Other Projects

I have a number of writing projects.

I like to consider it as though I’m writing several books over the course of a few years. “The Story” is the biggest, but that’s also the one I’m preparing for through writing shorter things.

Here they are in order of priority:

The Story
Writing not started.

Sammohini Arc
This is a minor component to “The Story.” My plan is to write 300 short stories, curate the best 50, then self-publish to have a physical presence for the project and to advertise the project around.
– As of November 2018, I have ~50 short story candidates.

Keyboard Kommander
I am the Narrative Designer for the Story Mode, learning foundational programming to assist as I can, and overall contributor to the project. I’m no longer providing updates to the game on this website. Check out the official channels instead: itch.io and official websites.

Casual book projects
Moving Zeal
I’m moving. I’ve always been around clutter and hoarding, so this process has been helping me detach from that. If these essays help me better myself in that regard, and if I can better manage this sense of chaotic collecting, this may be my first self-published book.

My plan is to write these essays until I drop below 200 pounds, then either curate into some sort of autobiography or just keep this up until I get some formal education on fitness and diet then do something more proper. For now, I’m just writing to gather data.

Sober Living
Perhaps the same plan as the Sammohini Arc. This might be more of an altruistic publication to help out others as opposed to getting money, but you never know.

Occasional projects
– Reviews
– Essays
– Et cetera