[Novel 02] Sammohini’s Distant Therapist

In my rush to tell “The Story,” through “Novel 01,” and now the pre-production of “Novel 02,” I’ve opted for a video-production enhancement to these essays. It’s great for marketability, but writing, alone, in silence, without an audience, has been a key way for me, for years, to expose certain vulnerabilities. How will I write Novel 02? Primarily through speaking into a microphone while writing? How about these quiet segments where I need to dig deep? No mic?

Major spoilers after the jump.

The question of Sammohini’s therapist begins with John’s therapist.

John’s main therapist, Hala, has been guiding him and Trishna since he first moved in with Trishna, which seems to be about seven years before the events of Novel 02. John moves in, after talking to Trishna for years over instant message and then phone, and the two immediately click even more so than they did before. John had a terrible childhood and maybe spends the rest of his life trying to unpack that so he can be a better person, which requires at least some meditative work, whether externally through a therapist, or internally through maybe things like writing essays or journaling as a way to address what we subjectively feel and then to lay that bare so that we may objectively look at them to see if our thoughts are in alignment with any degree of rationality. John begins immediately into therapy. He invites Trishna along since he wants to share his vulnerabilities with her, and she can be a good anchor for him when he starts to float too far away from safety. Hala, or always “Dr. Tu-Rsaani” to John as a form of respect, helps John learn to better address areas in his life that might have spiraled out of control without professional guidance.

John’s weekly therapist sessions are an important anchor for him and Trishna.

This is disrupted on Day 1 of Part 1, where, [through my plans of the plot as I’ve been working on them 500 words at a time for a while,] Sammohini figures out that Trishna and John will be hanging out with her ex, Jane, the next day. Sammohini is not happy with them about this, and lashes out, even though earlier in the day we found out she would be Employee of the Week, and even though Sammohini, Trishna, John, Sammohini’s team, and Sammohini’s management are all in the cafeteria of Eville Medical. Her pain has not been resolved. She has done the external things to solve things. She has stopped drinking so much, maybe even at all. She has gained the admiration of others. But she has not learned to appreciate the successes of others. Sammohini can’t accept that Jane has moved on, is living her life on her terms, when she can barely hang onto hers. Externally, she seems to have it all, but she doesn’t have it together.

Does she have a therapist?

An easy answer to that would be to make a character, perhaps using the slug as inspiration, so, Dr. Sam Disthera – or maybe not a doctor, I’m not sure – because it would make sense that she would have a therapist. Her parents are both therapists. Dr. Leilah Vocatoavoca was Sammohini and Jane’s couples therapist, who she probably won’t see until Part 4, when, her medical event has concluded and Jane has returned, and as part of their return together, they start seeing “Dr. V” again. But what about this doctor? Dr. S. Amdisthera? Sharing similar parts in their first names might be contrived, and Amdisthera seems a little more name-like to me.

I did some brainstorming on the name, but, yes, she’ll have this therapist.

This therapist, Dr. Amdisthera – or whatever form that is after whichever language or root etymological logic shapes that name seems most reasonable, might be one that Sammohini puts off talking to, or maybe is one that she avoids for one reason or another. She might not want to see this therapist or doctor while being on-call. John’s solution is to get a one-hour backup, either in a teammate or management. Sammohini doesn’t have a solution because she doesn’t want one. The more I think about Part 1, especially with this being the main focus of my plot brainstormings, the more I see Sammohini as someone who does not want to get better, or doesn’t know how. She is given ample opportunity. Someone even asks her out at work, so she doesn’t have to do anything, and yet she’s still more content just to stay at home and do “nothing.” She might keep herself busy with work projects over the weekend, and watch some television during the weekdays, but she doesn’t want to improve her life. She’s in a rut that she’s comfortable in and doesn’t want to break free from, and yet, she’s trapped.

This deep brainstorming, by the way, isn’t possible while recording video.

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