[Novel 02] Learning Cloning Basics

After this eighth building session, wherein I relayed during a livestream what I had built in Minecraft to replicate buildings and other possibly imaginary, possibly real structures in that mysterious other-dimensionality space where fiction resides, for setpieces within “The Story,” taking the lessons I learned while writing Novel 01 to build Novel 02 in a manner where I could then write 03 and on easily, I thought deeply. I learned what I must do. It involves Zealie here.

Spoilers?: Minor [plans fictional, realistic]

Let’s start with a meandry preamble to Novel 02.

You can skip this paragraph if you’ve somehow clicked in this essay with minor spoilers in mind if you don’t want spoilers. Before I wrote Novel 02, I’ll write a short story about Sammohini. This short story will take place within my mind palace, where, in my theories and in my world view, I reside within all of my knowledge and imagination and hopes and dreams. It is a place that doesn’t actually exist, but is used as a metaphor, with examples ranging from not inviting rude dudes into my mind palace to trash the place, to this short story idea that I first considered on January 21 2020, where I would interview Sammohini about the events of Novel 01.

I’ve thought of ways to realize all of that between that latest build and this writing.

I thought back to the last time I met with friend-of-the-website ViridianJack as he cloned Sammohini’s apartment tenfold and then once more to build two-tenths of the apartment building Sammohini lives in during Novel 02. I thought about how I could learn how to do this. I thought of an example world he showed me, where I learned some of the basics of Minecraft – I am learning to “play” and “build” live, recorded and published; other than the occasional bit of reading research – including how to spawn wolves. The idea of having a wolf buddy made such an impression that one of the first things I asked ViridianJack as he entered my world, was, with a sort of endearing compassion: can you help me make a wolf?

And so, the Eville map now has a wolf, who I’ve named Zealie.

I settled on this name because I had, initially, called the room in my previous residence – what would have been my office – Zeal. I liked the name and the notions it entailed. I liked that so much it carried over into my Moving-Downsizing-Selling Zeal serieses, and Zeal could be a fitting name for the aforementioned mind palace. Zealie, the Minecraftian wolf, made by chance from an egg in-game from an egg of an idea out-of-game, in a sense fully represents the shift in consciousness I’ve made while playing, building, and recording these sessions.

Zealie is an external reminder that I am part of Eville.

Writing that preamblic short story makes me part of “The Story.”

Just as, through my participation in Endless War, appearing in Slime & Punishment, I am in distant association with the Sonichu lore. Just as Gonzo journalism admits that by being a participant in any journalistic situation by existing within it, you change it, either subtly or actively. Zealie is a nice companion that I can feed meat and she will respond with affection or will teleport if I am more than twelve spaces away from where she was last walking around. This should make the building process more enjoyable, since there will be another, well, that gets into the nature of what I’m doing through building this world first in Minecraft and then within the written word.

Am I cloning myself in writing Novel 02, 03, …, and then “The Story?”

I don’t believe I am, and haven’t put any thought into me being in “The Story.” I don’t like the idea of having an author-insert character in “The Story.” Neither version of me, Zombiepaper or as the legally distinct entity with a social security number and life responsibilities, should appear in “The Story.” I think back to the Hitchcock appearances in his movies and I think that’s good for his media, and so I would say that cameos are not bad, but for my storytelling adventures and “The Story,” it would not work. From my current perspective in late-November 2020.

Zealie does remind me, however, that I am in “The Story.”

Zealie reminds me of that subtly, through being a creature that hangs out, just as livestreaming my builds as I have subtly reminds me that I could randomly have someone pop in the chatroom and interact with me. I think that’s a good element of my builds. I may eventually take a day where I record but don’t livestream, but most of them will probably involve me livestreaming. I will need to figure out a balance between building and interacting, but it’s an interesting sort of idea that should help me with the writing process. Getting audience assistance with building certain things, whether it’s catching a mistake I made or offering a suggestion, should be good for the building process.

In that way, we’re all in “The Story,” but now we return to the point of these Minecraft builds.

I’m doing these builds to create a sort of narrative consistency throughout all of the novels I will write throughout my life – and maybe others can write fan works as well. When I built Sammohini’s apartment in Minecraft, that’s not me saying that is the only instance of Sammohini’s apartment, but rather, it is the one that is narratively the most consistent version for Novel 02. Before ViridianJack cloned the other apartments, I included a ladder in the closet because I thought it would be a good way to show the different versions between each novel.

Those other apartments, and any other anonymous apartments, are clones of Sammohini’s apartment out of convenience – and as a bit of a joke about how we’re all the same in the end. I’ll continue learning to clone so that I can clone other apartments and buildings.

Future builds will include me, podcast-style, narrating these builds.

Quotes: None.
Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium.
Inspirations: My subtle hint of future plans at the end will be more direct here: After I’m done writing and then publishing this essay, I may rest my broken body, and then I will plug in my headset, test it out, silence the Minecraft music, and livestream another session. I’ll do this because this sort of compulsion for building things in Minecraft helps keep my mind occupied away from the violent pains I have in my spine that plague my every thought – even within dreams, I am starting to notice themes of pain, violence, and bodily harm, where normally I would just go spelunking through various stores and places.
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Written On: 2020 November 22 [2:51pm to 3:35pm]
Last Edited: 2020 November 22 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]
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