[Novel 02] How Many Characters?

How many characters will “The Story” have? I can’t say for sure how many characters “Novel 01” had. When I go to re-read it, I’ll make the count, but I’ll also need to do some continuity editing, so, who’s to say how many characters there will be after I’m done with the 01.5 edit? As for “Novel 02,” the low-end estimate says I’ve established 142 characters out of a possible 537 characters, and that number increases weekly. What’s the limit?

Major spoilers after the jump.

None, because these are all practice characters for the future.

I want each character to be a viable, interesting “entity” within Novel 02, so that each character could be a “one scene wonder,” and if there’s enough interest in one particular character or another, that I could do more with those characters. Novel 01 had such a short production period compared to Novel 02. Two weeks of prep for four weeks of writing. I’ve been prepping for months now, sometimes with more time spent and sometimes less. I’m at the point in my production where I’ve figured out a good balance between the avocational time I spend working on Novel 02 versus the vocational time I spend looking for work, doing things like get groceries, or other “must dos,” along with the thing I forget to do all the time: recreation.

Any “creative” person sacrifices rest for avocation.

It’s the nature of what we do, because we’re so much more excited by the process of what we create, however, without resting our minds or bodies, we can’t be at our creative best. This is part of why I’ve been ironing out the nuances of making up new characters with my character cipher and other tools. If I can do that now, months or years before I start writing Novel 02, then when I need these characters or when I need new ones, they’re either already there, or easier to make/meet, since I’ve already established the pathways for what is necessary. Compared to Novel 01, where, honestly, most of the characters barely had any depth at all, here, now, I am preparing minor characters with the sort of breadth of nuance that one might expect a major character.

Let’s say a “minor” character had a bad childhood from that character’s perspective.

That might indirectly imply many details about how that character acts in other situations, or, that character might be more likely to react against certain actions. A minor character interested in fashion might comment on some piece of clothing a major character is wearing, or, use fashion-related terminology instead of basketball-related terminology. There is an upper-boundary to this, which is why I encapsulate all of my brainstorming into documents, so when I think about a primary, secondary, or tertiary character, those details exist in preferrably one spot, so the contradictions are minimal, the memory requirements are minimal, and if I want to change around anything, I can see why I made the original notes in the first place.

With a system like this in place, I could have a thousand characters without much problem.

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