Moving, Downsizing, Selling Zeal eBooks

Moving Zeal

I’ve always been surrounded by clutter.

Through my writing ambitions and other considerations, I am reducing my possessions by more than half and writing about this difficult process of saying goodbye to hoarding. Writing about this process has been helpful for me to detach from the things that are weighing me down, and could be helpful in casual consideration for compulsive hoarders.

I am focusing most of my Better Zombie writing efforts for now on this moving process Рeverything can be found here Рso depending on how this moving process turns out, I may curate the best essays into a self-published book.

Rough draft of the book cover

Downsizing Zeal

When I wrote that introduction back on November 23rd, 2018, at 10 AM, I hadn’t realized what I know now, on April 15th, 2019, at nearly 10 AM: I still have way too much stuff even after five months of almost-daily downsizing.

I still have far to go.

This next ebook, “chapter of my life” if you will, may seem to be as excessive as the clutter I document, but its purpose is to show my transition in life from someone that collected many things without doing anything to someone that acts upon a collected few things. Each item of clutter represents a potential project, idea, or distraction. To live a fulfilling life, I am learning to appreciate the idea that much of this is just weighing me down, both in materialistic regards concerning requiring an expensive apartment-mansion rental to store almost everything to the metaphysical regards concerning a weighed-down mind having to mentally catalog and remember all of this… stuff…

Selling Zeal

The third book in this series, where rather than just letting go of things for free, I’ll write about my adventures with selling things.

Betterslog Publishing

This will be a LLC publishing house for books and such.