Keyboard Kommander

Keyboard Kommander is a typing game with a zombie theme.

Specific Essays:
– Story Mode Plan
[Rough drafts]

You kill zombies by typing the word that floats over their head. My friend William built a majority of the game and has been working on it as his pet project for the past few years.

It’s fun.

I’m helping to write the Story Mode. My original story proposal was that the Orthographimancer would enslave the world because she disliked how degraded language has become. The zombies, then, would be people that had sinned with the word over their head representing the word that was their major sin. A family would fight her through the course of wacky adventures.

We may still go in that direction, except, the Keyboard Kommander is a comedic 80s action hero in the vein of Jack Burton from Big Trouble in Little China, a dude that throws one-liners and quips, but overall, isn’t entirely effective in propelling the plot.

We’re probably still another six months to a year to implementing the story, but I like where William and the team are going, so I’m on-board.