[Open Letter] Ten Years Ago VI

Ten years ago…?

Hello Anthony,
As much as I’d like to tell you that your life will be great, it’s only moderately so. You’ve lived a rough life. At least you’re free now, like you wanted, but you’re also chained to that which you feared: your addictive personality nearly consumed you. Now it’s a daily struggle to live life honestly. You do well enough now, and have some allies in your fight, so it’s alright.

You should work harder.

You just realized that over the last two years. If only you applied yourself more, both before and even right at this point. Maybe you could be somewhere other than exhausted, having just wrote an email summarizing most of this, and maybe feeling better, too.

But I hesitate to guide you, Anthony.

Through that suffering, you built a resolve and borderline possessed drive for yourself that you just wouldn’t have with some phrase. “I’m told to work hard, so OK, I will.” You’re now on a mission to do what makes you happy, over what masks your misery.

You’ll have some fun, but not that much.

It’s never fun realizing all that you will learn. Everything from how you’ve been treated, to, honestly, admitting to someone that you’re sick of being treated like the black sheep. Let’s just say that you’re not OK with being the victim of circumstance anymore.

You’re finally learning to take charge.

We’re doing greater things now. You like what you write now. It’s still not great, but you’ve developed your writing style over ten years of failed communication with the occasional professional success. People seem to be enjoying it, so keep it up.

Your future is still uncertain.

You made a few lucky breaks. It’s just all that lucrative success you thought you’d have never actually happened. No extensive traveling, no expensive tastes, and just a humbly sustainable existence. You’ll also only have a few hours of free time per week, besides writing to perhaps escape all that.

This is all good education for you.

Compared to all the hatred and animosity you have now, well, it’s all still there. You just have some ways to diffuse some of it. There’s really no way around it. You’re in a cruel world and fighting to make it less so will bite you. You’ll be yelled at by people you have placed trust in and manipulated by many seemingly trustworthy people.

No wonder you were, and still are, reclusive.

There’s some good fun to this future, too. Maybe you shouldn’t know all this because then you’d go and change it all. Yes, it’s unfortunate that I’m not in the best of health with the best of situations. This resilience does have its benefits. You’re in this fight now for all the right reasons. You just needed to realize how much complacency can ruin you.

You’ll eventually be the action hero of your life… somewhat.

Also, no stock tips.
Go earn your wealth and happiness.

Anthony, 31 Years Old

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Inspirations: Perhaps just another rough week at work, full of meaninglessness and uncertainty, perhaps.

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