[Novel 02] Removing The Excesses

My-Yesterday, I was reviewing some notes that won’t make it into “The Story,” because they didn’t serve “Novel 01,” but they did serve “Novel 02” by way of showing me how excessive it can be to deal with certain elements of life. Over the past year, especially, I’ve reduced my writing of music reviews to “the essentials,” so I don’t waste my time with random rambles. I save that energy for the novel, or more interesting activities.

Major spoilers after the jump.

I can still enjoy the excess sometimes.

However I think it’s important to note that if I waste too much time on things that don’t excite me enough to leave the tab open in my browser related to it, or a link saved in a list of endless links that grows daily, then, what was the point? If I watch a 30-minute episode of some show, or play a videogame, that time can be purely recreational, but I don’t like to do that too often. Recreation starts with rest, rather than the action of doing something for some kind of gain. Some people rest their minds and lives by watching shows or playing videogames. I am at constant risk, whenever I meander through media, to be struck with such strong inspiration that I stop watching, playing, or whatever’ing and sidetrack through the nearest thought to add to “The Story” and its universe.

I want it no other way; this is the life for me.

However, that means I must find the time to truly rest, and I believe that starts with maximinalism before going to minimalism. I want to explore everything. I want hundreds of tabs open in multiple web browsers. I currently have four distinct notepads open: one for rest that I can close out since I have my plans for the evening, one for working that includes my starting time stamp for this essay, and one for broadcasting that I can close. As I do my research, expanding my mind and thoughts as far as they can, I try to avoid burn-out by documenting my work as I do it, so I can close out things before it gets to a point where my browser either crashes or empties their memories to conserve space.

It’s a constant battle between what is new and what is tedious to complete.

The tedium is what causes clutter in my mind, life, and writing. Reducing that will be a lifetime’s worth of work, and I’ll surely die with many projects left unfinished, backlogs of media I would have liked to have meandered through, so it is important to practice some degree of criticism and scrutiny. If I don’t like something now, especially in my recreational time, but sometimes in my avocational time, and arguably depending on the situation in my vocational time, it is important to drop the bad habit before it gets worse. In my process of clearing out things I haven’t considered in years, I recognize that many of them I kept because it was easy to keep everything. Now, I only keep what I like, what’s useful for me, and if I ended up wasting a dollar here or two hours there, then as long as I don’t waste dollars more and hours more, then it’ll be fine.

The more I balance this, the more I can brainstorm fiction while exploring reality.

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Sources: June 2023 Inspirations, Opinions
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Written On: 2023 November 19 [11:15pm to 11:25pm]
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