, Sammohini doesn’t care as long as it’s not perverted. So if she needed to use the restroom, the “camera” or the sort of narrative detail might stop outside the toilet stall door.
Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium.
Inspirations: Writing about my build.
Related: Essays helping buildNovel 02.” This novel is formally called “A Story About Self-Confidence: Something About Anxiety,” and is a sequel to “Novel 01,” which is part of the Sammohini Arc of “The Story.”
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Written On: 2021 January 09 [10:54pm to 11:30pm]
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