Posts about my Collections.

I collect a lot of stuff. Some may seem like just plain junk. Some of it is really cool. Another part of the impetus for this site is to fully organize my collections. There are sites out there to catalog my music and videogames, but no central focal point until now.

  • Albums: CDs, cassettes, records. I have about 90%+ of my collections tracked on Rate Your Music, a site I’ve enjoyed for many years, but changes to their name, core philosophy, and historical treatment of weirdos has left me hesitant to leave my content fully hosted there.
  • Books: One of the biggest areas I could improve on in terms of organization. Libib has a really nice multi-platform catalog system at a glance. I’ll probably augment the collections there with photographs here.
  • Movies: I have a lot of movies.
    • VHS Tapes: I figured this would be niche enough to have a sub-subcategory for, but we’ll see how I sort this out as I add content.
  • Toys: Plenty of toys and action figures. I may build out more sub-subcategories as I add content. Maybe per series?
  • Videogames: Backloggery is the most flexible of the three cataloging sites I’ve mentioned, with Libib being a good middle ground, and RYM having a rigid catalog that better allows for community development.

I also have plenty of stray collections like decks of cards and spoons that I collected from childhood and so may feature here in some capacity as I sort and clean.