[Novel 02] Zdiscord Zeal Considerations

Between livestreaming and Discord, I feel like I’m beginning to get closer to writing “The Story.” Other than the health issues I have to deal with daily. While “Novel 01” turned out fairly well, all things considered, I think now that I’m starting to grow an audience and have multiple outlets with many people to chat with, “Novel 02” should be much better from the perspective of having many more people around for advice or simply conversing.

Spoilers?: Minor [mapping my mind]

The “Zdiscord” acts as a physical manifestation of my mind.

I am still in a very insular position, being stuck at home without social stimulation outside of Twitch, Discord, and texting, but that’s good enough for me. I’ve been using this time to explore any possible consideration for conversations I would want to engage in, and I added channels based on those interests. I was feeling burned out yesterday, so today I took care of some of the important digital errands I needed to do, like cleaning out my inbox, tending to some medical-related things, and then on days like today to re-center my personality, I went through and continued the mental mappings of my many interests.

Zdiscord could potentially have many channels of communication.

My idea is similar to the drawing I made that is featured in the screenshot, which is a battle between me and a buddy of mine. Once the drawing is down, I’ll write one essay to talk about it, but perhaps I should explain one element away in this essay, so I don’t feel compelled to shoehorn it in. Now that I’m getting out there more, I’m meeting many people around various interests. My livestreams have three elements: Minecraft worldbuilding [80%~], digital art like what we see here [10%~], and Retro videogames [10%~], and I think this is a good balance to strike when doing something like this because we are multi-faceted beings. We may like videogames, but we may also like to make art. Quite a few Retro livestreamers also do Art streams, but I think my combination of livestreaming now, along with my long-term plans, means that I should try to balance out my interests so that I can find as wide of an audience as I can. Some may only like my Retro streams, some only my art, and others might be along for the ride regardless of what I do.

The audience in this picture represents that multitudinousness.

The drawing’s premise is that my character is battling another character, my buddy Cap’n, and our Pokémon are both at 1HP. It was an exciting battle! Although Myuu battles take place via direct-message, I figured, why not draw this scene and why not show it as part of a battle arena? This quickly turned into the first major set in the Zdiscord area of Zeal, the fourth-wall-breaking area that will be featured in “Novella 01.5” and any future fourth-wall-breaking fiction.

Each character is here for different reasons.

Some are there to watch the battle.

Some play Myuu while others are videogame enthusiasts that want to see a game of skill against equally matched players. How about the others? They might be there to cheer me or Cap’n on, maybe out of bettings, or out of general interest? The thought that interested me the most was the question of morality brought up by Bella, the three-eyed character in the front row. They wondered about the ethics and morals of Pokémon, which helped to develop the space in more ways than it might seem. What if they were in the audience to watch as these digital monsters fought to understand why people might enjoy the idea?

It’s partially with that idea that I have so many roles in Zdiscord.

Part of the idea is that you might click on peoples’s names and see that they have similar roles to you, so you might strike up conversations based on similar interests. In some way, having as many roles in as many colors as I do is what I’ve always wanted from other Discord or digital-social interactions. I find it boring when everyone has one role, or, when everyone fits within one category or role color. We’re complex human beings. Why not show that by having myriad roles? Currently, I’ve applied them based on how I know the person, but eventually, I’d like it to be something they can opt into, although it might be a bit “much” for people.

People seem to like what I’m doing; most are just not social yet.

I imagine that with each step in my spinal recovery, and each livestream, I’m more likely to meet new people, and with each person, I might find new perspectives and opinions. One thing that’s been valuable to me about the livestreaming experience is finding more friends and acquaintances. If there’s one thing that COVID taught me, it’s the value of keeping a wide circle of acquaintances that I can casually talk with and seriously talk with, and how there might be gaps of weeks or months of communication, but that’s not a big deal. Everyone’s schedules are full of activities, but how can I make my space somewhere cool and comfortable for people to want to post content or maybe eventually help me when I write fiction?

Well, those are the long-term plans.

For now, I’m enjoying the ability to post about many different topics on many different channels. Regardless of what I enjoyed today, whether specific media, general media topics, or general lifestyle/living topics, I could write a little bit about each and not have much of it at all buried in the shuffle. As I continue these projects along, I’m sure I’ll find a good balance, but for now, it’s fun for me to express the many shades of myself somewhere casual where others might chip in a little bit, too. I guess to become a successful writer, I have to become a successful livestreamer.

Not that I mind much, because people enjoy what I’m doing.

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Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium.
Inspirations: Thinking about how my writing isn’t really taking a backseat to other things, but how, rather, things are going forward because I’m becoming a more multi-faceted human being compared to “just” writing.
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Written On: 2021 January 31 [11:21pm to 11:50pm]
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