[Novel 02] Podcast, Redoing, Cleaning

My 9th session of building setpieces in Minecraft for “The Story” solidified my hunch that this can be a good tool; if used correctly. Every Minecraft livestreamers I’ve watched so far could best be summarized as silly people shouting obscene jibberish for the entertainment of their chatroom. I don’t want any of that. So once I hooked up the mic and started talking about Novel 01 and Novel 02, the process felt natural, and ideas are flowing.

Spoilers?: Minor [structure builds structure]

I split up the livestream into three sections, starting with “podcast plans.”

I’m starting off so I’m not doing any sort of heavy advertisement of my livestreams as I practice the process. The easiest way, it seems, to do that is to join various Discords and announce when I go live. Between that – I have a Discord server dedicated to “The Story” – and Twitter, Twitch itself is decent at recommending things once you curate it by telling it you don’t like to watch certain things or people. So I recorded the livestream with the assumption that no one would stop by to chat, which was true, but this was good since it gave me a healthy testing ground for my process.

Talking through my building process will be effective going forward.

I don’t enjoy the process enough to get into audio editing, so I’ve left in my filler words, even giving a word count for each based on YouTube’s automatic transcription services, but the process is enjoyable enough for me to talk about my mostly-related plans that I’ll keep it up. I recorded, too, with a podcast-style in mind, so almost anything I did in-game I tried to verbalize so that if someone weren’t watching with video, they could still understand what was going on.

It’s helpful, because there’s a lot of redoing work to do, even still.

I redid some of the balconies and will need to redo them some more.

During this session, I cleaned up the 10 balconies to the left of the main area after coming up with a good format for how I wanted them to look. I was happy with how the balconies looked during the recording, until I watched some of Irony of Fate, which features apartments in the style I want to go for with this apartment building. Khrushchyovka [and Danchi] are massive, generic buildings meant to house many people, but from how I’m imagining the Eville Medical area as I’m building it out, the original construction workers that built the hospital and surrounding area needed to be housed, so they were housed in buildings like this. They’re all one-bedroom by accidental oversight, but narratively, it fits. The workers building the infrastructure wouldn’t have large families, so one-bedroom units are more than spacious. If they need more space, they can move.

As I watched that movie, I noticed the balconies were different than this current build’s.

“Mine,” if you will, almost had a zig-zag pattern with each balcony having an empty space. Real-life Khrushchyovka life either have no balcony or it extends the length of the protruded area. I imagine that these balconies would give off the appearance of being spacious, and so it makes sense to me that they would extend the full length of the area to fill in that empty space. I will, then, need to go back through and finish this process next time.

Having the three-point sections has been helpful to organize my thoughts.

I lost a bit of steam by part-three of cleaning up the front area.

I think a majority of that is because I haven’t talked into a microphone for almost ninety minutes before, and also, with the podcast plans of part-one, I ended up touring the recording and explaining my thought process behind major sections of infrastructure. It was a somewhat tiring experience, but with practice, I think I could have it be an enjoyable subsect of what I’m doing here by writing about what I learned after I built.

I already have my plans ironed out for the next session.

As a teaser, I’ll relocate the furniture that’s outside of the apartment complex to the lobby, which I’ll clean up by removing the generic pictures and adding in banners. This will free up more of the space out front so I could later figure out how I want the front area to look for parking. Next, I’ll redo the closets, since I don’t really care about them being connected units anymore – the idea there was that I’d build the various versions of Sammohini’s apartment, but I can do that as I work in this world, and refer to previous iterations via video if I want – and so I’ll clean these up. Finally, I’ll extend the balconies as I mentioned above.

I also have cloning practice on the menu, but that’ll have to be for later.

Since I haven’t been feeling well, and my health I fear is declining, until I get a good solid answer on what’s going wrong with my spine, I have to be patient with myself as I go. I’ve been feeling unwell and have had severe spine pain for the past few days that has distracted me from doing the sort of work I want to do in life, in writing, and now in Minecraft here, but I must be patient with myself. I can’t be too ambitious. I wanted this essay to be more natural and vibrant, like some of my others, but this is all the energy I’ve had, so this is the essay I’m writing and you’re reading.

Hopefully, my future includes returning to better health.

Until then, I won’t have any sort of schedule for watching live. I only do these recordings when I have energy, and now that I’m talking, they take even more energy. Even though, like my essays, they are rewarding experiences. Maybe soon I’ll have health enough to have a good schedule.

If so, you may have already watched one live…

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Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium.
Inspirations: I enjoy writing about these processes. It does slow me down from spending hours of additional time building, but stopping to analyze the process is helpful. I also didn’t mention much more about the sort of clownish Minecraft livestreamers, but their antics are probably to appeal to the widest possible audience, whereas mine is building setpieces for literature. I haven’t seen anyone else doing specifically what I’m doing – maybe in the future – so maybe as more people get interested, my health improves and I can do this more often, then maybe we’ll see fewer Minecraft livestreamers performatively embarrass themselves for the entertainment of viewers and more just acting naturally. If that’s “chill” then “not chill” is performance art.
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Picture: Some screenshots I’ve taken. Here’s a bigger view of the main screenshot that I normally would have included in the essay but it didn’t fit in with my three-part structure I was trying to go for.
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