[Novel 02] Leasing Fire Escape

Now that my health is becoming more consistently not terrible, I can think clearer, and I can use my time to plan for upcoming Minecraft livestreams. I’ve found a way to advertise myself and “The Story” in livestreaming without feeling shitty about forcing myself on others. They can stop in if they’re curious. This is a great platform for me to workshop ideas I learned writing “Novel 01” to write “Novel 02” or even some silly stories.

Spoilers?: Minor [Novella 1.5, logistical plans]

The stream started off with my neighbors screaming outside my door.

I don’t think the mic picked it up and from poking around the video I uploaded, I didn’t hear them. A parent was yelling at a child, as they do often, and it struck me particularly strongly because, hey, if I can hear them through my apartment, they’re disruptive. That put me into a negative headspace, but I realized that I was in a negative space and channeled that into something useful.

I came up with a silly bit about Bob Ross.

Ross is known as an upbeat individual, but did he have bad days? Did he get mad at people for doing things? So what I did was I used that premise to rebuild out a section of the Eville Medical Apartment Complex, building 2, by workshopping a story about how Bob Ross would get pissed off at the leasing office for being billed $5, which would cause him to be unable to afford his $10 coffee at the nearby Solshop.

Silly premise, right?

Thinking about that idea helped me reinterpret the situation.

In that story pitch, Ross would go to the leasing office counter and loudly exclaim his complaint. The leasing agent would be perturbed by the normally “chill” Ross. In most variations of the story I told in the livestream, I imagined that leasing manager would hear the noise from their office, and confront the confrontational hypothetically-mad Ross. In one instance of this story, I imagined he would try to storm around the side to gain entry to the leasing office.

From these silly stories, I built up the leasing office.

It’s in these sorts of stories where we find greater truths about ourselves and others. These are the stories, whether told in text – as I plan to do with “Novella 01.5,” which I used Minecraft to shot the cinematography for in my roughest drafts of how I imagine that short story to go, “Novel 02,” and beyond – or movies or whatever media that enrich us. In some ways, what I’m building out in Minecraft is my attempt at modernizing novels. I could use my Minecraft map to guide readers through the scenes to better tell the stories.

I plan to do readings of “Novel 01” on stream.

Does that mean I’ll plan to overlay my readings with playthroughs of various sections of the map? That seems like an acceptable task for someone, but for me, I’m content with playing in my little sandbox and building out this weird thing. I realized the value of having well-edited Twitch clips to help advertise my channel. I used this clip to capture a buddy’s reaction and to give a nice highlight of what EMAC-2 looks like as of early-January.

Clips like this can be played on people’s channels, as serfins did.

serfins had this to say about my channel:

“I’ve been lurking in his channel the past couple of days, trying to get a feel for what he does, and, y’all, it’s like this stream-of-consciousness kinda thing. It’s something I haven’t really seen on Twitch…” … “I’ve never seen someone just totally lay their mind bear and allow you this weird kind of… he’s just always going. He’s always got something to talk about because he’s working on this story. He’s weaving the creations he’s making in the game to The Story that he’s writing.” … “If you follow him, he adds you into these tome parts, and he might even add you in as like a character? I’ve never seen someone take that kind of transformative power into a game like that before.” … “When someone is laying their bare thought processes there, to you, I think it’s a real privilege and I think that privilege should be honored.” … “[Zombiepaper_,] I haven’t seen you use your platform for anything hateful or terrible. You’re just trying to create something. And that’s… Anyone can destroy. Not everyone can create. Only humans, and only something truly alive can create. Any force of nature can be destructive.”

I feel honored to be part of this larger retro games community on Twitch.

The platform itself has some problems that I tweet out about for public shaming, but that’s only to improve the platform. Twitch has problems with alcohol ads and bots. Why shouldn’t I use my platform to make the world a better place by exposing this problem to more people so that Twitch can be held accountable for creating a safe community for its people? After all, if the failed streaming service Mixer can teach us anything, it’s that putting all of your eggs in one basket is not a good idea, so I try to make sure to get to know the people I appreciate on multiple platforms for backup’s sake.

Other than those problems, I’ve met many great people on Twitch.

It may even be a good platform for me to continue sharing my stories as I practice the livestreaming format. I received some new followers mid-stream, a “raid” of 10 new viewers at serfins’s suggestion, I practiced my “elevator pitch” a few times, and I added some more blocks to the collage wall of followers or people that stopped by to say hello. I was frequently awkward, but hey, I had some good intentions throughout, so I think it’s fine. I have room to grow, like EMAC-2, like the greater Eville Medical area, like Zeal, like “The Story.” I had a good stream, as they say.

I also started the fire escape area to half of the building.

Quotes: serfins is what I would call a “modern variety streamer.” He hangs out in the retro community, too, but he plays modern games on streams.
Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium.
Inspirations: I was able to write this a few hours after streaming, so I captured a majority of the thoughts I had.
Related: Essays helping buildNovel 02.” This novel is formally called “A Story About Self-Confidence: Something About Anxiety,” and is a sequel to “Novel 01,” which is part of the Sammohini Arc of “The Story.”
Screenshots: The first was from my stream as the outro shot and the second was from serfins. I’m also starting to tweet out some screenshots to spread the word in that way.
Written On: 2021 January 03 [11:11111111111111111111111pm to 11:42pm]
Last Edited: 2021 January 03 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]
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