[Novel 02] Reorienting To Zeal

In this quick video without audio, I invited friend-of-the-website ViridianJack into the Zeal portion of the Eville map. This map has been helping me prioritize my thinking of “The Story,” since I have a visual environment for constant mental reference. As I learned while writing Novel 01, I need more practice here. Before writing Novel 02 and getting into better health, building these set-pieces – Eville Medical, specifically, and mind-palace Zeal – will be a good place to start.

Spoilers?: Minor [focusing on storytelling]

I write these essays to prevent myself from forgetting my focus on storytelling.

The pure mechanical act of building set-pieces like this is fun and meditative. Recording these videos is almost effortless. Especially now that I’ve figured out a setting within OBS that lets me keep the video size in this larger format, without needing to resize it each time, or keep Minecraft in a larger screen size, which sometimes reduces my laptop to hopping along – as I’ve been with my cane where my walking pace is coincidentally similar to a zombie.

Otherwise, I could see myself quickly forgetting to focus on storytelling.

That is the whole purpose of building these set-pieces, after all, with the secondary benefit being sharing my world with friends and new friends, and the tertiary benefit being, I suppose, a non-invasive way of advertising myself and what I do. Despite all the tools we have available to us in writing, where I probably could not have written “Novel 01” in 2010 or arguably even 2015, that also means that it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. That’s why people use unethical practices of self-promotion or advertisement to “get ahead,” which is funny to me, because if the product is sufficiently good, it nearly sells itself.

I’m not feeling well today, so I used that writing space to vent.

So let’s focus on some of the good of advertisement. During my previous session, I had a funny moment. Although this process of video-editing was tedious and unenjoyable for me, I may do this more often with funny or otherwise neat moments to broadcast myself out to a different audience. Twitch has tools to clip these sorts of videos – here’s an example – but the interface isn’t great, and, those links might be deleted in time as Twitch frees up its resources. YouTube, has, then become somewhat more reliable for me. I wonder if I might even try streaming on YouTube and Twitch?

Sorry, my health problems are distracting right now.

Although this session was short, I made some good progress with Zeal.

Within Minecraft, ViridianJack helped me change the starting point to the entering hallway to the mind-palace that’s quickly filling in my mind into its own completed thing. In some earlier session, I wasn’t sure what to do with the large empty space I had built out for myself, but now, I think I know what I’m going to do. I can imagine Zeal fitting within a warehouse. Maybe its interior is lit to appear like it’s outdoors? It will be interesting to see how Eville grows out to eventually incorporate Zeal into its map without being obvious.

It would be fun to, say, fly from Zeal to Eville Medical without warping.

Until then, warping will work well both within Minecraft and outside of Minecraft. If this conference room area is roughly where “Novella 01.5” takes place, then, I should use this space to fill in all of those sorts of narrative details one might want from a set-piece prior to writing. There probably won’t be that much visual action going on within the novella I’ll write as practice before writing “Novel 02,” which necessitates the restoration of my health and completion of other projects, so I imagine I’ll need to fill in the set-piece with more visual information.

I’ve never been much of a fan of imagery as symbolism within literature.

Green does not represent anything particularly symbolic to me. My literary focus is on giving information about personalities, events, and otherwise useful things to know – implication tends to be flimsy at best, even if the reader gets warm and fuzzy sensations when predicting the implication. That isn’t to say that my literature is sterile or otherwise completely un-inventive, I just tend not to rely much on things where a cactus represents the symbolic struggle of the character’s understanding of reality. That’s too pretentious, man, I just wanna tell stories about realistic characters doing realistic things.

So, I need set-pieces that are realistic enough to inspire me, readers, and others.

I’m not sure exactly if I would include a complete copy of the Minecraft map for distribution as part of a completed “Novel 02.” While it seems reasonable, I also don’t know how much that will disrupt the boundary between fiction-writing and a sort of new approach to storytelling. I am not interested in translating my stories into Minecraft videos, for example, but if others were to do something like that, I wouldn’t be averse to being involved somehow.

I will be the first to admit that video sells more than literature.

I don’t know why fiction-writing is as captivating of a medium as it is for me. It seems counter-productive to my success. I should lean into livestreaming and making videos more regularly. I suppose I’m not because the distance I get when writing enables me to think more thoroughly about the intention of why I’m building out everything here. Others might enjoy building things more to find themselves with completed structures, but I want to, ultimately, apply them to literature.

I want “Novella 01.5” to be better because of Minecraft.

And not because of the friends I made while using Minecraft, but because the tool itself helped me iron out any literary inconsistencies prior to starting. This map has already inspired me to build a kitchen and toilets for visitors of Zeal, along with a hidden bedroom for my in-universe character. That may never appear in “Novella 01.5.”

That’s not to say it couldn’t happen in something like, perhaps… “Novella 02.5.”

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Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium.
Inspirations: This writing took place a few days after recording. My energy levels haven’t been great and I’ve been dealing with healthcare appointments and such. But, something like this is a nice mental escape, at times.
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Written On: 2020 December 23 [8:58am to 9:34am]
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