Posts about Thrifting.

I’ve been going to thrift stores for longer than I can remember, collecting oddball junk, and most of my childhood wardrobe was probably from thrifting. I still like collecting junk, particularly some of the content here like action figures and music. I also like broken things because there’s a certain aesthetic to a worn-in object or one repaired with a kintsugi mindset that appeal to me and the crew.

The website might have initially been more granular in its coverage of thrifting and I’ll show that by keeping the original list at the end. The thrifting coverage now is on the occasional “Thrifting Adventuresminiseries, the successor to the old Thrift Store Adventures,

  • Bin Store: Goodwill thrift stores have these last-stop-shops for items that were rejected from regular thrift stores. Usually broken toys, CDs missing a disc, or other stuff that still hold some value but just need some repair.
  • Flea Market: There aren’t too many flea markets in my area, so maybe this will encourage me to look harder?
  • Garage Sales: I used to go to garage sales frequently. Now, not so much. They usually have the best quality stuff.
  • Pawn Shop: I have a favorite pawn shop in my area. Others tend to either be very generic, focused on selling crappy DVDs or rusty tools, with some gems out there.
  • Rummage Around: Such a cool thrift store at Pike Place Market that it got its own subcategory.
  • Thrift Store: If not for thrift stores, my place would probably be spotless.
  • Yard Sales: The line between a yard and garage sale seems thin. If a yard sale also has stuff for sale in the garage, which is it? I’m asking the important questions here at Better Zombie.
  • Yard Sales: Frequently overlapping with garage sales.