[Thrifting Adventures] 75% Off Books

I had to see it one last time, even though I’d only been there maybe three times over ten years. I heard that the Half Price Books in Seattle’s University District would be closing on April 9th 2017, so I went to pay respects in this introductory post of Thrifting Adventures. We’ll reminisce, briefly cover what I got, and dig into some reasons why we should still support local bookstores even if they’re not practical.

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[Concert Review] Crack Sabbath (January 2017)

Sirens wail at the end of Crack Sabbath sets, perhaps in case you weren’t already out of your seat. The ensemble, led by saxophonist Skerik, resembles more of a punk band playing jazz, or, the sort of jazz that had spunk like hard bop or Afrobeat before the genre retired with partial pension. That’s the thing, because as the name implies, they could tour with a traditional Black Sabbath cover band and hold pace.

: ★★★★☆ [4/5]
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[Rowing Machine] 50, Buck Ten!

Fifty rows in a minute and thirteen seconds! That shattered my previous record of 1:16, which happened after my best 10 minute count, helping a buddy move house, and working late to finish a review. I hadn’t pushed myself that hard in years! So this update was originally going to focus on pacing and the importance of having time off to recuperate mind and body. Then something I couldn’t believe happened.

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[Applied Psychology] Overcoming Bad News

The best way to overcome bad news is to sit down with the problem, brainstorm myriad possible solutions, and try some out. The scientific method, basically. It’s just too bad that doesn’t usually happen, since as human beings full of conflicting emotions that almost actively reject logic and reason, we tend to get so hung up on that one problem that it permeates every facet of our lives preventing us from shifting gears into solution mode. Why?

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[Applied Psychology] Playing Dress Up

If you want to study human psychology, start with dogs. Imagine psychology as a series of if-then-else patterns, where you say or do something to a human they might react in hundreds of different ways and dogs might just have a handful. So when we dressed up my childhood dog Patrick in an old shirt and he looked particularly happy, that wasn’t just him smiling for the camera.

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[The Story] Rowing Up More

Unlike previous brainstorming updates to The Story with collaged ideas about varied topics, this will focus on how exercise relates to the main characters John and Trishna. There will be deeper background into both characters below, however not extending much past the beginning of the intended narrative, so consider this week’s update a spoiler-free character developing exercise.

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[Concert Review] Game of Thrones: Live Concert Experience (2017)

I was curious in seeing Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience, despite having not even finished the first episode, based mainly on the strength of the music I’d heard. Along with all the merchandise I’ve passed on over the years, I’ve also watched videos analyzing the psychology of certain characters, so I figured this would be a good chance to dive into the series. Would this concert, were it to return next year, convince someone that otherwise had no interest in the series to investigate further? Does the music stand alone and work on its own?

Rating: ★★★☆☆ [3/5]
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[Grime/Glitter] What is Fun?

Fun? What is fun but enjoying freedom at your own pace, without being judged for thoughts and actions unscripted, in a world so structured around fear. I say let your flag fly high and proud, even in the noise and conflict, because maybe someone out there will support you, even if it’s yourself! How then can you keep the resolve to hang your flag when the wind tries its best to knock you down?

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[Book Review] Inherent Vice (2009)

After watching Inherent Vice, I was still fascinated with the story, so I finished the novel in a brisk seventeen sittings. We still tag along as private investigator “Doc” Sportello takes on a case like the movie that it inspired, and though much is still the same, there are certain elements that make the novel cooler and crazier at the expense of being more cluttered.

Rating: ★★★★☆ [4/5]
(Highlight to reveal like this spoilers.)
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