[2019 Novel] Year To Prepare?

You have ten months to prepare for NaNoWriMo. You have a year to prepare for your next New Year’s Resolution. You have a lifetime to prepare for your death. Why procrastinate on working toward your goals? I wrote my first novel A Story About Self-Confidence: What’s In A Name?, a month~long story at Eville Medical in the Sammohini Arc of “The Story” and I’m not going to wait a year to write the second novel.

I am going to wait four months before I start writing, though.

That isn’t going to be four months of procrastination. That will be four months of preparing myself physically and mentally for the challenge of exploring Eville Medical. I am not physically well enough to write the second novel. I’ve been experiencing debilitating headaches for weeks. I have a minor pressure headache right now that caused me to sleep in, hasn’t helped me be productive, and has prevented me from exercising in almost a week. I am working with my insurance companies to get appointments with yet another primary care physician and yet another neurologist to get these things sorted.

I expect my headaches to be solved by a neurologist by the end of January.

Mentally, well, publishing two essays daily will help me get that in order. I want to clear out my backlog of writing to leave fewer lingering distractions, which I post in the evenings. Those activities include clearing out nonessential items from my apartment-mansion through my Downsizing Zeal and Selling Zeal essays. When I look up from my laptop, I see many items that I own that I like, but among them are many items I don’t care about keeping here in the apartment-mansion, or wherever I may move to next – depending on how expensive the apartment-mansion becomes with my lease renewal within the next two months.

May 1st is past the American tax season.

I’ve been a full-time employee of a company since late May, so my taxes will be easy enough, minus the new business venture I want to start. This will be a publishing company to enable writers, starting with myself but including others that want to produce collections – whether they’re novels, series of essays, photobooks, or even legal but nonconventional or controversial materials –  to publish ebooks or limited print physical books. I’ll start researching the details a few hours after I complete this essay. This will be where I’ll have a few months to figure out how my tax rates will go as a small business owner. It will be needlessly complicated. I was persuaded against persuing this route the last time I was a small business owner, so I don’t want to start writing the second novel while dealing with that.

I’ve covered these thoughts in previous essays.

These six main thoughts – [headaches] [finish these essays] [complete my backlog] [Downsizing Zeal] [Selling Zeal] [apartment, taxes, business] – preclude planning for the second novel because they are all distractions in their own rights. The fewer distractions I have, the more I can focus on the second novel, or, decompressing from work or writing. The biggest thing I learned from writing the first novel in that month was that although I can work full-time and write 2,000 words of fiction daily, I can’t do that while dealing with other aspects of life. It’s too difficult a demand to impose on anyone, even if a timeframe like that is the easiest way to accomplish something so ambitious.

I’m building in more padding over the next four months.

For one, this is four months that I can do for casual planning. That’s the thing with NaNoWriMo. If you can make it work – if you’re working part-time that month, have the month off, or have fewer responsibilities than me – then you have ten months to learn about your characters, settings, themes, and build your novel’s structure, your writing discipline, and other aspects that can enable you to succeed. I’ve written all about this in the pre-novel essays. I will start writing pre-novel essays to prepare for the second novel, which I  just made the folder for, between paying my taxes in mid- or early-April and the end of the month. That will summarize the efforts I made during these next four months, where I might throw an idea into the folder one day, iterate on it a week later, and repeat.

For the first novel, it was important that I just started.

I am not the most prone to procrastinating, however, I will if I can. I have a medical bill to my left that I was told I needed to pay “immediately after receiving.” I received it almost a week ago. If I have to pay a few cents more, I’m fine with it, because I’d rather string them along for their $15 of subpar service than give them the satisfaction of giving them the bill right away. So when it comes to writing, it’ll take me hours to write the same material, just because I might spend a few hours “trying to get in the mood for writing,” which is just an excuse.

Just start writing! You’ll figure out the details as you go along.

Commit to writing what you started and keep writing even if you’re not happy with where it’s going. You can steer the ship along, or watch it blow up, and feel proud that you built that ship that exploded. It’s not like it’s a real ship, so it’s not like you killed anyone. Just start working toward your goals. For writing, some of my essays and short stories are not good, but I still leave all of them online because someone might read it and enjoy it, and even if they hate it, whatever. It’s not like I’m forcing you to read it by having it online. It’s your choice to decide when to start reading or writing.

Why not start writing as soon as you can? Why wait until it’s too late? Because of insecurities?

Quotes: None.
Sources: The Story’s Imaginarium and my personal experiences.
Inspirations: The final essay in this essay cycle, but I came up with the title while writing the novel itself. I wanted to conclude these essays and the book itself as it will be compiled by talking about how we tend to procrastinate in our dreams because they’re too unclear or perhaps we’re too insecure. Even if you hate the novel, you can at least learn how to write your own novel that will be so much better than mine through the essays surrounding it.
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Picture: This picture didn’t take me a year to prepare.
Written On: December 26, 2019 [34 minutes, from 11:25pm to 11:59pm, [which is a real-life example of not procrastinating, I was writing against the clock because, otherwise, I’d have to split up this section into two parts for the hypothetical post-midnight writing,] while listening to DRAINO, written in WordPress.]
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