[Novel 02] Formally Announcing Plans

I’ve been awake for nearly 24 hours now. What better time to formally announce a project that I’ve hinted at, directly referenced, and otherwise have been working on in the background? It’s colloquially called “Novel 02,” formally, “A Story About Self-Confidence: Something About Anxiety.” It will be the sequel to “Novel 01 / A Story About Self-Confidence: What’s In A Name?,” which was the 60,000-word novel I wrote in the Sammohini Arc of “The Story.” I’ll start writing… someday.

Spoilers?: Minor [current status report]

There was plenty to unpack in that paragraph.

First, I’m using the colloquial “Novel ##” when referring to these novels as an easy short-hand for myself and others, since this will almost be a direct sequel. I don’t intend Novel 01 to be a prerequisite reading before reading Novel 02, but if you’re into sequentiality, then it’ll be clearer. Second, the links above link to relevant supplemental materials. Third, there’s a Gdrive with all the details I’m building out, and considering I’m publishing this almost two months after I’m writing this sentence, there should be more stuff in there, since I’m leaving the tab open and dumping thoughts in whenever I’m on my computer.

This series is the formal introduction, casually introduced in my LeafGreen playthrough.

All of this planning might not have happened if I hadn’t have gotten sick enough to necessitate a Nuzlocke escape. In Nuzlocke runs of Pokémon games, the suggestion of nicknaming your Pokémon led me to name them after characters in “The Story.” After going through the Novel 01 cast, I started to generate new characters. I brushed off the then-dusty Novel 02 Gdrive, which I had started to dump ideas in for whenever I got around to it, then, got to it.

That’s cool and all, right, but when’s this novel going to get written?

Long-answer: Writing is a lifestyle commitment and novel writing is even more of a commitment. I was able to handle committing a month to writing Novel 01. Seven-plus months later, even though there are parts that in my memory feel like they were unpolished or even terrible, I overall am proud of this accomplishment. Despite only two weeks to reshuffle my life to fit within the NaNoWriMo guidelines, if I can give my ego a little stroking, I feel that most of my unpolished and terrible moments were from lack of planning. It’s taken me a few months to get to this point now, but I’m starting to shop the novel around as a completed product to people.

Short-answer: When I’m damn well ready.

What I’ve been doing in my “I don’t feel awful” moments is find people that might be able to help. I’ve found three language or cultural consultants, per se, as I build or imagine characters. They seem reasonably interested in helping me now, but I am counting chickens before they hatch, so let’s just leave it at that. Character designing seems like the easiest thing to do currently because they can be tangentially non-committal to any final product. The way I see this Novel 02 going, I’ll have all the prep time I need as I continue to reclaim commitments away from other things in life. I can brainstorm characters while, for example, wrapping up my Moving-Downsizing-Selling Zeal essays.

It might be dangerous writing this much planning, but I did the same with Novel 01.

I wrote… I think… 25 essays before I wrote Novel 01 and 25 essays after? It was a blast, both in terms of probably the most consistent fun I’ve ever had in my entire life, and a blast of all my energy to complete that task. I could probably do that again, but, why? I’ve proven my point that I can write a competent novel. It’s out there for me to show to people, so if they’re interested, they can attach themselves to any future works I’ll build. I can now go at a pace that will allow me to build it right and even give me some personal time to avoid going crazy.

If you’re interested in helping out, reach out.

My plan is to clear out as many commitments as possible so that way I can streamline my life to write more often. That means clearing out all the junk in my life, building up my publishing business so I can prevent myself from legally getting fucked, while making sure I properly compensate those who help, so then when I write Novel 02, I can then write 03, 04, and whatever. If I can build up a lifestyle where I can write fiction at a reasonable pace, where I won’t burn myself out like, dare I say, I did for 01, then it’s a win-win. I figure I’ll write essays like this when I have any major project statuses. Otherwise, I’ll just keep working on little bits here and there.

What help might or will I need?

The most important helpers I’ll need are readers. I don’t want to build up an echo chamber of any sort, so the only requirement here would be simply agreeing to read the novel until it gets boring. No editing experience even required. Just read it. This wouldn’t even be asking for a perspective reading, such as “does Sammohini seem realistic from [this perspective]?” From there, the helpers go from the aforementioned character development, character art, setting designs, to anything else that maybe I’m missing thanks to my subjective reality.

Am I worried that this will fail?

No. I’ve been working on this idea in the backburner of my imagination basically since I wrapped up Novel 01. Thirteen days later, I made the first document outlining my plans, and other than the dates getting pushed out because of legitimate health issues, I’ve been building everything better than I could have estimated. As much as I liked the idea of finding out about the characters as I was writing Novel 01, I’m OK with having prepped the characters before writing Novel 02, so their surprises are more visceral.

The only downside here might be spoiling things for readers, which, oh well…

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Inspirations: I was watching Domostanton and felt like making the template picture, which may inspire be the novel’s cover. The picture took sixteen minutes to create, and as I did, I decided to write this essay, which I’d been thinking of writing for a few hours before.
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