[Concert Review] The Creepshow (2017)

For years, I considered only one performance eligible for a “perfect” five star rating, a concert that inspired me to value impossibly dedicated work ethic over all else. Seeing GUITAR WOLF might have inspired my work motto of “I won’t take a break until I sweat!” I’ve since attended more concerts and seen other performances that have reached that trifecta of catchy, fun, and inspiring music to open the floodgates, including The Creepshow.

Though their songs weren’t unique enough to stand by themselves, and their performance wasn’t energetic enough to be captivating, they were effective at warming up the crowd. While I wouldn’t go out of my way to see them again, I’d like to see how they improve in a few years.
Swag: Maybe next time?
Rating: ★★★☆☆ [3/5]

Stopped by The Creepshow table and nerded out. “I listened to over 700 albums in 2008, and somehow missed it. [Run For Your Life is] one of my favorite albums!” Maybe it was nerves?

Gallows Bound
“I first heard about your band tonight. You guys really played a good show!” Traditional Appalachian music performed with punk gusto. Focusing on catchier, vigorous songs like “Dogs” could lead to wider attention. I’d see them again next time they’re around unless there were a conflict or more exciting event?
Swag: Paper bag CD-R, patch, and sticker
Rating: ★★★★☆ [4/5]

Nearly ran into The Creepshow’s keyboardist going over to Gallows Bound’s table, though he politely let me pass. Further commented on the invigorating performance and bought some swag.

The Creepshow
The previous two times I saw them were certainly just as fun. This was before I was writing about concerts, so I couldn’t really argue something like “this performance was better than the others,” because I just have little snapshots of memories.

Their work ethic stood out most. Some proximity bias, but when I was talking with the band, the singer apologized that not everyone was around for autographs, and said the bassist was sleeping because he wasn’t feeling well. You couldn’t tell. Just as spryly, the singer walked with a bit of a limp perhaps due to their ‘standing on the upright bass’ stunt, yet she sounded great! Pushing through to give your best performance, regardless of profession, is certainly a trait that I admire and especially so with musicians.

The music and how much fun you could have at their show is more subjective. They’ve uploaded their discography on Bandcamp with a free courtesy listen before buying digitally, so you can have an accurate gauge on how their music will sound live. If you like how they sound, each performance has been consistently exciting, energetic, and elating. I’ll be clearing out calendar space with their next tour announcement.
Swag: Shirt and signed CD
Rating: ★★★★★ [5/5]

Skipped Sham 69, since the show at the Highline was running late, and got a coffee and cheeseburger for the road. Could this already be the concert of the year? I felt great for days after, am anticipating the new album, and next concert.

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