[Novel 02] Guestbooks, Balconies, Cloning?

I’ve had less and less energy to do anything major within Minecraft for building setpieces for “The Story,” but I still gave it a good try. After writing Novel 01, I realized I needed to have the details in order. In this session to help with Novel 02, I mainly finished off some details that had been lingering in my mind, then attempted some practice to help me build bigger setpieces faster. I’m reaching a dead-end, honestly…

Spoilers?: Minor [how much building?]

Cloning within Minecraft is difficult and math-intensive.

I’ve recorded all of my previous attempts and today’s attempt will probably be the last for a while. My health is not in a good place and I didn’t have the physical energy to focus on specific math concepts for recording the X-Y-Z coordinates of blocks to copy and then clone elsewhere. I have the numbers noted for the diorama I want to clone, which I suppose is me skipping ahead to the third part that I did in this session, but honestly, I feel so encumbered by the process that it hurts my head and my body to keep doing it.

Or maybe I’m just having a bad spine week.

The theory is fairly straightforward. You start with a /clone command, enter the number [-177 63 22] from one side of the space you want to copy, the other side [-209 65 49], and then the final set of numbers being where you want to paste that copy [? ? ?]. The main problem with this is, as I recorded and as I’ve encountered, there is no easy way to track these numbers. There isn’t an in-game clipboard to notate these numbers. If there were special cloning blocks, that’d be even easier.

I’m reaching a point where I have to decide if I want to continue with this project.

I’ve already dumped hours into this project and it’s a cool idea, but my health is not in a good place right now, and I don’t have the ability to learn this complicated skill right now. If I did learn it, or if it were somehow easier, then I could proceed with building the rest of this apartment building and the surrounding area. There are many pros to that. The major con is that it takes too much concentration for me to figure out the basic numbers, where that concentration should be primarily focused on keeping my health in good order.

Cloning is so overwhelming for me, I would rather build by hand.

That’s what I did for the balcony work. If cloning were easier, I could have two main apartments – Sammohini’s apartment that I will heavily reference, and the others that only exist to fill in the space – and I could clone all of “the others” to create the other buildings. Since that cloning process is not easy, and since I’m doing such a new thing, I doubt it will ever be implemented soon. I was listening to a random livestream recently where someone didn’t even know that Minecraft had the cloning feature, and so they said that if you wanted to move over a building by one block, you’d have to redo the whole building.

I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be easier to sketch things out by hand…

I think I should defer working on this project until I’ve seen the doctor again.

At least I’ve made some progress on the area that would house the diorama when it’s moved, which is the green structure on top of the apartment building. My idea is that this would eventually be moved out of the way somewhere, either far up above the apartment building or elsewhere, so that it wouldn’t disrupt the view of screenshots, while also acting as the sort of “meta” area for first-time viewers or visitors. It makes sense to me to have an area where I could show people my intentions at a glance, along with having a place where I could give shout-outs to people for doing things like stopping by to offer feedback or even subscribe.

The main problem here, I suppose, is growth versus investment time.

The more time I spend figuring out the nuances of Minecraft is the less time I spend figuring out other areas of my life from recovering from whatever spine problem is affecting me on a minute-by-minute basis to actually writing “Novel 02.” If I throw one hour of time learning cloning, that’s one less hour spent writing “Novel 02.” Now, if that cloning time, along with all the other time I’ve spent so far, can help me with telling “Novel 02,” then it’s a good investment of time. Knowing the setting for “Novel 02” in full is a useful thing, however, without knowing how to do this skill in Minecraft, I will otherwise need to spend hours of time doing what I did today – going back to various background balconies and fixing them up.

It’d be easier for me to update all the non-Sammohini apartment units automatically via cloning.

These coordinates [-177 63 22. -209 65 49] are the current location of the diorama. Let’s say that, instead, were the non-Sammohini apartment units. If I wanted to make a change to Sammohini’s unit and figured the structure should be cloned to the other units, I could use those coordinates to update the rest of the apartment buildings without much more thought than knowing the coordinates of each other apartment unit. I guess the reason why my idea of building a fictional world’s setting within Minecraft isn’t popular isn’t because writers like myself wouldn’t benefit from having such a tool.

I think Minecraft has plenty of potential as a storytelling tool.

It’s that the tool in its current design is not structured for how I’m using it. It’s structured for the sort of silly gameplay action that excites people. That’s fine. That’s not a community I’ve really interacted with much myself, so it could be fun to do races or whatever people do in Minecraft.

Maybe I just need to put this project on hold until I feel more re-invigorated?

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Inspirations: Writing about my experiences. As fun of an experience as it’s been for me lately, I’ve reached this roadblock where I need to take the decision seriously. Maybe I just need some further practice with my buddy ViridianJack? Until he stops by and tutors me, I’ll put this project on hold. Yeah, that seems like the best option at this point.
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Written On: 2020 November 29 [10:45pm to 11:111111111111111111pm]
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